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From Grace to Tragedy

"From Grace to Tragedy" (2005)

1. A nightmare in bloom
2. Children of the nightshade
3. The bestial weaver
4. Lylianas secret
5. Mourning in Earth´s Bosom
6. Lucid Passion and her Sin
7. Of cruel Solitude
8. Sered Beauty´s Memoria
9. An Elegy to Decay
10. Symphony of the Froststorm
11. From Grace to Tragedy
12. As the last Leaf falls
13. Remembrance (Bonustrack)

1. A nightmare in bloom

2. Children of the nightshade

Wounded by the sicklefall
blood drenched and dressed up for violence
we now hear the black bell toll
hag-ridden they will awake
chased by those who lurked in wait
man´s bequest will be his end
regnum silvae

Sharpen now thy vicious claws
inhale deep the smell of vengeance
kill the weak who cross thy way
Ornament thy skin with thorns
beautiful assassin brute
predators in her vast name

Insensate beast
cloaked in human seductive form
from the other domains
of dying dogmas you were reborn

Again the world ends up in drama
and the last dim glance exfoliates
the direful dirge of two thousand years
was hushed by a poisoned kiss

..but the scars still bear witness
of the human nemesis

Even now their perception
is dulled by devastation and cruelty
as the last one pulls the trigger to escape

"..the dreadful deathdreams
still I can hear their laughter.."
Children of the nightshade

3. The bestial weaver

Twixt the vast sage oaks and the jittering fauna
the beasts of prey are awaiting the dusk
they scent an ornate form so far away from vice and cruelty
carnation in a realm of versatile grey

a flimsy floral nebular caressed her naked flesh

as the cold entwined her shivering spine
the rumors in the forest reached an infernal peak
through thorny tendrils and through venomous undergrowth
she stumbled forwards to the lethian creek

tasted liquid dreams kissed her palate sweet
opened eyes for beauty that threatened to wither concealed
until she dared a glimpse on eight pliant limbs
that stroke her pale thighs with the wish
to keep them eternal unseen

In a round dance of carnality she sold her human soul

thus the recreation of her form
was chimed in by the hissing storm
all sanity had been forfeit
in this twisted filthy autumn night

At the morbidst ball of balls she wore her cobwebbed gown
and wantonness that seemed forlorn
inflamed in thousands of faceted orbs
the instinct forced her to obey her zodiac

a lithesome nightmare came
to augment and feed in a sadistic vein
the essence of life would detain her decay

The befouled baptism of the forest daughter
became an image of unruly slaughter
no deity judged her for being so lewd
but as a widow she gained solitude

4. Lylianas secret

Silver dust imbues the room as dainty feet stroke soft the wooden floor
A feeble rest of light illuminates this odd scenario
Here wherein her dismal tale is held by lock and brace
She holds the sight on animas cradle
far away from mortalís gaze

Blinded by their contempt for the nature of this kind
Oh, how should they ever be aware of this gift?
When the sentence of repentance tears hard bleeding rifts
When vanity still veils the true genesis,
with sanity cracked by a dead idols priests.

Limber beasts once came to her, for she held both,
the doorway and the key
And for this secrets sake
she saddled with the burden of reality

as clouds of red curled to abstract forms
reflecting her new born agonies
she knew about their envy
and so she danced into the seas
to take her secret to the grounds
of the murky ocean deeps

drowning little soul
a secret no more limber demands heads to roll
let the judas race discern the truth of their paradise
for a moment reveal what forever is lost
in the grave of dreams where no eden can live
and never can be found again

in despite of their reaching hands
the goddess girl despaired and turned away
and no shelter there is from this last one day
where the truth of all ages yields dismay
see they sense what could have been
but like lambs their steps are forced into the nothingness
a thousand dogmas in dissonance
and the only peace lies chained by lock and brace
the beauty of existence is a dream
which we all awoke from

5. Mourning in Earth´s Bosom

6. Lucid Passion and her Sin

Autumn reveals his countenance
foliage ornaments the floor with piles
mourning death and grief under every leaf
deep within this cursed forest her heart cries in vain

all sanity went to rack and ruin
under the burden of raging insomnia
so heinous the sight but not larger delight
could take possession of her cruel tormented heart

Oh, yearning so cruel thou art
and no one can see the tragic moments coming
the art of loneliness is hard to learn
and certainty hurts more than any hell can
those who reveal their pain are haunted forever
and so her tragedy came

at last exhumed
nuptial night, necromantic night
the stench jabs treacly from his livid skin
for the sake of him she desecrated her purity with sin
cleansing the orbs from the veil of grave earth
an agitation grotesque rotting limbs claim for her
in ecstasy of sexual magic they merged flesh in flesh
far beyond desire lovers lit the last life blaze

and as the morn unveiled this rape of virtue
they kissed goodbye
a tear born in her eyes died on shivering lips
but no grace she would expect from the valets of lies

flames so sacred and divine
curl up towards the sky to light their faces
and far beyond the crowd
a rotting soul awakens in fear

doomed to exist amongst the dead

and I wish thee here my bride
deep inside my soil I rot and hide
and I beg the rain to wash thy ashes down
yon the limetrees where we lost and found
we found lucid passion and we kissed in sin
our lust burned from within
but was oh so forbidden and therefore oh so sad

her childlike passion was her twisted sin

7. Of cruel Solitude

Hist! tragedy awakes
Her lament shakes lunacys gates
and tears the ribbon twixt their fates

Malevolence by human hands wiped out the seal of innocence
as life extincts within his gaze the lustre yields his face

yet more drama lies in dormant state

a desperate deed gave her the key to abolish all inanity
insentient but saturnine, she sipped from poisoned wine
it´s the redemption of flesh, a sensual danse of resurrection
so revere the end, for farewell means true revelation

Ah what sweet void appears
and no more fears, no more tears to bear

gentle flows of pale tender silk
take forth all pain from her at last

...but through the dim haze craves her past

death just could not salvage thus it is not the final gate
and once again came these terrible nightmares...

Existence flickered weak in the presence of decay
yet she longed for his warming embrace
shivering spirits bound by the absence of life
no reunion was granted to them

this wicked and naked truth tasted so fell
cruel solitude came to her turning all hopes into hell
and finally she found others like her
suicide princesses failed to be heard
chimed in to her elegy of wounded wrists and true love

sing with me the last song of our kind
because we are all dust in her childish hands...

8. Sered Beauty´s Memoria

livid princess, what sweet caress
is it to perceive thy voice
a vivid pain fills my heart
and it tears the raging void apart

what once shattered now ordains
but still the wounds reveal their warm blood
a sinister tale like a crying gale
unfolds behind this flickering opaque veil

once upon desire..
I had known thee my dear
my incomparable doleful queen
drowned in tearfilled rivers
calm and rigid it seemed
devoted to the fulgent crystal streams of sin
I thought thee lost forever succumbed to deaths guile

but my burning desperate yearning
granted thee a last returning
the shrouds left back on the funeral stack
we paced through the wide open lichgate

and as the bell chimed from the steeple
silhouettes both free and feeble
danced through the wind winged by absynth
with childlike temper and yet pulsating life

did we betray what once was divine?
gnarly trees hum melodies of lurid bedewed phantasies
I will embrace thee until the dawn
for the time we had was just a loan
and inside her heart turned into stone

with every single heartbeat morn draws near
but this sunset gives no warmth
I behold my hands with wistfulness
they couldn´t hold thee close enough

forgive me my beloveth heart
I tried and I have failed
so you leave me again burnt out and hollow
with a life I won´t sustain

it ends dreary, now that my fairy
fades away so weak and bleary
a vivid pain fills my soul
and no hope there is to retard this fall

ere thy presence turns to evanesence
kiss me deep just one last time
and expose thy dearest wish
I will never forget thee for we were once one

then she smiled with a glance
which broke my will to live instantly
with eyes eternal sad and these lips
I tasted a thousand times
"will you forever be just mine?"
she whispered...
"and will you do whatever it takes?"

Anything my bride
I am with thee when it ends tonight..
And as the morn claimed the velvet sky
I kissed her softly

9. An Elegy to Decay

10. Symphony of the Froststorm

Naked drawn unto the fields of snow
where the velvet glow of dawn
unfolds the weak embodiment of a dying kind
and still they bath in glory and in fame
..until the glacial downfall..

iceshard terror
the skinless human form
looks oh so forsaken
snowblind bleeding shades
of dead millenias ruins
crawl forth unto a frozen idol

the birds became silent when crystalized breath
left their rigid beaks, cutting their throats
on trees of cold glass, surveying the mass
little statues that sing nevermore

great hunger drove out the wolves to feast..

every spark of hope has ceased to exist
only bleak skintearing mist
spreads amongst the remnants
like a vile desolate disease
The covenant of fucking widespread deaths
now finally fulfilled

Mans blood is balm for my hatedrenched ethos

They may attend
the requiem for their hopes
beneath a black drawn sky
immersed in fainting candlelight
I taste the sweetest wrench
the calm after the storm
is peaceful and full of splendor

The scapegoat of god
lies dead in rigor mortis
and nothing but ice
delights the congealed eye

This is the aeon of the wrath storms
the howling annihilation of humanity
slowly they descry the end
the meaning of true punishment
a premonition of death ascending

I feel her contempt in the air,
the nimbuses that gather for damnation
they tear and crack exposing the shards
with piercing fury through their hearts
rapturous about the devastation
I´m grateful that I have been there...

earth lies in coma
eternal frost concealed

icewind horror
and all those inane silhouettes
fall down under vile convulsions
cold screaming lips
violently burst asunder
breathing their last cacophonies
the wolves have returned to end their funeral meal
and howl their tale
of life diminished to zero

11. From Grace to Tragedy

Deepest dark dreams leak through the phantasmagorian haze
a pearl of condensed fear bedews her restless face
those dreams that tell of crippled voices
they always will return
to torture, to remind
to rage forth and to burn

fools.. yet fools they are
and their vanity seals the coming of the other savior
so dulled are their senses
but whom will they serve
when the king of jews once fades..?

so I sit and linger in the forests and on the glades
..and I dream of the crippled voices
words of pure sadness
reach my ear to exile me into searing madness

the infant that they once adored
became one with their frenzy
extolling the insidious lord

Hypocrite cloaked with a bloodstained halo

You told of the bliss
The realm of heart and no dismiss
nailed to her flesh by mans insistence
and no chorals, no praises
await thee christian prince

thy reign finally ends

You just stare and bleed
and no comforting words leave thy lips..
The soil awakens from endless slumber
and still thy slaves rape her with bliss
as earth shatters in furious wrath
they find themselves in awe of the abyss

it is the oldest fever
that comes from the depths of this endless breach
to cleanse the world of her torturing memories
wounded, mangled
an image of god, once blind, now can see..

the repercussion of their spiteful deeds
and a shepherd without words to lead
They will remain for all eternity
on the brink from grace to tragedy

12. As the last Leaf falls

Visions of atrocious soil
a plagued miasmal midden
my heart so scared between it all

and no, those tired seekers
didn´t see the coming end
just those who knew swore by their hearts
that no god nor satan would tear them apart.

greed blights divinity
and so it has always been
ever since I can remember
and it always will
where reason and time stands still
where the withered crowns of ancient kings
lose inevitably their artless grace
there I will stay with them, damned and displaced

these bones grow old and rotten
just like the branches of my kin
whose former reign is long forgotten
spattered with tears of the desperate

Exodus of astrayed masses
devastation left behind
so many seasons came and went
upon this places of the blind
curses over the doctrine
of feigned prudence, bread and wine
the divine countenance of earth
crumbles into dust beneath the fears of man

the preachers of mankind are treacherous
serpents in stoles
hollow words craved from above
subservience is not enough
denial of our origin
nursery tales of hell and sin
forgive what must be forgiven
but please redeem me from this certainty

take forth this hull that scourges me
flesh and bone all alone and a spirit so exhausted
eyes that must witness the odious abuse
limbs that won´t move and lips without excauses
oh how could it come that far they nill see what they are
murderous issues without any sense of compassion

the bloom of life´s bosom in her sanctity
is crying so bitter
may you close thy eyes now
and death comes finally

And I... I remain with thee
with diamond cover over what is left
and still to see
the frozen monument of beauty moribund

Nigh is the last cold breath
unbroken charm wings the last leaf down on its final dance
sleep well.. sleep well... my love

13. Remembrance (Bonustrack)

Pain and hatred found fertile soil
in my flayed heart ...but I kept it all
the beasts numbered thirteen came in malicious disguise
in dreams of death and loss
they burnt despair in my eyes
Drew my angel in bondage with blades to my skin...
but the worst scars are those that still bleed and remember.....within... by one I chase them until the end of all life
driven by the torments I devised for them...
by my endless wrath they shall suffer..
Cursed they are forvermore by bloodspilled poetry...
bound to dust, so endless void they will remain
..and vex me nevermore

...They are nothing but carrion.. a feast for the lesser vermin..
torn out like weed... thorncrowned they bleed...

..twelve fiends slain, one more to subdue...
..the masque of insight will not redeem you...
...for my oh so true..

...all beauty is born from the wish to adore
but the man in the mirror was all you lived for..
Betrayer!! ...of purity...

...kneel down right here behatred fiend
observe the wounds you stabbed so deep...
now that I know what pain means to me...

...what love means to me...

..and so I pass the chalice with my blood to her once more.. watch her drink my life with searing lust
as the liquid red bedews her lips that cast a spell on me...

..on wings of black we float through carnal phantasies...

And so I lay my memories down in front of her bare feet... kiss them soft... I sink into the dirt... that I can taste a dream between her thights..
...sinfull sweet..

May Mistress mine
I fought a thousand wars for thee
against my hatred and insanity
never to blind to see...

ardent passion queen
the monsters that were once thirteen
have fallen into oblivion for me
...they are all nothing..

..still we open our souls with passioncuts...
..remain silent and watch the loving bleed..
Remembrance is a razorblade
..which wounded us together..
..let the scars be our little darkness..

..light and shadow...
...lust and pain.. far beyond these green´s all the same..
..Moonchild... I will wait there for thee!!...

....If you... Follow me there and I will sacrifice all..
will you hold me my love when I stumble and fall?
..release me from this nightmare of torn skin and ropes..
..of endless despair, of pain and broken hopes...
..oh, dare to see this promise so deep, it will last for this union... FOREVER...

...and still I feel the first of May...
..all echos of a perfect day...
..we drown no more in tears.. but solace we found.. is fragile and so are we..
I will embrace thee when all times fade...
for all eternity!!


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