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"Demo" (2003 Demo)

1. Lord of The Sky
2. Melody in Flames

1. Lord of The Sky

Today, I feel the tender breeze crossing my face,
Harmonized with the birds´ whisper.
Every time, that I feel this, I think maybe it might be the last time,
I can listen to mighty clashes shaking this sacred ground.

In the dark, the moon doesnít cover this world with its splendor,
Because of thereís a lot of evil deep inside;
So I write, with a great pain in my heart, this sad but real poem;
If I just understood the reason of the destructive hand.

Every day I see less birds fly by
Every day I see less clouds crossing the sky.

Once again, my soul is fragile and I canít understand anything,
Life silences its song in the presence of the spying death;
Thatís why, my thoughts are as confused as the unbounded infinity,
I feel my soul is dying and it makes me cry.

Oh! Fantastic thunder,
Light up my obscurity,
Magic enchanted light,
I need your might to defeat
Oh! Fantastic thunder,
Iím trying to understand,
Why do the pain and suffering
Oppress my heart?.

2. Melody in Flames

ď Keeper of my soul
The light of hope that you have left
Wonít be turned off.
The windís mighty will blow
to conquer the power of glory ď

itís heard on the streets - the great melody
of those friends - joined by something
whooooo Ė decided to fight.

The rumors that pursued them
Because of being different
To what people wanted to impose in life.


Melody in flames, passion for conquering
True paths, to freedom
Melody in flames, defend your ideal
Fight for what you want, to the end.

ď And meanwhile all of them pursue us
We fly away through the immensity of
dreams and illusions
Looking for the stars that light up our souls. Ē

Frustrated dreams, lost wishes
Remaining sank, in oblivion
But it was surmounted

Some people who always faked
Come back to life and their lies die
The costume was taken off.



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