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In The Time

"In The Time" (2002)

1. Let rock break the sky
2. Infinite Horizon
3. Get your will back
4. Flame
5. In the time
6. Hard tunes
7. Ray of Light
8. Like a thousand flowers
9. Secret beyond
10. Outro

1. Let rock break the sky

Plug guitars in
Set the world on fire
Let drumming break the sky
Release your desire

Just make it loud
Loud makes you proud
Hard rhythm will keep you going
Going on and on

Let the six strings ring
Four will keep it strong
Two sticks show you direction
Where you got to go

Show them how to play
Scream and shout you have your voice
No one can take it from your chest
It's yours

2. Infinite Horizon

Book reads the mystery tale
Of lives buried in the sand
Town of hope that sank
Under the Infinite Horizon

Skies speak silent story
'Bout ships searching for eternity
Their never-ending sail
Under the Infinite Horizon

No grief or sadness
All future has been said

Wicker preaches holy words
About history of mankind
Our never-ending race
To find Infinite Horizon

And all our lives sailing today
And all our lives hoping for tomorrow

3. Get your will back

You running out of reason
Why you slowing down

You running out of chances
To show your better parts

Baby shake your body now
Make it sweat and take it high

You got to believe me
And get your will back

Your bosom will make me fell all right
Your face will shine like star
Baby don't you look so smart
Just get your pretty legs out

4. Flame

It's just like a first time
You're felling warmth around your heart
That felling is love building slowly
You want things to stay the same

Keep that flame
One that burns all evil and sorrow away
Keep that flame
One that will light your whole life through

Believing is the key that leads us
And opens our hearts for tomorrow
Only if we hold our flame truly
Is not going to let us go

5. In the time

In the time when dark was our world
Woman's power was standing tall
In the time when creatures abstained
She could gain any goal

What's the use in trying to hold,
Words taken off a stone?
Whisper sighs of godless embrace and
Let the magic carry on
Let carry on

In the time when hearts were made of stone
She could make thousand stones bleed
In the time of greed and proud
She could make all the sins gone

6. Hard tunes

Waken up by loud music around
I saw the sunrise what a good start

Melodies are touching my soul
Telling me "go on"
That's something I can't refuse
The great sound of rock and blues

Harmonies are speeding up my pulse

I'm going to ask for more and more
To make it always score
Hard tunes keep me happy
Cause they never make you bored

Is this the life you have been telling me about?
Is this a heaven or a dream?
Even when rain clouds are hiding the light
You've got wake up and start your machine

My guitar is weeping from the corner
Begging me to turn up the amp

7. Ray of Light

Ray of light that travelled
All the way from stars
Thousand light years away
Is falling on my eyes

I see the end of emptiness
My future is heading out of this

Shine of hope now feeds
This empty heart in pain
Calling out for eternity
Spirit raises form storm again

This ray of light
Gets me going again
…going again
Running against the time
It's my sacrifice
…my sacrifice

8. Like a thousand flowers

Like a thousand flowers
Flowing down the river
You have been mentioned
Through the words of singer

You meaning to stay there
As a part of his living
But ain't the first
That he is forgiving

Dreams are turning to black and white
The nightmare comes
Days are longer
Will tomorrow ever come

Time still passes by
So you better look around
Don't fool yourself
You walk the higher ground

You meaning to stay there
As a part of his living
But the cold fire burns
And he's forgiving

9. Secret beyond

In the darkness of our lives
I see the shadows' end in twilight
Keep it by the hand of our god

Never spoken and never will
He keeps the secret you have to feel
And make someone else fell just the same

Show what we have and how to use
Everyone gains so why refuse

Make the senseless people know
What's beyond and why are we're so strong
Let the sun shine for the sake of rock

Will they ever fell the strength?
Coming out from our brave hearts
Even when the darkness gets so strong

10. Outro


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