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"Parasomnia" (2005 Demo)

1. This is Going to Hurt
2. 11:34
3. Five Piece Device
4. Fierce are the Caressing Arms

1. This is Going to Hurt

Now, that all my dreams are gone
I seal your fate
Ripping to pieces your life
And everything you love
Now, my stars will shine
Watching through deceived eyes
You tempt me

This is going to hurt

Come on, we have to talk
Just to clear our issues
I was what you needed
When life knocked you down
Punchline of this scene
Is that you'll never rise
You tempt me

This is going to hurt

Now playful dog, try to convince me and play dead
Life, so fragile yet deceiving and ice cold
But still through time, I'll live just to hate
You, keep your role, turn blue…..motionless

So now, opened my heart
I try so hard to live
Without anger in me
Angel of some kind
Would be nice in bed
But I'm allergic…

…to feathers!!!


2. 11:34

Throw away the guilt, it won't save you now
With the loyalty of a guinea pig, your days are gone
Fill my heart and veins with a rush of adrenaline
You´re lost in the maze of your self made labyrinth

And it's 11:34…..maggots hour

We've all bled for the sake of your nothing
When you scream next time, I'll pass and let you die

Now it´s 11:34…..dead in time

Lie, cheat and squeal to make yourself equal
You're under all humanity, this you'll know, is real
Try to cut me up with a tongue sharp as knife
But I'll always heal the wounds and send you as a bride

To hell

Open eyes, look around and pray for your king
Today has come to the point of final decrowning
With shattered bones, you slowly start to crawl
This is revolution and finally we are all above you now

3. Five Piece Device

Always told to go against the flames
Never to let go, never loosing grip
Under greasepaint I hide my itch
I flog you down with your own arms, bitch

Five piece device - Human formed disasterpiece
Five piece device - Extinction begins today
Five piece device - Man is a sign of hell
Five piece device - And we do live that way

Those untold of the facts of kind
Shadowed by their endless night
Could sleep for whole eternity
And wake to see me…..aiming

Five piece device - Knife for a need of victory
Five piece device - For us, the time is prime
Five piece device - Wisdom that lives in you and me
Five piece device - Passes without leaving a stain

Coughing….staring….in cold…waiting….
Hanging from a noose we wait for vultures to swarm

We, who used to build connection
Now live to spread destruction
Maybe for a second in time, maybe there's a second in lifetime
I will understand why…why we still walk this earth alive

4. Fierce are the Caressing Arms

Angel just like you
Wings tarred to floor
Inner burning clown
Bastard coming down

This is me…
The another, author of a lifelong drama
Version 2.0, caving in
Aware and senseless
G.I. you disgust me

Angel, just like you
Bastard burning down

Hate for what I am
And love me for the pain
Exclusively, without boundaries
I set the sun for you and tug you in your bed
But while you sleep I torpedo everything!

Make a word, say something!
Write a number, select a card, ANY card!
I'll win

Can't fight but for the sake of comedy, please try!
I never wanted anything from you but a place to be
Something that I was good at, my life!
Look at us now!
We're grown apart!



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