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Inner Ascendance

"Inner Ascendance" (1989 Demo)

1. Death
2. Sleep Of Despair
3. Inner Ascendance
4. Life
5. Nihilism's Spell
6. Technocricide

1. Death

Death rides and the old man cries, where on earth can we hide
This transformation he fears, he knows not where he'll end
Will he burn in hell and rot, damned for eternity
Or will he re-incarnate once more and face this life again


Metamorphosis, a necessary transformation
A halfway point 'tween dusk and dawn
Death comes and the wise man sings
A glorious day has arrived
This transformation he welcomes
He'll fly to the other side
He knows he'll not rot in the crypt
Worm food for eternity
Death is not the end he knows
But a time when the soul is free


Cast In The Abyss what waits for thee
New life beginning or re-incarnate eternally
Will you find the answer before your time
You're on your way, don't know what you'll find
The gods have your answers but they're not in your mind
Swers before your time
You're on your way, don't know what you'll find
The gods have your answers but they're not in your mind

2. Sleep Of Despair

I can see all around me in this lucid state
My own mind controls my real fate
But if I wake from slumber, then returns despair
Of the days depression, forgets the dreams I share
If I sleep in peace do I loose my sin
Or does it linger to when the day begin

I've been trying for so long now to avoid the crimes of mind
The things I want, desire can it damn me from all peace
I lie awake and pray for sleep to take the sorrow away for now
In the dreams I'll find new hope, will hope ever cure my ills

I hear a woman's voice is calling

A voice I've never heard
I have no vision of her image
My dread is growing, I don't know

If I ever care to wake up
I know my fear will extend still
The inner workings of my mind
Can never sleep or calm my mind
The troubled waters of my world
Aren't consumed by restful sleep
Now upon the mornings rising
I find life's gauntlet carries on

In a building with no doorways

Escape can never be
Despair my only love
I find my way through the dreams of doom
Despair reaches out in the black of night
Embracing my life's dream
I still resist/break the curse/my faith
Will live/where hope denies my peace
And through revealed/ in fragments of my mind
My will exists/to roam the corridors of life

I am the force, I've searched and sought so long
My name is his through ancient dreams may now obscure

3. Inner Ascendance

Outpouring of light
Consciousness erupts
The boundaries of our minds
Is our path forsaken
Of our universe
What coheres matter
Forming gas and solids
Or the breath of life
Enlightened forms realize
Their master seek ascendance
Return their rightful home
All vibration seeking faster movement
Calms the pain and brings us closer still

You and I must journey to a place where still resides
Our souls in evolution must bring us close to

Organized forms of matter from one source arise
Through linking eternal forces the trust freedom lies
As one we strive for justice, karmic laws still survive
As harmonic vortex light and sound lead us home

Running through fields of vision
Our once romantic vision of soul must lead us home

Leads to/our heaven/makes our matter pure
Everlasting/ascent is now made pure

4. Life

Life ever changing it's hidden reality
But then in a moment we see
Is this just a shadow
Of the spirit planes we've yet to see
Lord come soon for me
If I was once in heaven
Who cast me to this hell
Am I a fallen angel, a coin in the
Bottom of a wishing well
I know that life's a gift
A shadow of the spirit plane
But my flesh is weak and the
World would have my spirit break
Life is pure beauty
Through eyes we see
But the Kal force
Has power of flesh lust and greed
The power to guide it
We can't control
We can be in it, but only through soul
Innocents born from heaven learn life's reality
Through choosing Christ's spirit we're free
If you can find heaven on this earthly plane
Your soul is mature may fly home again
Your task is complete your spirit now pure
Leave planet hell from Satan's lure
But if you're still a prisoner to the pleasures of your flesh
Relive this carnal death
Life everlasting though the body soon must cease
Through soul find eternal peace
Life isn't over though the body's met it's fate
Spirit burns, it's never too late
Life did you make it all it could be
Fates warning was never heard
Though tongues of fire spoke his word
You were a fool

5. Nihilism's Spell

From the time we are born we see we must die
Some fear the coming day praying to their deity
Some have philosophy, follow a path they've chosen
Others just wait and see
Live their life in belief they're free

Will you stop? And look around, what's your truth
That you have found

Our celebration is decay, for is drugs is our way
Poison in our food we'll eat, chemicals to make it sweet
Why should we stop the celebration of decay we love
our death soaked way
Out thirst for life fades by the day

What truth have you found

We all live for the end
To face the truth our hopes send
Nihilism reigns supreme

Is their death after birth
Is man doomed to peace on earth
Perversion now holds sway
Lust for death guides our way

Why are we free to choose?
When in the end we all must loose
Free to see what life may bring
Yet deaths pleasures reign as king

6. Technocricide

Seeking to amplify
Power in all senses
Man creates devices
That change relations of his world
In changing he fails to see
He's now become a slave to devices
Who's charm he's succumbed
His bias altered now
From sense to sense

Sound or vision tested which reigns as best
And so he fails the test of unity
Integration of the whole creates awareness he shall see
Oh things that we've made, changing our lives
We've come so far, electric light
Measure the day, lengthen the night
We can make our way without fight
In alphabet we've shifted sound to words we see
No more the sound of voices has effect on literacy
Are amplifiers of the rage that seethes
The photo makes museum obsolete
For treasures are now exposed
For all to view in complete
The phone has shrunk our world
Down to village size
To talk the neighbors
Who just don't see our eyes

We rule nature
A fragment whole
Enlisted science, to take control
But where's our future
What lies in our hands
A technocracy, or integrated whole

Can we arrange a world
That's filled with harmony
Eliminate pollution
And keep our people free

Must life be calibrated
By technocontrol
Can freedom be maintained
By thinking of the whole

Our patriots will vanish
Like ghosts of the night
Unite the world as one
Will be our holy fight!


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