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Dark Hallucinations

"Dark Hallucinations" (1999)

1. Montag [Chapter 1]
2. New Life (Resolution) [Chapter 5]
3. Strange Encounter [Chapter 2]
4. The Secret [Chapter 3]
5. We Are Not Alone
6. Betrayal [Chapter 4]
7. Look What Youíve Done
8. Scarred For Life
9. Spectres
10. The Apparition (Fates Warning cover)

1. Montag [Chapter 1]

Itís a pleasure to burn
The flame warms my skin
Four hundred fifty one degrees
When book paper burns


And it burns, and we burn
Weíre firemen
long ago I heard they put fires out
Now we blaze ideas for you

I grin a fierce grin
As flames turn me back
Kerosene is spit from this hose
The blood pounds in my head


In my head, your books are dead
Thoughts in your head,
Books canít be read or youíll be dead
big brother said

Thoughts are dead

Itís fine work that we do
being a fireman has itís rewards
Monday burn Melville

Burn books to ash then burn the ash

Donít question what I do
Questions are just for fools
Houses have always been flame proof
Firemen donít put out flames everyone
weíve always burnt books

burn books to ash then burn the ash

2. New Life (Resolution) [Chapter 5]

The fireís out
Iíve escaped the chase
Said crime against societyís avenged
I awaken to some
Friends that take me in
To rest

Society canít burn our thoughts
come to take our words away
When they decide free thought too dangerous
We will simply fade away

In our secret hiding place we have no books for them to burn
Each of us becomes a book
Entire volumes weíve memorized

Dreams of a new life
Live like I want free
Free to be
You canít take from me
Individuality a reality
A fight unto thee
So dream
Dream surreal dreams
Though they try
Try to crush them

Technology is not there
For us there is no need
Interaction, human contact
Weíve become a new breed
You crush ideals
It canít happen
Why canít you just let us try
Surprise your sons and daughters
We grow strong how youíll see


3. Strange Encounter [Chapter 2]

Have you ever read the books you burn
Have you seen the man in the moon
Show a driver a blur of green
Grass heíll say, but has he seen

Last night late from work
I met a girl who asked these things
She seemed to be
A whisper on the wind
The fragrance of memories past
Made me cry out loud at last
The dry leaves whirled the air
Made me ask for what I care!

And for the moment I was free again
The life I led
Was emptied from my head

Strange life is this
That light shines in
From anotherís heart
One can be reborn

Repeat all

4. The Secret [Chapter 3]

I have a secret hidden behind the wall
Like a junky with needle and spoon
It lies in wait for me
At the fire yesterday
I glanced by mistake and real a line
The line said "I am born"
Dickens an author penned the line

I have read
Broken the law
I have learned
I have saw

When the sleep was swept from my eyes I the fool was seen
A wife devoid of thoughts and feelings an empty waking dream
A life spent destroying thoughts preserved in revered tomes
Hopes and dreams, poetry, feelings that make life real

5. We Are Not Alone

Beware psychic welfare
Upon the mind of innocent men
Parasites from beyond our world
Have infested invisibly

Growing fear inside me erupts
Of unknown which comes from above
Abductions of many who claim
To be victims of strange rituals

Celestial visitors returning
Since ancient times
To gather specimens for their research
Belief their is life other than us

In a universe enormously vast
Technology is growing so much
Keeps the human race in touch

We are not alone in this universe so vast
Intelligent life other than us is surely in our grasp
We can only hope that time will soon reveal
Contact from another world
Will prove that this is real

6. Betrayal [Chapter 4]

I've been caught
They're on to me
Metal hound on the loose
I just can't last

Turned in by my wife
Her fear to great
What love for me

The government
Will make a sport of me
Hunted like an animal

Escape my only thought
Will the underground help a fireman

Never trust anyone
They'll always get you
You'll lose
They're out to get you

And spies
They want my job
What's told aren't lies!

I left a trail
The hound attacks
Head pounding


No escape
One last pain
Down to the zone
Forbidden place
No one can find me

They need a sacrifice
Innocent blood will do
On TV I see
Who's supposed to be me
Cut down mercilessly
Ripped to shreds
They've done the deed

7. Look What Youíve Done

Look what you've done, there's no where to run
Your bridges are burned, you should have learned
Now you are rushing with fear, is the end near!
Helpless feelings building inside
As emptiness takes you for a ride
So go on, feed your arms
Stabbing at your veins to kill the pain

Look what you've done, are you having fun!
Life of misery is what you've become
Your words they lack the truth
Your life is living proof, how high can you keep your flight
Is there no end in sight!

Why do you keep doing this
Is pain raised to bliss
Don't you care what you are doing
Your future life to keep screwing
Into the grave both feet in hell
Sad emotions is where you dwell
Addicting pain is all to real
The damage done your fate is sealed

Solo: 1st jp

2nd sk

Look at your arms, tracks mark the way
You stabbed yourself each and every day
Look what you've done
Are you having fun
Life of misery, in death you're gone

8. Scarred For Life

Born into this life a child in the world of doubt
Rejected as an orphan boy torn from his mothers side
Dogma thrown in his way obstacles from which to pass
The pain his soul endured
Has scarred his body fast
Defiant in an angry heart stubborn in his ways
Determined to reach his goals
Though numbered are his days

Lost within his mind, emotionally disturbed
Abused throughout childhood
Wounded deeply by words
Submerged in hate and fear
Neglected by those around
Affliction was all we had, lost and never found
But then something snapped within
And turned him inside out
To survive, life had to change
And mend his wounds somehow rebellion against authority
To conform he would never submit
Punished by society, upon their face he'd spit

Solo: sk

Scarred for life, wounded deep within
Healing the bludgeoned soul
Must somehow begin cry out in the night
Twisted in delusion crawling into the light

Scarred for life

Locked within his mind, a solitary prison cell
Depression fills him with despair
Falling to the depths of hell
Alone in a silent rage the final hours near
Desperate in insanity
He cries, but no one hears

Anger consumed his soul
In a violent state of mind
Destroyed his every thought
Soon running out of time

Lies he believed from voices in his head
Confused in chaos, wishing he was dead
Torn into this life a child in disarray
Blasphemed upon his soul
A victim of his ways
Scarred for life

9. Spectres

Into the darkness I walk alone and cold
Feeling their eyes upon me like stone
Deep in the black I'm absorbed by the night
Igniting my fear I head to the void
Hearing them call, but no one's in sight
Feeling their presence, they're ready to strike
Shadows are moving in shapes of the trees
Engulfed by the darkness, I feel them touching me

In your mind their is a dark side
As fantasy becomes your darkest fear
Terrified you begin running through the haze of the city streets
There is no refuge for you, you are lost
The games begin as they play with your mind

Solo: sk

Laughter they're haunting you, twisted they beckon you
Specteres await you, wicked the wind seems to whisper
Spectres surround you

You don't realize you've stepped beyond your realm
And only time will tell if you can make it through this hell
They don't know all you think, your mind is not your own
From the day you were born
Still this moment is torn

Solo: sk

No end to the paranoia that you feel inside
Sweat pours from your soul, but there's no where you can hide

Solo: jp

Help me god hear my cries I don't want to die
Predator upon me now as I scream out loud
Descending to my grave, running wayward knave
I plead with them, spectres pull me in

Deep into the black they're pulling me back
Dark's the realm evil attacks
Deep in the maze my minds in a haze, I'm loosing my sense of reality
Will i escape this horrible fate, whispers of death and hell that awaits
All of my dreams and life's gone forth
Was it in vein that they tell me of course
Is the end of this game we pretend, emotional ride that drains me inside
Prayers i scream, don't change a thing
As the curtain falls on the final scene

10. The Apparition (Fates Warning cover)

When the stars are right and you're alone
Take a journey, lock the world up tight
Out of your mind.

The hall beckons your presence, the doors
Open wide you're to decide to turn back

Deep the bowels of this black abyss,
Compelled I just can't resist it, take me
Take me away take me away
I wanna know what's deep within
Take me away

Drawing near someone passes through me,
A silent entity never looking back I won't dare.
Evil eyes staring through he walls of stone
As I feared I travel not alone

Laughter's echoes with the blatant wind
I have passed the threshold deep within me.
Take me away take me away
I wanna know what's deep within
Take me away

A voice of thunder said turn back
Tabernacle is forbidden
No mortal dares to enter here.
I want to know

Flame is burning center of a fountain yearning, waters
Spring eternal, spiritual water physical fire
Above the center is sky, cold cold never-ness
Just vastness filled with stars upon stars

In the four corners of life are the golden mirrors
Reflecting what you are and what you are to be
In the first is a young boy white dove in
His hand, in the second is a warrior in Armour
In the third is the old man gold watch
In his hand fourth and last
No reflection at all
No reflection at all
No reflection at all

Waters rise toward physical fire, voice says
Tabernacle is forbidden never looking back I don't dare
If the water touches the flame
Forever in darkness yes I'll remain

White dove flies from the young boys hand
Through the mirror of the old man, only way out
Take me away take me away
I wanna know what's deep within
Take me away
Take me away take me away
I wanna know what's deep within
Take me away


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