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"Dreams of a Better Tomorrow" (1999 Demo)

1. Triangle(A Life's Circle)
2. Funeral Day
3. Unscarred
4. The Day I Die

1. Triangle(A Life's Circle)

(so cold world inside, so true I can´t hide)
In the margin of an iron made world
I seek all the answers
Questions never asked and never to be told
Somewhere, somehow I know we are all alone
So just sit and watch the show as all this dies

This time I know it's not just a warning
We'll die a real death
In the triangle of life, you born, you live, you die

..To be dead
Bleed for the whore
We call life
That falls with us

Slowly drifting to a madness in my lies
Long live me
Visionaire forseen our dreams
Now gone forever
Things are what things were made, so cruel and mean as always
I shall go, continue my journey's beyond

2. Funeral Day

Silently, without a sound are people gathered around the grave
All of them, dressed in black to celebrate the funeral day
Passing by a darkened cloud, raining down the souls cry
From the mist a morning rise, Ending this painful night

Silent in sorrow (hollow)
We are gone tomorrow

Empty coffin lay on ground, my name written on the (tomb)stone
Feeling sad and very old, death eats through my bones
Craving life, hope to live, so much things left undone
Dying now, journey begins, destination the unknown

3. Unscarred

..And before my eyes
The book of life is closed
Memories run through my mind
I´m blind again to the lies of life

I crossed the line
I´ve gone too far
Beyond this side
I am unscarred

Darkness around
Upon my hollow grave
Fake illusions and disillusions
No way out of here

4. The Day I Die


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