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Dead in Flesh

"Dead in Flesh" (2003 Demo)

1. War
2. Spiral of Pain
3. Is This You?
4. Funeral Day

1. War

Screaming towards the enemy
Wall of fresh flesh
To do our duty, kill
To kill, to murder
Bloodfeast for a reason?
50 times 5000 eyes
Side by side the enemy lines attack
Wait, aim, fire, gone
This is my war that I'm fighting for
Just to make it alive
Dead on arrival,
All dead in flesh
All gone for war

Still screaming because of pain
My eyes, my arms, my legs are all gone
My friend the morphine to kill
The final minutes of my life in peace
I've had enough of watching
The world through the scope of my rifle
So sick and tired of killing... Me!

Can you find the things important enough to kill

2. Spiral of Pain

Walking around in circles
To find a path out of
The spiral of problems
That we are in common to pile

It is a endless road of dark pavement echoing silence
The longest journey to walk of the all

I raise my hands against the all
And beg the acid rain to fall
To wash away this Sorrowed face
And bring me back my human ways

What if there is no clear way?
What if all path's just lead astray?
Can I still find my way back to my circle?
I believe that life is
A mountain of doom awaiting in horizon
The tallest building to climb,
The hardest way to even try anything

Today I'm the leading star
In this slow motion film
With no sound, no colors and a script
That makes no sense

3. Is This You?

See the dark past opens our eyes
Another time, another place you may feed your lies
Just a ruin of your sins, see yourself within
carry on, play along, is this where you belong?

Is this you who I see?
Is this you who I hate?
Your smile to me seems so fake
Is this you? I think it´s you..

Just a ruin of yourself, see yourself in hell
come on man, make your stand, show us what you are
Is this you who I see or just a copy of me?
Carry on, play along, is this where you belong?

4. Funeral Day

Silently, without a sound
Are people gathered around the grave
All of them
Dressed in black to celebrate the funeral day
Passing by a darkened cloud
Raining down the souls cry
From the mist a morning rise
Ending this painful night

Welcome to the funeral day
a funeral way to solve things right
last look, last speech, last preach, last grieves
a fast farewell

Empty coffin lay on ground
My name written on the (tomb)stone
Feeling sad and very old
Death eats through my bones
Craving life, hope to live
Do much things left undone
Dying now, journey begins
Destination the unknown


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