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"Lamentations" (1994)

1. Lamentations IV
2. Neither Time nor Tide
3. Only the Strong
4. Absolution Extremis
5. These Forever Bleak Paths
6. Empty Lies the Oaken Throne
7. Last Wish
8. Wintermoon Rapture
9. The Man Who Lost the Sun
10. Ragnorok

1. Lamentations IV

2. Neither Time nor Tide

lone narcissust
mad at the sun
he wanders defeated
through cities of dust
amidst frustration
like so many dreams
of saints and sinners, none could percieve
the fall from heaven, and mow we would bleed
face the adversary, with rage inside
nothing can erase, neither time, nor tide
dark is the heart
that could not feel
the silent screams
grieving sentinal
eye among the blind
holds salvation
ravaged paradise
torn are the skies
in oblivion
orchid of happiness
never to bloom
blessed with his tears

3. Only the Strong

like a moth to candle
the summerlands made home
a hollow shell, our utopia
now empty lies his oaken throne
veiled in mist, true revelation
secrets of this blessed realm
through life and death, commiserations
in struggle, valour to overwhelm
each day, another pain
each dawn I die, at dusk we pray
empty dreams in midnight clouds
cloaked in doom, the darkest shroud
sleep the years hind walls of silence
safe in cairns of deepest black
weary of strife, the rancour
strength of conviction, now flowing back
cast in iron our resolutions
the melting mirror would not show
reflections of a weaker side
only here are we all
I shall not drown in his golden tears
save. these truths for the weaker man
nor lay my head at his feet
to tremble as the meekest lamb
kiss me now for I have sinned
upon my brow a crown of thorns
ease this doubt with whispered promise
as I open my veins to greet the dawn

4. Absolution Extremis

this silence forewarning
and darkness opressing
I lay my heart on a bed of tears
with misery growing
so I paint a picture
so dark, and so black
upon the canvass of a twisted mind
my solitude engulfing
and I bleed from my heart
with no one to heal
so alone, so afraid
only pain left to feel
I pray for release
I yearn to be free
I hear the call of the afterlife
my sins so great
and paradise is calling
this paean to woe
from a spirit torn
a requiem of a soul in decline
I await the kiss
from an angel so cold
the savage grace of final release
a penitant soul to be laid to rest
redemption must
absolution in extremis
a cacophony of mourning
with love deceased

5. These Forever Bleak Paths

the page reads another tale
the story of my yesterday
onwards along the bleak paths trail
follow the script until
the path I walk
to me is blind
and only the haze is clear
forever search
and never find
reason for life so dear
nowhere journey
grace me a destiny
grant me immortality
then I will forever be
i'll bathe within the fountain of youth
to keep the dark at bay
my dark reflections find the truth
scenes only fate portrays
from my goal i'll never cower
nor future present vision
torturous existence I will devour
until I find my salvation

6. Empty Lies the Oaken Throne

7. Last Wish

deep in my soul a tender secret dwells
lonely and lost to sight for evermore
save when to you my heart responsive swells
then trembles into silence as before
there in its center a sepulcharal lamp
burns the slow flame eternal but unseen
which not the darkness of despair can damp
though vain its ray as it had ever been
in some hidden crevice, of this grim cadaver
comes from the deep a cry for fates graceful
the only thought that my heart, dare not brave
is my last love, cannot grant my last wish
my fondest, faintest memories hear
grief for the dead, no virtue can reprove
then give me all I ever asked, a tear
the first, last sole reward of so much love

8. Wintermoon Rapture

cleanse my wounds in winter moon desire
this endless quest for sanctuary pure
as formless levithans swim avernian seas
crystal citadels call me in my dreams
desolate epochs, the statues they weep
through eons passing, the guardians still sleep
the towers of silence
a fortress of strength
this wealth of compassion
would ease my descent
my heart greets forests, once sacred, profane
the earth my mistress in pleasure and pain
seeking solace in the glory that was
of hidden shrines to gods now lost
amongst hopes ruins to find my true place
I orphaned of heritage a man of no race
cleanse my wounds in winter moon desire
this endless quest for sanctuary pure
drown nights sorrow, in rapture divine
enchantment delirium, and yet do I seek
winter moon rapture, the ebb of her light
but I cannot see, for the tears in my eyes
winter moon rapture, the ebb of her light

9. The Man Who Lost the Sun

I want to feel this way
I worship the night and despise the day
sleep brings escape from turmoil and pain
the accursed sun brings it back again
I sleep and dream, of kingdoms far away
I might be king, loved for a day
a life I choose, no despair or hate
with fear I will not ingratiate
when the darkness comes
I would not run
I am the man who lost the sun
my waking hour should have come
but I denied the warmth of rising sun
no more. to see the shadows fall
I walk a black horizons dawn

10. Ragnorok


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