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Inde Ira et Lacrimae

"Inde Ira et Lacrimae" (2002 Demo)

1. The Desolated Skyline
2. The Evensong
3. The Atrophy World
4. A Silent Dayspring
5. The End

1. The Desolated Skyline

The falling part that broke my heart
A devotion so fragile, all emotions false
This common pretending, a story of betrayal
Possessed by the superior, desolating the weak

All the tears I've spilt,
No one deserves this guilt
Before the tears hit the ground
They turned into blood without a sound

Drown me in bitterness,
At the bottom cold and lifeless
Burning deterioration,
Crying devastation

Fathomless ocean-Tears of autumn
Etiolate my skin-Empty every motion therein
A feeling beyond that lying smile,
The emptiness will never reconcile

The desolated skyline...Where emotions show no sign
Evil clad in all of us...I've lost all my trust

Could trust be that solid?
Betrayed, forgotten, evermore fluid
The feeling is beyond all faith
As I release all of my hate!

(Callous) Everything is dead
Everything is lost
(Hapless) Skies turn blood red
My feelings turn to frost

The only feeling I felt was of the purest hate
I bleed from the greed that lies upon us allâ¦

The tranquil has gone frantic,
A void of confused feelings
The trees have turned sick,
Scarred from the deep-felt grief

What am I leaving behind?
A strange feeling that makes us blind
A silent word too dim to read
Decayed, deluded and now I bleedâ¦

2. The Evensong

The tears create a pleached rill
The monody echoes in my head still
The clearest vision can get so hazy
Alone I stand longingly gazingâ¦

Recalling days and nights of blithe
Everything changed now in anguish I writhe
Enfolded by "Ye robe of grief"
Another autumn leaf fell for theeâ¦

Something did evanish from my fragile inside
As spoken in the night and sung in the eventide

Leave me in this dreary mourning
'neath cloudy skies I stand lovelorn
The first drop of rain moistens my lips
It tastes like pain to this weary ripâ¦

A hibernal wind caresses my skin
Wintertide waits with silent beckoning
The first snowflake caresses me with a silent motion
The rill I cried has now frozenâ¦

Losing to life's anguished undersong
As tenderly spoken in this woeful evensong

3. The Atrophy World

Promises built by lies and avidity,
Confusing how they make us blind
So many mouths we must feed,
Like seeds they are scattered

Acting in different ways
But with the same aim
Everywhere they want the same
Our speech and pure souls

As it's getting closer you dream away
To a far away galaxy,
Where you for decades could stay
Watch it all from another perspective,
See the world get infected
Think about whose fault it is
Wonder about who made a miss
Think that we're maybe all the same
Wish that this bitterness
Was some kind of game

The things we see so sad and atrocious
Why!?, aren't we worth the least
All the reliability, gone in a light breeze
Our innocent cries will be heard untilâ¦

4. A Silent Dayspring

Inde ira et lacrimae

A cold winter night in all its divinity
Words engraved in my soulâ¦felo de se
The web of stars creating the most beautiful paragon
Why was I left in this sombre world?; evermore alone

Est quaedam flere voluptas

The lonesome season when I lost all reason
For thou left me here with a soul so sere
Nightfall arrives and I'm steeped in darkness
I fall to the ground feeble and hapless

Thy profoundest thoughts can't grasp my way of thinking
For neither word nor sentence can be fraught
with my memories and what they are linking,
Shadows of what was stain my within

A silent dayspring in December
With a skyline of the brightest ember
Some emotions you cannot fend
This silent morning is the endâ¦

5. The End


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