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Araneae Attack

"Araneae Attack" (2001 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Threats
3. Lost Faith
4. After Battle
5. Exceeding Intolerance
6. Innocence Is Slain
7. Pay

1. Intro

2. Threats

Eye to eye (2x)
industrial machine
my hate screams out
on trembling ground

I have found my life
as I was sawn into the earth
My rage condemns this abuse
this scarification in your skin
Mother Earth you gave me life
this threatening entity
And I’ll….I’ll snatch it’s lifesuply

He is the knife that cuts your skin
the salt that crawls into your wounds
My rage upon this thing
echoing screams remain

3. Lost Faith

Millions of believers, religion is their beacon
Rape of cultures makes them lose their faith

Angels of deception are falling (falling) from the sky
Upon our world starting wars, lies and infection


Falling, twisting, turning
Life will end up burning

Religion based (based) upon a lie
Poverty of the mind, a state of degeneration

A book of lies, call it religion
Wars are faught to feed your greed
Burn your cross and burn your churches

4. After Battle

Clouds begin to form
fire of battle burns
rain begins to fall

The smell of dead corpses fills the air
Screams of fear break the deadly silence
A battle has been faught

Left to decay, anonymous
cruelties of war unfold
The truth is never told
bloodstained lies

Return to the earth to find peace
the cycle of life continuous
as they…. return to dirt

Enemies lie together in harmony
silently they lie, embracing earth
face down eating dirt
Forever to be released
cry for the disseased
The final act to show respect
as they are marked by your lies

5. Exceeding Intolerance

Our love will never die
real emotions bound to last
Burning fire
nourished by our desire
burning together
never ending love
Eternal devotion
passed on to the flames of love

Intolerance makes us bleed
Drowned by your intolerance
Exceeding intolerance (2x)

Drowning together
forced to our knees
We try to hold on as we are
thrown into the shade
together we will stand
endure the agony

Burning together
passed on to the flames of love
As they are nourished by our desires
the flames of love are getting…HIGHER

As we die we belong together
I close your eyes as we must die
In death our love remains forever

6. Innocence Is Slain

Another victim, a beating heart died
Innocence is slain I cry
Why why die
unanswered questions


Nothing can give them the satisfaction
to answer this horrofying action
No answers can be given
the pain is kept alive
The emptiness inside
another child has died
innocence is slain
only tears remain
(falling down on the ground)

Life goes on, a memory is kept alive
innocence is slain
they cry…

7. Pay


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