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"Equinoctium" (2002)

1. Deicidal Beliefs
2. Punished By Silence
3. Spellbinder
4. Deep In Mourning
5. Artistic Blasphemy
6. Vulturous Need
7. Broken-Winged
8. Autumns

1. Deicidal Beliefs

Nocturnal admission into
A scarlet alliance
Extanding all through
Slaves to the well of animation
Found sameness - co-retalation

Edges divine
Blade of redemption
Strengthening wine

Craving for the chalice of life
Into one with the night!

Dark are the pathways to bliss
Never-dying needs of rapture
Lost in a maze of the self
Never-ending search for certainity

Slaves to the well of animation
Found sameness - coretaliation

[Repeat Chorus]

2. Punished By Silence

I bid you welcome to chaos and need
My own utopia caught in a box
Same old patterns again!
The knowledge of survival is the way

Don't wait to face the failure
Reaching untouchable hands
Still we try to set things right - In vain!
Someone stop us from the wish
To alter our pain

I asked for honesty and trust
A silent sanctuary built for me
Same old story again!
My friend I know
This is the end - the end for sure!

[Repeat Chorus]

3. Spellbinder

Insidous lords of utopian decay
Once on the throne of this world
Indoctrination, salvation or dismay?
Madness spawned by greed

Misanthropic conception
Equivocal beliefs
Misleading doctrin of deception

A reign of terror
And so the lie became the truth
Another debt to be repaid in blood
Tha fatherland supreme
"Gods" of an air-drawn nightrealm

Hate - brought forth by fear
Painstaking cleansing of disgust
Stillborn future
Never-ending hunt
Visionaries of a fallen sphere

Originators of unjustified deceit
Authors of wholesale destruction
A kingdom arisen in ruins
An empire overthrown

4. Deep In Mourning

Here I stand
Upon the highest mountain of might
Gazing back at my life
Confessions I never thought
I would make
Now running through my head

Don't bring to light
What you cannot see
Dark are the deeds of night
Fallen reality
Suicidal fight
Never again to be

I have always believed in myself
Creator of my own destiny
Doubts, now clouding my mind
Storming through my soul
Will I stand the test of time?

Nothing lasts forever or so they say
But I hold the key to eternity
Kingdoms will crumble
And eventually fall
As I lau open the mysteries of life!

5. Artistic Blasphemy

Sadistic behavior
One of a king
That leads his heard to fatal defeats
Words untold
Spoken in tongues
A perfect shield
Against the forces around

See through - Be realistic
You've lost your crown
But still you're a fake
A fake with blindfolded eyes
So damn sensational - Superior race
Someday you'll wake up screaming
For(Ever) More

False accusations
Several kinds
You will not reach
The point of eternal control

[Repeat Chorus]

6. Vulturous Need

Another soul to dehumanize
Another spirit to deprave
Reaching out
With the worst of intentions
Veiled intervener of demise
Breathing fire deep down
Dissembled with a cringing smile
Remorseless inmost nature
Still undefiled

Wolf in sheep's clothing
Snake in the grass
Immersed up to the neck
In underhandedness

Convocation of candle-ends
On the hunt for recognition
Grasping at straws by instinct
Over and over again
Sightless views
Blind in every sense
Still fumbling for the sweetness
Of observance

7. Broken-Winged

Torn apart
No longer one with the sense
Inside frustration takes control
Standing alone under a silverstenched moon
An endless strife without any goal

I'm just one of those, carrying lifetime chains!

Becoming one with my burdens, my prayers
Trapped in a grip of shame
Facing dreams without a glance at mistakes
Beyond the shadows sleeps the truth

I close my eyes
Going into trance
Then something dies
In the rainstorm the angels dance

On the hill where the sparrows cry
I once and for all fulfill my dreams
Becoming one with the anguish, the fears
Concluding my latest wish

[Repeat Chorus]

Satisfied I drink the wine from the holy grail
Surrounded by the ones I knew
I proudly cheers!

[Repeat chorus]

8. Autumns

Knee-deep in tragedy
Lifelong-seeded grief
Worn to a thread by
Recurrent distress
Sorrowful years of retrieval
Escaping into an asylum
Of dreams
Chemical cure of the soul

Last setback - Final defeat
No more going into reverse
This time the sun will set forever
On an empty shell of unconcern

Wading through waters of
Frequent deceit
Suffering constant betrayal
Repeatedly stabbed in the chest
By mishap
Autumnal wasteland at heart

[Repeat Chorus]


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