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Enemy Within

"Enemy Within" (2005)

1. Tempest (PLAGUE)
2. From my ashes
3. Alpha serpentis
4. Thirst of freedom
5. Beyond the enemy

1. Tempest (PLAGUE)

Tempest (PLAGUE)

Red clouds in dark,
Formed by dead human kind
Flying through ancient skies
(Like a river upon the mind)
When the sun has been betrayed
When the light might not return again
A mighty wind screams my name
And gets me afraid�

Listen the poisoned thunder
Earth and sea bleed beyond vices
Spitting faces of the predators
Earth (ambitious, lunatic slut)

Suddenly, pain and fire have come
Driven like a drifting snow
Chocking back emotions
I see corpses in my way
Burned by a cruel despair
Attacked as puppets
Death and destiny has fed the day
Tearing away the human faces
Breaking down all control

It�s the end of the plague!

Run away
Fucking bastards

Behold the creation, pollution,
Leading us to destruction
Sweat you bastards
Cry the Damage you�ve done
For ages beneath filthy sky
Now our time has come.
Did you see the growth of Chaos,
Reborn of restless dawn?

Chaotic storm

Over my head the fire still burns
Rising dust with ashes
Snatching the lingerie veil tonight
Belladona thoughts
Extending with her hands

I am watching this last race
But it�s too much disgrace
Her Anger cannot be stop
�Cause she has our fate
Waiting to the end
Dripping blood again
Carved up as a raped Vaginal Flesh

All destroyed�

Why I want to live?
Each day we shall fall deep
Inside from forbidden nudity
To the lost existence
Claiming to death to take us
With her pale fucking hand
Remembering our stupid lives
With Melancholia
Remembering every act that we could done

Is this the end of one night?
And everything
Would it be the Apocalyptic End and his Knife�

Now then
Hide yourselves

Now twats you start to pray

(The rebirth of Astarte Flame
From dirt
From distant lies)

Eder 2004.
Copyright 05
Serpens Cauda

2. From my ashes

From my ashes

Since day one the eerie madness
And her pale arm infected by a Nymph
Came dancing as the coldest sickness
And when the virus ran through streets
Children cried every night
Preying to the Lord to move away the sylph
(Darkly, windy spirit) who took their last breath
Extending with his fingers disgrace and sin
But in a castle far from the plague
Behind those gates just vice and orgy
Whores were dancing beneath the moonlight
Undressed sluts watched by the pagan jury
And at the black velvet hall the freak shade
Had been waiting for the hour to play.

Ebony clock was ticking
Plague is praying for flesh
His red mask sleeping
The ghost has come from hell
Dressed stigmata above cranium
The ghost will rape the whores and mess�

On seventh hall, velvet covered the wall
Those scarlet crystals showed the blood
Through the silent dark
Fantastic silhouettes�
Strange wind from the west
Runs along the castle
Like a laughter from fucking hell
The pendulum�s ticking deafens my feelings
Squeezing out my heart with beauty in front my eyes
Her body frozen my Karma
But the knife cracked my Alma

Nightmare after dawn
Nightmare after dawn

From the ash I reborn�

Am I guilty?

This is the night professed by Poe
Nightmare at midnight eclipsed by my soul
Sweaty lesbian, whores, feel the dildo of pain
Juicy sweet cunts will be fucked by my rain (cum)
While their fathers pray him again
The Daughters implore for more again

No fiction in this night
Grief, Sex & Evil took all control
With mi hand dagger spits the light
And implores the night�

This is my last minute among dancers
waiting for the answer of this cancer
That awakened my ash before to know
About thy coexistence with my lust
Only terror in this night
Its mask seems as dead pale corpses
Scarlet plague has just begun to attack
And justice arises

Enemy within
Am I guilty?

Indefinable gaze it had inspired
To all the noblesse
Loud disquiet was showed by all
Whispering disapproval
Decadent Eco of Ebony noise
Had disappeared in Pandemonium
Like a sore cured by temptation
Written by a fucking serpent

Now, What sick and weak fate
Will be written for you?
While carnal sinners were crying
Semen tears despite truth
Vengeance the coldest rite
Lurks among the eye behind
Within obsession, without perfection!
Finally Red Massacre�

Eder 2005.
Serpens Cauda

3. Alpha serpentis

Alpha Serpentis

Two parts in the nothing as strong as cold steel
The power of the wild starlight
Is what we must feel
Coming through the bitter time
Fighting, killing with rage at hand
Victory�s taste is in my mind
Although naked my breath calls to fight

Now deeper doubts there are in my heart
Just silence and time
Will tell me what�s going on
And what will pass
In this dangerous night (quest)
In this final night

Forever I�ll think if I did the best
In that final night�

Fatal dreams when I can�t sleep
There are only screams and grief
Please, no more voices against me

A war is upon me
I feel it in the water
I smell it in the air
Success or Death


I want to run and never to stop
Ridding to the shadows
And killing theme all
We are the plague from a distant past
Led by the star of an unsung lust
I�d always wanted my own wild place
Here between blood and death is my face�

This battle is going to be
Larger than my life
Harder than our grief
Am I broken these blessed cast?
But a snake had pass and erased the past
All what I could make is gone
With vivid violence was taken my home
I�m not the man I was before
Despite the unexpected beginning�
Give me a cure�

Fucking cure�

Alpha Serpentis
Alpha Serpentis


Eder 2004.
Copyright 05
Serpens Cauda

4. Thirst of freedom

Thirst of freedom

Were betrayed the rules
All the shame is over those fools
In the sky the reaper recalls their lives
Disguising the wish of blood and crime
In the morning everything will be in fire�

Panic was the noun spread among mortals
Many hours of fatalities after only immortal
Images from a dead hope at this perfect Hell
I keep closing my eyes, closing the evil inside, but I can�t block you out

Nightmares come again
In any fucking way
Being mortal arms to kill my gasp
Climbing as a Mutant child
Without wings you cross the line
Tell me how I can to lie
Why to battle against the stronger one
Inside my body and my mind?

Old man says a prophesy
Immortal years between Calvaries
Darkness torn reality�s wall
From benighted weep and hidden war

No, no
Frozen face besets the flesh like wolf
Run, run
The tyranny shall be behind each one
Of your thoughts

Until I have straight
You won�t touch me again!

Much suffering in sin
All erotic punish skin
Raped by the bark of a secret lash
I got enough pain and anger in my brain
Dream of the touch or nothing distorts
A fetid desire of a libertine slut
Who were overdressed as virginal princess
Never psychotic, forever Neurotic
Fuck all this shit.
Quick and quite I should be
If the whore had felt razors on her lips

Who will share last laugh tomorrow?
An eye for an eye
Sacrifice of Honor
This was I screamed by a dissonant dream
A journey beneath the filth
Beneath my breath

Freedom is what I�m waiting for
Her blind thirst claims me because
She led my fingers through her knees
Needing the moment when I�ll be
On her clit


Since it came
Stopped the clock and live a lie
Slave of wine
Laughing of suicide.
Darla�s cross, out of regrets
Black demise to kill the feeling
Vacuity can it ill more secrets
All destroyed
Vacuity defrost my secrets

Eder 2005.
Copyright 05
Serpens Cauda

5. Beyond the enemy


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