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"Works" (2005 Demo)

1. Human Intere$t
2. Window
3. TV Violins
4. Black whole
5. Grime
6. Comfort

1. Human Intere$t

Priceless, endless interest
Stock, broke, inflated
A tapering triad of money, bluff and poppycock
Preachers replaced by dividend
A holding of low calorie paper
Combined with a dietary supplement
A patronising pat on the back
[In credit we trust, inc.]
Queen of diamonds
Jack of (all) trades
A modern day pardoner
Razor-sharp suit, cleanly shaven
Steering his slick Bentley
Towards his heavenly haven
(Cantor buried, decanters emptied & pockets filled)
Tie straight, immoral compass likewise
Top spin doctors acing their way through
Invest in real(ity), a state
A tyrannical source
Infestate, fester
And sons, ltd.
A riveting carousel, a Russian roulette
Spatchcock and hopskotch your way through
Ignorare Divinitas
Honorare Obesitas
Clarity is terrifying and best countered by
Caffeine-induced consciousness


© Sander 2004

2. Window

Roaches' blood splattered on the wall
Sordid silence screams for vengeance
Wrath of nature
Carved in carpet
Bombing consciousness with sight
The dirt of your own dimension
Insanity gnawing its way
Through rodent holes in feeble suspension
Fungus meandering a river of intoxicated blood
Metastasis to skin
Melanoma of sin
Towards the self
Outside world torn inside out
Ruins, pillaged by pessimism
Infection inflected by unrealism
Gloom injected by substantia nigra
Cracks in the ceiling
No longer containing this foul air

© Martin 2002

3. TV Violins

We serve and we protect
The ignorants we despise of
Course unknown to many
Including those who know
Nothing is as simple as it seems
And we enjoy it

A window overlooking a world black yet colourful
Glass prisms make waves of substance
Frames collapse
Senses collide
An old reality
A new vision
Standing behind that window
We linger
Taking distance
Embracing it

Participation is prizeless
Amusing just for clowns and fools
Entertainment for the spineless
Craving for Subtitles
Subtility asked too much
Inhale fumes of inspiration
Coughed out in mutilated shape
A mutation hideously misjudged
Festering out the flowers of human nature

War (steiner)
War (steiner)
War (steiner)
Famine and popcorn
Disease and fun
Cows at stake
Music for music's sake
Music for music's sake

© Martin 2004

4. Black whole

5. Grime

6. Comfort


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