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"PROmoLOGUE" (2006 Demo)

1. Separated By Evolution
2. Perspective Uncommonly
3. Urelevance
4. Bull-Chip

1. Separated By Evolution

A time for lust
A time for love
Rapid reduction of moral
Common sense
Thin ice
Unstable founds for a topheavy structure
Light both above as below
Not only unable to plot its course
Not knowing the consequence of consequences
A shift towards the dizygotic
Psychotic, Schizophrenic as we evolve
As subtle as a revolver
Sperm shot as gunpowder
Burst of testosteron, unibrow
United we assemble prosperity
United we divide into fractions
Unaware of diversity by will
Convergence, concubine with cataract
Blind gaze over lands diverse yet dispersed

It’s the latest war
An onslought of five billion years
Survival of the fittest fraction
Passing on all sides permitted
Be fit, be fat, bed fed
Be anything
Just don’t try to avoid the mechanism
Never grasped in full form
Divergent roads
One goal but no control

The emulgator
Clusters diffuse, crash and alter
Chained reactors
Catalysing global actions
Force enough for directionless drift
Creating its own boundaries
Only to be broken ASAP
No one to oversee the irony
Of Illusion of control
The only progress we made is the possibility to live and be extinct already

© Martin 2004

2. Perspective Uncommonly

Upside down
Crawling, ceiling
Mono or stereoscopic
Colour blindness in supersonic frequencies
Spectrum unlimited only by processing
Continuous but discrete in the brain
The cephalic computer connects the dots
Are those bolts cabled right?

A blur of blue
Five thousand Herz
Does it hurt?
Voices in your skull
Pathways, nerves re-routed
Detox is useless
Everything is pulled right out of its frame

Psychedelicious perception
Aren’t we stoned
Or are we schizophrenic, psychotic?
When the eagle cries like a rainbow
Something must be rewired
Rewind your thoughts
Fata Morgana no more
No less
Legally blind but fond of colours/sounds

An oddity,
Malleus, incus, stapes, retina
An oddity like so many
Individually mal-functioning, evolving
Communication worsened

© Martin 2004

3. Urelevance

A single thread and it collapses
Merely a stroke to cut the lines
All of them a fundamental piece
Shape and structure shifting, passing by
Loosen the ties to vanish in space
Merely a particle, orphan, forgotten
Never existed
One second
Enough to kill, to slay, to bear
Instant birth
Sudden death
Lines to be tied or severed
Cosmic consequences in a single drop
Even an ant could have prevented your birth
Imagine the tininess of wars, inventions, man
For it is all a coincidence
Web of events
Randomly floating
Even your relevance
Completely irrelevant
A single line in a random web
Which could have been completely different
The difference between being and being remembered
Is that there is nothing to be remembered
When life is thrown into a void unknown
This single drop in space
Something unmentioned

© Martin 2002

4. Bull-Chip

Zodiac's buckle pierced with stigmata
Pisces and flying V-chips reincarnated
Fried messiah incarcerated
Mass-murder, hysteria, flagellation and abduction
Forced to believe in this non-sexual seduction
The new age commercialized, debilitating
Many decibels should be decimated

Fit with low-pass filters for intelligence
This herd feeds on threads
Spun by icons of past authority
Obedience excreted
Fertile ground for more to spin
The rape of wrath
Stitched together by
Needless to say
The demise of reason
Reincarnated in restless brain-dead drones
Cemented cavity
Gone Bananas
Traded for body that cries

Incognito ex anus domini

Pull the rope until you snap
Vegetable manners
Mashed by metaphysics
Crumbled by commerce
Penetrated by politics
in queue, cumbersome D-generation
Invading its own shores

But hell,
At least we are slim

© Martin 2005


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