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...When Mankind Lost It Souls  And The Evil

"...When Mankind Lost It Souls And The Evil's Screams Awake Shadows..." (2004)

1. Live, Body & Blood
2. Ode To Moon
3. Dreams
4. Suicide
5. Chaos
6. Rose For The Death
7. Lament of Satan
8. Terrible Order
9. Blind Men

1. Live, Body & Blood

In the night like a wolf
Look for blood and sacrifice
Like a beast bird alone
I circulate above a dead world
Everything is covered by the silver snow
Honey mystery of dream
Darkness embraces all Worlds
The wild call
I found the source of live
I stick blade of teeth
The elected of body transfix cold fits
Overfull scream -
Feeling up the silence -
He’s dieing!
I love the night I love the death
I walk with them arm with arm.

2. Ode To Moon

You shine through the tears
Like the sun in the day
Spill rays in Arda’s earth
Penetrate it looked
Drying home from the sorrow
And pity, and pain
What have I done
So you are looking to me like that?
In darkness haven you hide
And shine your ray
Your proud your hide
In secret light
On neck you drop
Every souls of world
Moons splendor
Moon’s dream
Full Moon
My pray I cheer!!!
My heart’s
And my mouth‘s desire
Is always see in darkness
Your shine’s power.

3. Dreams

Dreams on a daydream;
I dream about you at night and a day;
You speak to me - the word - the flame
It don’t born - it worm;
I the siland - it’s explode;
Unrustly flury - it’s rip the roofs;
I danceing with a leafs in avanue yours garden;
And take me into your hand
And hide me far away the the light...
And take me into anather side of a river...
Where just me and you...
And speak to me to fall a sleep
I will dream about you...
The dream..

4. Suicide

Behind the wall of pain
Among torment and tears
Somewhere in deep of darkness
My anger birth
The hate sticks into my body
Like the sunken sword
On a half distract my throw doom and it rotting…
Its death… she’s approach me…
I see her shadow…
I hear her smile…
This is the end… I’m in joy!
The wind blow
The rain lashing my face
I’m kneeling above the abyss
I jumped…
Crush… pain… death…
My blood swim with a river…
Her current starting be red
Wild dogs tear to my body
Naked skeleton is rotting…
Its death… she’s coming…
I see her shadow…
I hear her smile…
This is the end… I’m laughing…

5. Chaos

In space of time
In a blow of abyss
In the world darkness
The see of chaos spill
Thunders winds and waters
On the edge of mankind
On the peak of nothing
On the clouds of vacuum
My soul cheer
Into star darkness dusk
Look how the roots absorbs the founded
Spaces circle wrap it coat
Impervious grey and bloody revenge
Confusion catch I give own live
Look how love drawn in the howl of time
How dune of stars are moving with wind
They strength they power born from hate…
It open face and absorbs
Blue firmament, angels walk
It fight… it win the battles,
But don’t win a war
It fortune is superstitious
It’ll be on border of live
And even when we’ll thousand of sand glasses turn of
Its sand won’t count out of the time
It won’t able
In chaos that one will survive
Who on the fits of its god will die…

6. Rose For The Death

Dreams are black
I’m falling to darkness Abyss
Grey world embrace me
Spider’s net surround my dream
Thorns stick to my heart
Rose for the death -
Raven sit on my arm
Rose for the death -
Shadow of forget mountain - it’s coming
Rose for the death -
Witches sabat - I hear it...
Tears down on my check
When I back to realm
I look on sad days and nights
On the different people
How they walk next to darkness
I cry like a child
Everything is grief for me -
is it good or is it bad?! -
Life it’s death -
Death is salvation!
On my arms I’ll take the cross of life
And I’ll walk to the darkness hill -
The mountain - It’s my destiny
The rose for the Death...
Revenge is my desire Love – hateful filling
Kiss deadless strike
Friends the last breath desire…

7. Lament of Satan

- Laudetur Jesus Christy
- In Saeula
- Quo nomine Vocaris?
- Satanae
- Quid petis ab Eccelsia Dei?
- Fidem!!!
- Fides quid tibi praestat?
- Vitam Aeternam!!!
Exi ab eo, immunde spiritus, et da locum Spiritui Sancto Paraclito
Omnium Cupidatum!!!
Fetoribus careatiet ad suavem adorem praeceptorem tuorum la etua...
I see His tears... Lament of Satan
I see His cry... Lament of Satan
I see Him... Lament of Satan...

8. Terrible Order

Possessed by the darkness desire
Fulfills dreams are sinked me
In the hells Abyss
Where the Devil said “Goodnight”
And from dreams are wake me up the screams of damned.
Never so be thirsty Darkness like now
When the maiden’s blood shine in moon’s splendor
And Swimed dawn at stream of lives eternity.
On the pale cheek of agony.
The children of the night spreads the wings
Above the world of live
And the dying ones are rise to serve Him
When He shedding his purple
Into stars...
With the Prince of Darkness
You write the Covenant!

9. Blind Men

The sun expired in the lake of tears
The moon disappear from the black sky
The beauty colors of flowers fade away,
On darkness oblivion butterfly turn over.
The tears overflow insensitive eyes
Don’t help you, never!!!
Desire looked in the color of dusk
The dream will be to the end of your days.
Blind men! You looked on the mirror of hate
Blind men! You looked the revenge in deep of mind
Blind men! Prays don’t help you - never!!!
You, never won’t see your hands
You won’t see your often tears
The big feet will be darkness
The dream will be solitude
You’re just looking in to dead eyes
She’s wrap you in her feelers
The thin fingers stick in to your sides
And patience waiting
This blind true - and the blind face
This blind nightmare - and the blind dream
The blind feelings and the blind thought
Their blind trails you carry on to the deadly trap.


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