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Beneath a Dying Moon

"Beneath a Dying Moon" (2003 Demo)

1. Soultraders
2. Upon A Mushroom Plain
3. A Lane Into The Dark

1. Soultraders

(Lyrics by Alexander Kuhlmann)

In A Town A Fiddler Was Playing
Tunes Of Folk-For Something To Eat
Some Gave Gold-Some Offered Asskicks
Anyway-He Strolled Through The Streets
But One Day On The Busy Market
Where He Played Some Of His Best “Tales”
Appeared A Man Who Invited The Lucky
To The Tavern On One Tasteful Ale

The Strange Man Made A Proposal
That Was Endowed With Diamonds And Gold
He Didn't Demand Much, Only One Thing
What He Wanted Was The Fiddler's Soul
The Poor Fiddler Hesitated
And Thought About The Money To earn
He Loved His Life-So He Refused
And Sealed It With A Sip Of Liqueur


“One Diamond-Two Diamonds,
Never Felt Them In My Hands
One Coin-Many Coins,
No I…I Don't Need Them!”


Stranger-My Soul's Not For Sale
Stranger-Take Back Your Ale
Stranger-Take Back Your Heels
Stranger-I Don't Need Fucking Deals
Stranger-You Waste My Time
Stranger-Taste The Fists Of Mine

One Year Later-The Fiddler Was Drunken
An Absence of Money Depressed So Much
On One Day-As He Had Spent His Last Penny
Again With The Stranger He Came In Touch
The Stranger Made Again His Proposal
Nothing But His Soul He Should Sell
The Fiddler Was Sloshed-So Then He Accepted
I've Seen Him Now Playing His Fiddle In Hell


“One Diamond-Two Diamonds,
Again I Feel Them In My Hands
One Coin-Many Coins,
I Suppose…I Do Need Them”


Fiddler-Must Say You Did Well
But First Of All One Thing I've To Tell
Fiddler-You Know Who I Am?
I'm The Seducer Of Man!
Fiddler-How Wretched Man Can Be
To Sell The Own Soul To Me!

2. Upon A Mushroom Plain

Upon A Mushroom Plain:
(Lyrics by Alexander Kuhlmann)

High Above
Upon A Mushroom Plain
Wandering There
On A Mossy Lane
To A Crystal Lake I Come
Which´s Reflecting The Summer Sun
I Hear Voices
From The Outer Shores
Underneath Four Little Waterfalls
I See Seven Naked Maids
Bathing In The Hiding Shades


In The Distance I Can See
A White Shining Trotting Horse
On It's Forehead There´s A Horn
Golden-Like An Unicorn
And Upon In Velvet Gown
Sits Another Precious Girl
Her Curly Long Blond Hair
Waving In The Summer Air

Upon A Mushroom Plain (4x)

I Try To Reach
The Innocent Maid
But Her Silhouette
On The Horizon Fades
She´s Hiding Inside A Grove
I Follow Her In Blind Love


Behind Two Birches I Can See
A Curl Of Her Lovely Hair
Sneaking I´m Approaching Her
To My Goddess - The Young Girl
Smiling Seductive She Kneels Down
Pulling Me To Mossy Ground
Cloaks Me In Her Arms So Tight
Enlightened By The Sunrays' Light

Upon A Mushroom Plain…(4x)

…Fell The Fresh Midsummer Rain

I Awake
Rain Started To Fall
Where Am I
Not In The Grove At All
With Confusion In My Mind
The Lake I Try To Find


Within The Mushroom Colony
I´ve Slept Dazed And Deep
For An Indefinite Time
Mushroom-Smell In The Nose Of Mine
Long I´ve Searched Upon The Plain
But At No Lake I Arrived
And My Love I´ve Never Seen
So, Was It Just A Dream?

Upon A Mushroom Plain…(4x)

3. A Lane Into The Dark


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