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Then Frost Shall Be

"Then Frost Shall Be" (2003 Demo)

1. By The Fullmoon
2. The Woods Are Haunted
3. la Neige Recouvre le Royaume
4. Wintermord
5. Snowstormed Forested Landscapes (2003)
6. Then Frost Shall Be
7. Cold And Dark Abyss

1. By The Fullmoon

2. The Woods Are Haunted

The Woods Are Haunted

The night is falling down over the lost valley
The townís lights are dying time after time
Itís a winter night, I must go far from them
The council has chosen, for I, the banishment

and the snow is falling
the air is chilling
and snow
keeps on falling

I follow the path, sweeping my tears of pain
To live so far from mines, and in night I stride lonely
I walk the path, and shy I look at the trees
Something seems to be, tonight, strangely different

But snow is falling
The ice and the frost are melting
And darkness is growing
I am afraid to be alone

All I see is a forest in a furious storm
A dark wood with white lights whirling
Whirling around , oh Iím so afraid of that
I just know that the woods are haunted !!

Dark and cold, itís all that I was
Thatís why for all Iíve done I am now punished
The council of the wise men has chosen
For my sentence, the so cruel banishment

I turn myself and I see the sleeping town
I recall of all what Iíve lived before
My past typhooning in a shivering torment
Darkened psyche and average will of human beings

Snow is still falling
Over the dark forest
Snow is still falling
Like a spear in my chest

And the spirits are entering my conscience
I left my body and I understand
All those ghosts, what they were before
Before they haunt the woods

They were humans, as I was before
They were alive, breathing the air so pure
And the council has chosen for them
They have been banished, and now the woods are haunted

3. la Neige Recouvre le Royaume

...Et La Neige Recouvre Le Royaume

Les contreforts du temps
Sont les piliers de nos âmes
En cette contrée perdue
Oubliée par les dieux

Une forteresse a été bâtie
Au fond díune vallée
Cíest ici que dorment
Nos défunts rois

Notre empire était fort
Notre empire était puissant
Nous combattions líennemi
Nous assiégions des contrées

Mais le temps síest écoulé
Nos âmes désincarnées
Ne peuvent plus que hanter
Ce château en ruine

alors, du haut díune tour
mon âme scrute líhorizon
de majestueuses montagnes
des forêts impénétrables

cette citadelle de marbre
fruit de líorgueil humain
a été le bastion
de notre armée

notre empire était fort
notre empire était vaste
mais notre vanité
nous a coûté la vie

épée en main
nous marchions dans les ténèbres
et nous trouvâmes la forteresse
lieu où nous périrent tous

notre orgueil nous a perdu
notre soif de pouvoir
pour notre roi
pour notre royaume

Nous voulions dominer
Mais le temps síest écoulé
Notre lignée se meurt
Nos frères disparaissent

Citadelle de marbre
Nous tíavons conquis
Mais terrible prix
De la perte de nos vie

... et la neige recouvre le royaume

nous renaissons de nos cendres
nous sommes à nouveau prêt
à ôter la vie
à ceux qui nous la prirent

armée implacable
nous massacrons líennemi
nous détruisons ses forteresses
signe de son empire

nous conquerrons le monde
nous assiégerons toutes les contrées
le froid se répandra
par la lame de nos épées

Notre règne viendra
Notre guerre sera gagnée
Líennemi se prosternera
Et alors nous le tuerons
... et la neige recouvre le royaume

4. Wintermord


I see dying trees surrounding my black way
The sun is hidden behind grey hills in my horizon
I follow this path for so long that I canít remember
How it was before this bloody winter comes ...

The way is going up on the escarpmenting mountainside
So that I see snowed-up valleys when I turn myself
Itís a cloudless day, coldness is strong now
Oh... I remember reenter the forest to cover myself from cold

After a long, long way between trees, I see the elder one
A majestic oak with its branches full of frozen life
It is standing there, in the heart of forest. I feel it
It looks at me
Then I see ... a so cruel scene
And I feel ... the coldness of the winds
A frozen brook leads me to this wintermord
Oh ... so cold ...

I am now beneath the roots of the oak
Here my fire lights in order to warm myself
I see the entrails of the majestic tree
And I now think about my sorrowed past

All I see in my dreadful past
Full of scenes of joy, overflowing of pain
Since this winter has came, I am all alone now
Since this winter has came, I live in the woods ..
I see white hills ... surrounding my way
Pines are covered by a frozen snow
I breathe the air, standing up on a majestic stone
I feel the Nordic storm coming ...
Dead winter night/death comes tonight
The warmness of my fire comfort myself ...

5. Snowstormed Forested Landscapes (2003)

Snowstormed Forested Landscapes

There is an ancient path
Scowling between trees
Landscapes of forest
Where the snow falls

As the sunset is coming
The coldness is invading
My body
And my blackened spirit

Take my hand and join
The darkness of cold
And now the
Grey skylines in my sight

Forever stormed,
Leaves of trees are frozen
As I walk
To these pure landscapes

When the winds
Are blowing in my face
I can feel their breath

I can listen to their songs
Their songs of poetry
And blacked melancholy

Oh .... Snowstormed forested landscapes (X 4)

6. Then Frost Shall Be

Then Frost Shall Be

The sun is setting upon what was my fatherland
In the coloured sky, I watch the clouds, I listen to the wind
For I know, and I feel, that nothing will be like before
Itís a time to think about all we have done before

The trees are moving, under the breeze of the wind
I feel the cold, and I look at the lakes
Their mirrored appearance is like the face of mankind
Itís just a reflect, nothing else, nothing deep in those faces ...

Forever, I shall see, those demonised eyes in your faces
Forever, I realise, that my kind is falling down in hopelessness
Still my eyes can cry all their tears, itís not going to change the world
Everything here is rotten by the hypocrisy of human beings

the noise of the leaves, the noise of the brooks are mesmerizing me
Iím standing here, all alone, and I consider my life
All Iím feeling, itís all the same that I lived a few years ago
So why must I continue to live in a world that I donít like ?

I canít bear this world of lies, where we are sentenced to die
Why must I built my life, if it is to die and forget ?
Why have I to be like them poor, feeble and foolish beings ?
This is what I think, and the world is still going on and on ...

I canít stand humanity, itís destroying all my dreams
They make war, they weaken themselves, but time has done its task
Time after time, a winter arrives, but this one is not in the sky
This wave of cold , I feel it, itís growing in all of your hearts

Then frost shall be ... thereís no hope in this world
For eternity ... Our lives will be frozen into death

7. Cold And Dark Abyss


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