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Forested Tales

"Forested Tales" (2001 Demo)

1. Night In Undergrowth
2. Crypticnorthforest
3. Fulgency Of Frostbitten Lands
4. Kappelbronn
5. Dryads
6. Ancient Forest
7. Waldenthal
8. First Forest
9. Beneath The Stars And Upon The Hills
10. Icy Valley
11. Snowstormed Forested Landscape
12. Lake Of Eternal Wounds
13. Battlelords
14. Cold And Dark Abyss

1. Night In Undergrowth

2. Crypticnorthforest

3. Fulgency Of Frostbitten Lands

Mesmerizing snow-white will never ends in my heart
It’s leading me to a realm where I am waiting for you
And as I am standing here, the coldness of the wind
Undertake me and slowly make me dream

In my sleep, I can see obviously shades of ice
Telling me that with them I will ride
The fire lights, the torches burns upon my head
And the winds are calling me to come to these lands

Fulgency of frostbitten lands
Lands of snow and ice
Fulgency of frostbitten lands
Where whispers of beings silently die

Ensnowed trees, besiding my way through these woods
In the sunlight, I’m following a white road
Which goes to a place that I have never dreamt
I will stay there until winter ends

Invasion of light, sunrise lights in my eyes
As I look this star going up to the skies
I realize that my life is here forever
Cos neither my flesh, nor my soul want to left

4. Kappelbronn

5. Dryads

6. Ancient Forest

Ancient Forest

On a damped path, muddy between trees
I still feel cold in my heart
The darkness of an incoming light
The sadness still leading my life

The wind is blowing between the green leaves
Storming in my psyche that time is not come
So why don’t you answer my question
So why do you want to end my fabulations

Take my hand and join me now
To these timberlanded realms
An elder tree is leading my way
Forever there will be nothing like to say

Forget the world you are coming from
And enter into my kingdom
Let me lead you through my woods
My psyche will now be your own food

Ancient forest, enter my kingdom, forever I am striding
To protect this world from the mischievous human beings
Ancient forest embrace me forever
For all your realms will now gather…

7. Waldenthal


In the cold forest
Where hide unknown beasts
I lurk into
The night of leaves
I see
What your all doing
Ignoring me
But knowing that I can kill


In the cold forest
Where branches are so tall
I run between
Secular giant trees
I feel
What you’re thinking
Just ignoring

What was this valley made for !


Your power is in me
Made in order to kill all human beings

In the cold forest
Where birds are singing
Humans are doing
My desecration
But remember
They will be punished

8. First Forest

In the end of afternoon, as I was walking on a path
The sunset was embracing the hills
The shadow of trees, thousands silent tearing
Darkening my way through this woods

The path leads me to the heart of forest
Where elves are haunting
A dome of tree, greening the light
Church of nature, I just obey your words

Give me the key, oh mighty tree
Of unhallowed secrets
I promise you my allegiance, without an ounce of defiance
But please, set me free

take my soul, first forest,
if you need it bad
I left my flesh, enter the elf
For you are my true god
First forest, first forest
First forest, first forest

embracing of sunset, beyond views of beings
I am haunting this place

I have found the treasure, which one of nature
And no one can thief it to me

I don’t need you to join me, for I like to be lonely
I don’t need any help of all kind

I just want and wish to be in the forest
Where I will live forever...

9. Beneath The Stars And Upon The Hills

10. Icy Valley

Virginal lands, pure landscapes, please take me with you,
On frosty paths I will forever hike
Virginal lands, tall mountainsides, decaying unattractiveness
In frosty streams I will forever whirl

Endless breezes, blowing in my face, are christening my wisdom
To snowy timbers I will forever hike
Endless breezes, whispering near the ancient stone
To snowy timbers will forever die

Fulgent stones, rising above Earth, aggressive shapes
The dark potholes, you will forever rule
Fulgent stones, glorious statues, elder wises
Your knowledge goes to my psyche

Icy valley... lands of purification
Icy valley … throughout creation
Icy valley… lord of realms
Icy valley… older and older beings

Snow stormed, old fortresses; fell by hands of winter,
Laying on blizzarded plains
Snow stormed, first civilisations, have left you forever
Laying on blizzarded plains, haunting it for ever …

Icy valley... lands of purification
Icy valley … throughout creation
Icy valley… lord of realms
Icy valley… older and older beings

Far, faraway, unbelievable stories are still beneath me, forever and a day…
Still I am following the paths of the Icy Valley.

Icy valley … stopping adulation
Icy valley … we will all follow your paths
Icy valley …lands of purification
Icy valley … oh I think it will be…

11. Snowstormed Forested Landscape

There is an ancient path
Scowling between trees
Landscapes of forest
Where the snow falls

As the sunset is coming
The coldness is invading
My body
And my blackened spirit

Take my hand and join
The darkness of cold
And now the
Grey skylines in my sight

Forever stormed,
Leaves of trees are frozen
As I walk
To these pure landscapes

When the winds
Are blowing in my face
I can feel their breath

I can listen to their songs
Their songs of poetry
And blacked melancholy

Oh .... Snowstormed forested landscapes (X 4)

12. Lake Of Eternal Wounds

When you feel eternal pain, a pain which is never gone
on the way to spectral kingdoms you enshrine its forlornness
you must listen to the voices in the evergrey skies
they’re wise and advising so close your eyes and listen to
these songs of unlight and forest
eternal paths will now open their grabbing gates
to my realm, my home and my fights
yes, just entering by the spectral ghastly winds
follow the paths beneath the two Ordons
which are grisly rising up to the firmament
a walk between the rocks, shrine of moonlit
to the Byres Coastal Plain above-helixed by ravens

That’s in my forest ...

Ghost of unchained sprites hiding in the dimmest tower
Which is above the escarpmenting mountainsides,
Opening on all the valleys which are going to the Lake

The lake of eternal wounds
Lead me to a better world
The lake of eternal wounds
Give me the power to unchain myself from this lord

Then you will see a watered spiritual place
Unlead by anybody ‘cause none can be its leader
This is a sacred sanctuary , that you’ll drink its water
Then see your face into this mirror of water
Horrific dimness and of unsightable deepness
Eternally unknown by all that’s breathing on earth
There is the secret guarded by the immemorial gates of time
Forever spit your sorrows into the lake !!

13. Battlelords

From skirling to an unknown world
Descending the valleys of forest
Un hallowed in their black feelings
They will still battle

Thousand men afar the mountainsides
Eternal Bloodlusts for realms
Lords of fight will never fall
Into the pantheon of battle they’ll lurk

Muddy battlefields of war
Leading the laws of times
Desecrating breezes

Unknown paths of hate
Dark armors of steel
Sword of revenge will strike

Battlelords X2
Lords of unholy force
Battlelords X2

Keeping it above warriors
Battlelords X2
Leading the power of war
Battlelords X2
For an unknown realm to rise

Sons of soldiers born into battle
Smashing down kingdoms

For sunrise brings them blood
Of the first who fall into skirmish

Striking hard with no mercy
Enclosed in the wells of hate
Battle forever strides

Unlock the power of the unholy ones
Keep it hard for you
And release it when time of war will come

Battlelords X2
Striking enemies positions
Battlelords X2
Our victory will make us proud

The sunset is coming above us
Mighty will be our victory
For the realm of the blackest
Skull will never ends
We will forever stride in pride

Battlelords X2
Leading the blackest souls
Battlelords X2
To an ancient realm which is rising again
Battlelords X2
Mighty will be our pride

14. Cold And Dark Abyss


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