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"Devilsspear" (2003)

1. Devilsspear
2. Schizoid Trance
3. Shadow Palace
4. Seviens InterUndas Disharmonia
5. Furious Invasion
6. As The Ways Are Landscapes Of Black
7. Dark Sky Majesty
8. Night Beauty
9. A Journey With The Crying Shadows
10. As The Ways Are Landscapes Of Black (Remix)
11. Intelectii Macrocosmica

1. Devilsspear


Flames burning my bodily abyss
and something leaves
me so easy as if not part of me.
Sense of spiritual darkness
and pain possess my essence
in the exiles of my destiny.
I am sinking.

Among sights cringing
in horror and tortures
enslaving me in redemption.
Sceneries sinking mournful lamentation
reflecting the destinies of the billion
martyrs destined by clear silence among
which the floating echo
of the dark intellect.

My nightmares, so real,
part of a cerebral labyrinth,
are darkness, surprising me with
its wisdom, blinding me with its flame,
dancing in a fierce harmony, more wildly
and more bright than ever
to meet the morning dark.

2. Schizoid Trance

Schizoid Trance

Swallowed in a schizoid
trance in the skirts
of endless dreams,
surrounded by the shadows of star
oceans in the ecstasy of darkness
and the might of demonic arts.

Elated by a mighty
whisper seducing with
an irresistible symphony
in the sins of the heavenly temptations.
Hovering among the dream
of the soul test stirring my madness
in the eternity I indulge
in mysterious suggestions.

Dreams so real engulf me
in a crystal
demonic trance, without a beginning
without an end, breaking the gates
of heaven in painful suffering.
Without feelings
and emotions, controlled
by the dark side!

3. Shadow Palace

Shadow Palace

In endless shadow time I am
the black moon fly over bloodred sky
is burning there burning cold
in the palace of the shadows

Journey beyond the light
into eternal crypts of darkness
Nocturnal vision so pure
I'm obsessed by the burning shadows.

4. Seviens InterUndas Disharmonia

Seviens InterUndas Disharmonia

The endless space sinking my soul
has enveloped every part of it.
Begging in my dreams she loudly
calls to the hovering darkness.

Screams of pain and agony
whispers stiflingly in suffering.
Turned into an anemia of the night realm.
I shall never be myself.

My heart beats in synch with the darkness.
I follow anger and hate and currents of rivers of
flame rage in me, burning
me in exile and never ending pain.

Searching for myself among the waves
of disharmony in the embrace
of deep emptiness
I slowly merge with the twilight of the night.

5. Furious Invasion

Furious Invasion

Sinking in sulfur colors and furious melancholy
the Universe without and end.
Tears painting apathetic sceneries shining
on my soul with wonder.

Among the Parallel symphony of
this heavenly perfection
a shine of fury and hate blind the
galactic harmony.

Fire and brimstone accompanying fierce
demonic hordes in the infernal command
in the millenia in crowning the dark
triumph and celebration
of the kingdom of eternity.

Close your eyes and look at me.
A demonic shadow.
Open your soul and follow me
in the kingdom of darkness
where I am enslaved
in the reality of my dreams
and the superiority is my power!

6. As The Ways Are Landscapes Of Black

As the Ways Are Landscapes of Black

I walk through pain and flesh
hate and war are in my heart
the only light are the blazing stars
I'm the face of the landscapes of black.

Fly to the other side
soon I will leave this false world
my dreams are not illusion
cause I took the black ways.

7. Dark Sky Majesty

Dark Sky Majesty

Beyond the Forest Unknown
By the Great Mountains of North
Darkly Sky burn of majesty
and I'm nearly there.

Travel alone with the grimly winds
Angry rivers flow like black demons of hate
My eyes is shot I can't see
From the Dark Sky Majesty.

8. Night Beauty

Night Beauty

Night - wish - cold beauty
Embrace by evil dark
Pattern follow eternal destiny
Witches called the funeral skies.

Moonlight in blackened sky
walking shadows crying in the night
my soul belongs to damned
I wonder by the beauty of the night.

9. A Journey With The Crying Shadows

10. As The Ways Are Landscapes Of Black (Remix)

11. Intelectii Macrocosmica


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