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The Brotherhood

"The Brotherhood" (2002)

1. Welcome to Hell
2. Soulstrippers
3. The Brotherhood
4. Crossfire
5. Siberian Winter
6. Detonator
7. Pirate Song
8. Unation
9. Dr. Horror
10. The Ghost

1. Welcome to Hell

I, I did you welcome
On earth, this maltreated place
Home, home of destruction
Facing insanities' trace
Money, money's the idol
The altar, holy icon of man
Facing the truth of a place you never should be
Here comes the warning, the warning you get for free

Welcome, welcome, welcome to hell
Demons' terror is waving its spell
Welcome, welcome, welcome to hell
Visions, nightmares are fit to tell, welcome to hell

Souls feeding the gear
Victims of obedient trust
Slaves working their ass off
Reward, to bite the dust


Say, say farewell
Flee, rushing headlong fast

Pre & Chorus...

2. Soulstrippers

Fighting on the TV, the trench war is on
The host is getting greedy, the viewers having fun
Kain is slaying Abel with words below the belt
Insult lives in the fable no truth would ever help

Hysteria is on
One day hero
Stripped down to the bone
Reduced to zero

Soulstrippers, triumph on high
Soulstrippers, truth and a lie
Soulstrippers, being a star
Soulstrippers, feathered and tarred

Fasten your seabelt for a heavy 'tour de force'
Where respect is never spelled, audacity sets the course

Pre & Chorus...

3. The Brotherhood

Cold and rapacious we rule it all
The demon crushing your chest

We watch your despair, your struggle of life
We bet on who's coming best

Increasing our fortune, choking your breath
Living on our Cockaigne
We steal from the poor to feed on the rich
With caviar, diamonds, champagne

We are sucking your life and your blood

War, the bloody lucrative tool
To work on your doubts and fear
Gold, we sold our souls onto
The greedy and cold profiteer

Ruling the world with a stick and a carrot
Slavery's our believe
Juggle with intrigues, justice is blind
Never giving reprieve

Brothers in arms, your arm feels the needle
The poison injecting the fear
We render homage to the evil inside us
The demon, the cold profiteer



We take what we get to get what it takes
To work on your doubts and fear
"Gimme the headline, I'll give you the war"
The greedy and cold profiteer

4. Crossfire

In the crossfire between wrong or right
Caught the fine line between madness and pride
In the darkness when the light begins

All alone a stand has to be made
Putting in action what has been said
Proof it deeply proof it straight
In the end now the deuce must be paid

Don't try to run before you walk
You have to think before you talk
C'mon and open up your mind
Before the truth walks out of sight

All your life thru they teach you right from wrong
Can you trust 'em? Or is the truth yet gone?
In the darkness when the fight begins
Your soul's telling virtue from sin


Is the truth out there? Or is it still inside?
Who teach you wrong from right?
Who teach you dark from light? YOU!

All is one - one is all
Consideration the universal call
Try to find out which way is your heart
Is it peaceful or is it caught in dark?


5. Siberian Winter


6. Detonator

Getting loaded, the heat is on
A bomb exploded, I'm getting hun
The body's raging, well, I see red
No more caging, 'til the hunger's fed

-Words of thunder, storm breaks loose
Now, going under, no way to move
I'm a flash of lighting, cracking to the ground
The heat is melting, release is found

T.N.T. is the deepest part of me
Dynamite, the stuff to get it right

I smash your mirror, saw the truth behind
Gone to zero, I'm not blind
Toxic terror, that's what you are
Insulting error has gone to far

Pre & Chorus...

Getting loaded, the heat is on
A bomb exploded, I'm getting hun
The body's raging, well, I see red
No more caging, 'til the hunger's fed

Pre & Chorus...

7. Pirate Song

Rising the flag on the masthead
The sails and the ropes' holding tight
The gunners are eager to fire
Well prepared for the fight

Fight, flee or surrender
Defeat you can't deny
Better give up in the first place
Or drown in the blink of an eye

Gold, jewels and diamonds
The price we'll have to claim
Noble rogues are standing
We'll never quit in the game

We gonna ride the sea, we pray to the wind and the glory
That's why we are raging wild and free

Come sing along with the pirate song
Hail to the wind, hooray to the glory
We're gonna fight 'til the battle's won
On the raging sea

No way to move your deadlocked
Nailed down by feu-eclair
Lead is carrying fire
Victory's noble and fair

Pre & Chorus...

8. Unation

We are the riders, facing the storm
Conviction guides us taking the scorn
Denying the yes-man, never being the fool
Longing for freedom, our aim is true

We are so loaded holding the flame
Screaming in anger our rights to claim

Heeding our call
We are to proud we want it all
Never give in

Strong and proud we'll survive the grief
Scream and shout for what we believe

Tipping the scales never biting our tongue
Freedom is calling the heart of the young


We are the riders, facing the storm
Conviction guides us taking the scorn
Denying the yes-man, never being the fool
Longing for freedom, our aim is true

Pre & Chorus...

Fist up high, freedom to defend
Dark to deny, unation stands

9. Dr. Horror

War, termination's roar
Terminations roar on the battlefield
Soldier's trapped without a shield

Mordant air, carry death
Poisoning, choking breath

Massdestructive strategy
An evil plan of first degree
How perverts will be the end
We all will die by evil's hand

Sex, virus attacks
Virus attacks an soiling blood
Innocence, the evil's plague
Destructive generic code

'Tittytainments' overload


Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror your heart's of blackest kind
Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror, the raw perverted mind
Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror, masskiller on the grind
Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror, a modern Frankenstain

What, what do you wanna be
What do you wanna be is a sacred slave
Obedient 'til the grave
The underling the brain insane
Dying in the painful flame



Pre & Chorus...

10. The Ghost

Born in England, religious raised
A hazy dream the world to face
Indifferent to joy and pain, no measuring
Never ending games

Ride, only ride on the wings of the desert storm (and your)
Pride, burning pride, its hunger's fed when yourself is gone

He tired to join the army then
He was denied, they had too much men
He studied then the ancient times
Digging up relics and signs


Karkamish was where it all began
He joined on armies' service then
The Suez-Channel was to banned


The ghost, the gallant rider on the edge of the desert storm
A miracle written in the sand, the desert plans for eternity

Feisal was the only chance
To join the tribes to cross Turkish plans
Aqaba was the mighty key
To end the siege to make them free

Pre & Chorus...

"I will go if you will go to cross the deadly plains"
"I am here, the world to show what you are able to face"

The sand is grinding the face
Dust is clouding their trace

The sun burns out their mind
Slowly, like the sand rules the time
Wing of dark, vultures fly
The wind, the last battle cry

He lived his life of tragedy without a home
No place to flee
Distracted soul caught in its face, from the start
Without a chance

He tried to free Arabia from its siege
But he'd gone to far
He paid his price on the desert plains
He'd lost his soul, he'd lost his trace

Pre & Chorus...

The ghost the gallant soldier,
A splitted soul game with the wind
His mind was bound to the western world
His heart belongs to the desert plains eternally!


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