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Total Annihilation

"Total Annihilation" (2003)

1. Reptilian Death
2. The Second Coming of Evil
3. Bathed In Blood
4. Total Annihilation
5. No Way to Die
6. Abortion
7. Nursery Rhymes for Satan's Children (Bonus Track)
8. 5 Easy Ways to Murder Someone (Bonus Track)

1. Reptilian Death

Face the reptile,the glaring eyes stare into mine.
The fangs of death are awaiting new flesh.
Nothing can stop it the awaiting reptilian death.

Awaiting the attack I begin to contemplate,
The death that awaits.
Feeding on my pain,watching my life drain.

Its lurking hidden beneath.
Can nothing stop it?
The coming reptilian death.

Look in their eyes you see a growing malvolence,
Preperation of decease to unleash upon their victims.

Prepare yourelf,face the anger,
Feeding on flesh they grow stronger.

Darkness encompasses you in its shroud,
Blinded but sensing reptiles all around,
Slithering over you start to shiver,
Deaths here!

Blinding lights,darkness closing all around.
Morbid Visions,nightmares haunting,eriee sounds
Fading into darkness everything is black
The venoms flowing all around in your viens entraped.

You feel it now you cant escape
You feel it now the searing pain of a reptilian death

2. The Second Coming of Evil

Counting the headless bodies one by one,
Watching the demons feasting on the blood ,
Look at the ground itS turned a bloody red,
Can you see the corpses of the millions that lie dead.
Are you afraid of the evil thats becoming,
do you see the sorrow and pain and the suffering.
Now is the time for the flight of the weakling,
Prepare yourself cause the demons are coming now.

Into the abyss the world of evil goes,
Out of the darkness the demons unfold,
Spawning a race of new evil being,
The world is dead and no one is believing in god.
Out of the night comes a blinding light,
that light will bring hope to us tonite.
And all demons and evil beware,
once the killing starts no one will be spared.

Open your eyes look deep into your faith,
And see the hollow god in which you believe.
Open your eyes and now can you see,
that the darkness has taken over me.

Cosumed by a rage a fit of madness,
Feeding on the blood and rotting carcasses,
Growing stronger by the death of the light,
Evil is the future and day becomes night.

Darkness falls across the land ,
the mid night hour is close at hand,
From the darkness and night ,
the reaper comes into my sight.
He takes my hand and leads me to my destiny

3. Bathed In Blood

Bathed in blood,
The sadus ritual,
Torture for pleasure,
Guilty as charged.

Bathed in blood,
The blood is pure,
The lives lost,
For your own.

Sacrifice in the name of his,
Murdering the innocent,
Children of an earth in ruins,
Totured and killed are the victims.

Looking to the skies,
Awaiting the arrival,
Dance of the dead begins,
Here I am bathed in Blood.

Cut the flesh,taste the blood,
Let it drain into the earth.
Shed the skin,taste the flesh,
Let it tear from the victim.

4. Total Annihilation

Death it breeds,life it steals
Death will bring you down.
Death it brings,life it takes,
Death will see you now.

Long time,long time,
no time to say goodbye.
this here,this here,
where is our saviour?
last time,last time,
last time to say goodbye.

This fear is real,will your survive the end?
Its time for the total annihilation.

5. No Way to Die

I am full of sorrow and pain,
Momentary insanity lives in me,
Nightmares haunt my dreams,
My blood is drawn slowly.

Death to me die I must,
Cant live on live the song,
Life is just a wasted story,
Now I'll die and you'll be sorry.

No way to die!
Death wont let me,
It wants me to live in sorrow.

Torturing my self,
Cutting open my flesh,
I spill the blood of own,
Conquering my soul.

Here my soul it lies,
Conquering demise,
I spill the blood of own,
Torturing my soul.

6. Abortion

Despise your life so do I,
You're my mistake now you die,
Tear you alive, out of the womb,
Now your gone from the cradle to the tomb.

Into the light it will die,
Ordinary demise,
Into the light you will die,
Into the light u die tonite.

Aborted life,
There's no sign.
Aborted life,
Forever denied.

See the feotus of a lifeless child,
Abortion of life!
Abortion of life!
See the desceased a lifeless child,
Abortion of life!
Abortion of life!

7. Nursery Rhymes for Satan's Children (Bonus Track)

1. Baa Baa Bloody Sheep

Baa baa bloody sheep have u any blood
yes master yes master 3litres full
One for my motherfucker
one for my babe
and one for the lonley gay who lives down the lane

2. Mary Had a Little lamb (Cooked Fine)

Mary had a little lamb
little lamb little lamb
mary had a little lamb
from which she made pot roast

She took the roast to school one day
school one day school one day
she took the roast to school one day
and fed it to all the peons

Then they all got stomach aches
stomach aches stomach aches
then they all got stomach aches
and flooded the bathrooms.

3. Jack and Jenna Jameson

Jack and jenna went up the hill
to shoot a porno flick
Jack was hard and she sucked fast
and then she choked on his dick

4. Little Jack Horney

Little jack horney
looked very corney
jacking off his fully erect dick

He put his finger in his bum
as he began to cum
and said oh spanky me because I am naughty.

5. Humpme Dumpme (Humpty Dumpty)

Humpme Dumpme then come suck on my balls
Humpme Dumpme because I'm not tall
All your pleading and begging and your cock sucking
Cant get me to fuck u again like a whore.

Humpe me?Destruction
your pussy gets no affection

8. 5 Easy Ways to Murder Someone (Bonus Track)


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