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Borne of Wind and War

"Borne of Wind and War" (2002 Demo)

1. Thy Kingdom Crushed
2. The Cleaving of Flesh by Steel
3. As Blood Is Shed
4. Commander of the Black Winds

1. Thy Kingdom Crushed

This is not the punishment for your deeds
Rather this is the penance for your convince
For the fact that you played the game
And attempted to win
Now the lids of your eyes are removed
You will see the truth
I am the creator of the game
Your every move plotted out against
Every thought you had I read
Every stab that you made at my back
I saw it... and now... You know that I am God
I condemn you woth my hand of holiness
The flames of the abyss are burning at your feet
I am the Lord of the Pit wicked in my ways
I damn you from above and burn you from below

Because you are nothing, you have gained no ground
You slide down the rungs of the ladder to your salvation
Denied from the beginning of existence
With my godly powers I gave you hope
You wondered where it came from so I broke it
You denied my powers as your savior
So with my black hand I took your soul and ate it

I took your circle of beliefs and burned
Then put out the flames and gave you what remained
A meaningless pointless life that you flaunt
And no-one is deceived when you try to beat me
They see inside you
The shattered remains of your life

2. The Cleaving of Flesh by Steel

I call to the Gods for vengeance
I praise the Gods of War
I beg of thee not ocurage, for courege is embedded in my soul
I thank thee for my strength
I praise thee for my will
My will matches yours, and firever we will kill

With sword in hand I serve you
Before massive armies I stand alone
As blood is shed on the field
I cry to you for more to kill

Murder is not the term for this is slaughter
For the weak are pulling on the chains of my rage
They beg for this blood soaked carnage
Their actions induce their downfall

I am the sword of the gods bludgeoning
The legions of the weak
Their blood is like a fire licking the icy shell of my heart
I am inspired by hatred I am inspired by the weak
I beg to hear their cries the pathetic pleas to save their wretched lives

3. As Blood Is Shed

I awake to the abundance of souls weak and astray
Cowering in fear of their lord they try to make amends
Now I take their souls
The weak ones are crushed to display to the others
Pathetic attempts to assuage my anger
Will meet my wrath with an iron fist
My strength will smash their souls
I guard the gate to the ground of atonement

Where the remains of smothered souls are buried
Defiled by the absence of a service
Weak souls deserve no ritual

I am the one who leads the weak to their downfall
Follow me
No eyes so their eyes can't see the fight blinded
We have no mercy when pour death
comes without warning

4. Commander of the Black Winds

Thunder give me the strength to strike
Lightning guide my sword to hack to stab to kill with might

I harness the strength of the storm that gathers on the sea
there will be no questions when the storm brings its destruction
It will be me the commander of the black winds
My hands generate strength and weild this sword of flame
Instant cauterization of the wound
Cleanly severed heads serve as trophies for my tomb
I gather the souls of the dead and bring them to my side

You will not be surprised when the walls of your kingdom are crushed
By my hands alone
I need no weapon to destroy you
Because I know your weakness

Slaughtered the weak lie on their backs
After my sword took off their head
Letting the soul to escape to be taken into my hands
My legions multiply as the weal fall to their knees

Gods give me the strength to gather my souls
I am the planter of the seeds of the storm
I the cammander o the black winds
My sword rests before your throne

Now I'm granted grace and the strength of the Gods
I can die in peace
My body left to rot in whole my soul will ascend
To the gates of the gods
There my soul will sleep amongst the lords of the storm


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