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Blessed by the gods with fire

"Blessed by the gods with fire" (2003 EP)

1. Borne of Wind and War
2. The Rite of Purification
3. Mighty Clash of Giants
4. Ritual Fire Ceremony
5. Of Battle Bloodshed and Victor
6. The Order of Annihilation

1. Borne of Wind and War

Blessed by the Gods with fire
Blessed by the Gods with sword
Wielding this god given strength to crush the weak
In the Art of War

My hand alight with fire the other red from blood
Thy kingdom consumed by flame
Thy armies disassembled by my sword

That which sustains your life spills upon the earth
The blood once in your veins spills upon my face
The soul is let free through the hacking of your neck
Bone and flesh break now your soul I will take and rape

I place myself on the throne
Through my efforts of annihilation
The reign of the weak has been stopped by me
Their crown is crushed and their pages torn

The bells chime with the ring o your demise
You saw the white clouds turn black in the sky
The ring of fire has encircled you
From my hand the flame was borne
The sword is drawn and the time is now to kneel down

A raging inferno of blood and fire incinerates the weak
Now that it's time to die who will you call your god

The One you betrayed by your acts laughs at you
My hand is judgement
My eyes have seen your crimes
So your soul is crushed with the swing of my hammer

2. The Rite of Purification

I kneel before this throne and channel the energy of the ages
I look inside myself for the strength to smash the worlds races
I close my eyes clench my fist and rise up for a new awareness has been given

I weigh their souls before the slaughter
I balance sin with the blood of the conquered
I am the weilder of the holy sword

Millions drop before me
Their blood cannot stain me
It fills me with energy
They scream in terror they scream in fear
Witnessing the blood loss the holy cleansing

They gaze into my eyes and see my wrath
The sins of a race who chose the wrong path

And now they see the fire burning for a million years
Witnessing their end reduces them to tears
Drowning in blood survivors will be burned
I point my sword and fire shoots forth
Cleansing the last inhabitants of the earth

3. Mighty Clash of Giants

In this lifetime I will not witness the end of this earth
But I can imagine the ball of flame that will engulf this
A light so bright our eyes could not classify its colors
By the time we'd see its light it would be too late

Light years away
A massive planet much larger than ours is burning
Swept with storm and stress and made of flammable gas
A planet in flames will only further incinerate
In its path of explosion is our planet Earth

No one will survive
Nothing will be left
The earth cannot withstand
A nuclear blast

Burning winds churning a maelstrom beyond comprehension
No dust no ash, nothing will be let o human construction

In the wake of flame a hole is left in space
Sucking up the waste its speed is so great
The magnetic poles of this earth will break
No gravitational pull we'll fall right off this earth

Our spines would crack in half from galactic whiplash
In seconds we would die
Suffocating in space
Our blackened mangled bodies unidentifiable from the blackened sky

4. Ritual Fire Ceremony

I am a man of honor
I am a man of word
I am a man with sword
Who will rape you to the throne

I will use my strength
I will use my sword
And you point and laugh
At this force that removes you from control

This steel is sharpened into sword
I remove the flesh from bone
My blood is in my veins as yours is on the floor
A visual depicting the slaughter and the gore
I hold my head in pride upon my shoulders
Harnessing the power to drive this mass murder

In my fist is hair connected to your severed head
Decapitation the means by which I proved my strength
As you hope and pray I hew hack and slay
Such is the speed with which I lay to waste
No grave for the weak
You are left to rot
So to the vultures you will fall as prey

And now you know my sword I spoke and followed through
I proved to you the strength of my mind, heart and sword

5. Of Battle Bloodshed and Victor

Weaponless I stand on this battlefield
So tall above the rest
I face an enemy too great in thrength and mass
My pride an courage have left
And now my soul is silled with fear

I hear my own heart pounding in my ears
Know that I will suffer for countless days
And that I will never forget this pain
Know that I will rise again

From my death you will create more death
Each stab at me will release a stabbing

Each time I've felt fear I will return to you

Know that I conquer know that I crush
And when you're on your knees that I have triumphed

And as I ask for my death fill your heart with victory
Turn your head and walk away forget my being
Your torture has made me stronger
With these last few days of life
I will come back again and fight
Now I have stufied and learned the path of the righteous
I have studied myself from uotside my body
So I abandon it and all its frailties
And attack with a force beyond your reckoning

6. The Order of Annihilation

United we will stand divided you shall fall
Conjuring the earth to quake and boulders to break
Commanding the winds and the violent tidal waves
We are the cause of volcanic eruption
In selfish vain glory we undo your nation
Embalming the earth with blood and fire

The strength of the ancients will bring domination
The trumpets sound the doom o the angels choir
Now sound the sirens o armageddon
We are the order of annihilation

The alignment of the planets
The force of our lord Nergal
The banishment of inhabitants
The completion of our tribunal

Now raise the smoky curtains of the stage
And reveal the downfall of the age
Watch the performance on this theatre made of bone
Where human slaughter and tragedy are the only show


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