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Burn The Promised Land

"Burn The Promised Land" (1999)

1. At War
2. ...And The Immortals Shall Rise
3. Killing For The Domain
4. Spawning The Rebellion
5. Flagellation Of Christ [The Revenge Of King Beelzebuth]
6. Hell's Decree
7. The Legacy Of Eternal Wrath
8. Burn The Promised Land
9. Triumph Of The Unholy Ones

1. At War

With our force we resist
Apocalypse is our only revenge
Nazarene feel my hate
Feel my sword on your face
An endless war we're going on
With the black warriors, Hell's force
Again we'll crucify you false lord
With blood in my hands I declare war

For centuries we've lived and died
In this decaying age
Now the giants of steel will arise
With the beasts of this land at our side
Chaos, our desire was fulfilled
Blood, all the blood spills
In this war there's only glory or death
Victory is the only way at war!
War! War! At war!

I hear the cry of mankind
I see men in a lion's den
I feel all hate in my hands, in my arms
I give all this hell to the bastards
I'm in this war for victory - your fall!

2. ...And The Immortals Shall Rise

Storms will come from the red dawn
Storms will come spread the plague
From chaos will rise up the shadow lands
The ancient spirits of earth born... again!

Earth - turn me eternal
Air - turn me unbounded
Water - turn me untamable
Fire - burn in my will!

Burn immortal winds... burn!
Come unbridled force, uncontrollable... come!
The immense fury consumes my eyes,
Spirits of anguish hear my cry!

Blow infinite winds of pain, of suffering
It's our own desire to be born in another life
Like the end that becomes the beginning
Like the sun overcome by the cold.

Storms will come from the red dawn
Storms will come bring the unity
From chaos will arise the beginning
The ancient warriors of pain born again!

3. Killing For The Domain

Seeking for the bastard enemy, to kill him, to destroy
Running in the dark land baptized in fire
Escaping from the chapel of the damned
To survive I wanna kill and destroy the cross again
Fuck you, Christ! With pain!
Rising from the abyss to fill the blackened sky
My empire, my domain

Killing... for the domain! Killing!

Feeling all the wrath in my veins
Which was given by the lord who proclaims:
"War and violence in all my domain
Death to the christians in the most bizarre pain!"
Fucking this world and mankind again
Crucifying their god to decree the eternal shame

This land is forever damned like Hell
The strong ones will lead mankind to the end

4. Spawning The Rebellion

Blood washing the ground
It's my desire burning me
In suffering my enemies will fall
No mercy I'm one with Hell's warriors!

Burning so deep in my heart
Blood in my sword - life ends...
The flame of hate is my way
From the dark - in attack - evil calls!

Warriors from the past call my name
By the blood, honour and steel
By the flame of the black wax
A Covenant I will seal!

Rebellion! Rebellion! Rebellion!
Spawning the Rebellion!

May your power come to me - as it must be
Shine in my eyes the fire of your spells
I hear, in my mind, the bells of hell
In this fallacious world, I'm a rebel!

5. Flagellation Of Christ [The Revenge Of King Beelzebuth]

6. Hell's Decree

When just the strong ones prevail
The domain of the hellish forces
The domain of the unholy will
Our march will crush the cross
To decree the eternal darkness
And the blasphemy against the god!

Christian's slaughter starts
Let all the men die
To rape their women and hear them cry
We drink their blood like wine
To show the eternal truth
We fight like demons and they will die!

Die! Die!
Die! Die! The Hell decrees... die!

Hell decrees...
This battle was won by the black and real forces
We've ridden for centuries to this dark empire
Rising is the serpent Tiamat to proclaim:
"Apocalypse reigns in this age of fire!"

7. The Legacy Of Eternal Wrath

From their hellish thrones
The most ancient ones
Laugh with sardonic wrath
While thy empire is rising up on the earth
The Hell's flames burn fierce - desolation
To purify the damned souls of god's creation...

Burn! This is my legacy of eternal wrath! Burn!

We offer our flesh, blood and steel
To spawn the infernal suffering by this land
We rode thru violent storms
Beside those who rule the earth
Our cruelty will never be forgotten...

Satan is rising once more to proclaim:
"- Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!"
To the east and the west, to anywhere I beckon
"- Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!"
Blessed are the victorious, for they shall remain
Satan is rising once more to proclaim!

Consuming on fire the god's lamb
The laws of eternal havoc we evoke
Hell's flames burn fierce to purify
Darkness and blood flow from skies

I'm my own redeemer!

8. Burn The Promised Land

We lead the battle to conquer
We bring the inverted cross to burn the promised land
Behind a line drawn in the sand
They're all afraid... this is the end!

Overflowing with fever
Overthrowing believers
Legions march in attack
Spawning the disease
Burn! Burn! Burn!

Slander... we want revenge for the centuries of lies
Surrender... the beast takes me, and I reborn
Vengeance will lead this night
A new throne will arise this dawn
As we kill all the enemies in fight

9. Triumph Of The Unholy Ones

Awaiting the flames of Hell
The darkest king shall rise
To spread the seeds of evil
And humble the thrones of the earth
We're warriors at this war
Your sword leading the battle
With fury we'll crush mankind
By the force of the blazing Metal!

Killing! Killing! I swallow their poisoned blood
Feel the scourge from my wrathful whip
Die by my hands weak servants of light
Fell the taste of my hunger...hunger steel

Marching, desolating, killing...
We'll spread the seeds of destruction on this
damned world
Agonizing, bleeding, ending...
Humanity starts to be devoured

Immersed in the immortal flames
The man killer awaits
To lead us to evil glory
And cover the earth with blood!


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