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Endless Conflict Theorem

"Endless Conflict Theorem" (2002)

1. The Gargoyle
2. Eaters Of The Dead
3. Among Whispering Wall
4. The Restless Spirit
5. Endless Conflict Theorem
6. An Oath In Silence
7. The Dragon Of The Nightsky
8. A Night Among The Ruins Of Basra
9. Song To The Wayfarers
10. Dawn Deliverance
11. Outro : Serenades Of The Dead

1. The Gargoyle

silence enrobes the land as
the gargoyle spreads his wings
to rule over centuries
of many a wicked thing
the wrath of ages in his eyes
as he sets into the night
the moon's eclipse obscures him
now as he ends his silent flight...

you fall...a victim of his spell
to the witchery of fright
as the gargoyle's eyes ablaze
like the fire in your heart
the anthem of the damned
entombed in the sands of time
never to return,
a beast right out of hell

...a beast right out of hell

dark forms surround the shroud
where a watchful eye awaits
the rebirth of the moon
the tide of endless gloom
upon a silent hill that night
a sorcerer casts his spell
to reawake the dormant gargoyle
to serve him till the end...

2. Eaters Of The Dead

the midnight sun above the ruins
darkness drapes the land
a peaceful scene in the dark of night
the carnival of souls

far away lands of kings and queens
in peril they now are
a messenger sent to seek the brave
to free the land enslaved...
a violent creature in the mountain dwells
and preys on the child of man
the eaters of the dead they are
a dread from ancient times
fear the dark and the mist it brings
from the hillsides roars are heard
a battle rages to slay the beats
a fight to free the land

on nightfall of the 7th day
battle cries were heard
broken bodies the price they pay
for a battle fought and won

a broken beast lies conquered now
as a land is freed at last
a tyrant's rule now torn apart
as the grendel's body breaks

3. Among Whispering Wall

laughter in the castle halls has faded dead away
the rooms around lie empty now as winter brings dismay
deep within the castle walls a spirit wanders free
the undead soul of centuries past, kept from heaven's door

around the towers of this castle darkness drapes the land
a fog now draws upon the hills engulfs the hillside grand

the undead faces in the silent halls
a gloomy picture painted on the walls

of demons and darknes we are told a tale
an ancient story everyone, everyone must hail...

the road to the castle is paved in blood tonight
the life force of the innocent, victims of the fight

i feel the presence all around us now
as voices whisper silently, whisper to the clouds

4. The Restless Spirit

i float away now gently from this world
from my body i'm expelled, as i enter far beyond
i exit life and enter death and see the eerie light
it calls to me so softly and bids me to come in
thousand miles above the ground...i am as light as air
i cannot hear yet i'm not deaf, i see yet i feel blind
as i float above the world i hear the creature's voice
a soft and mellow lullaby cradles me to death
the earth realm seems so far away as night begins to fall
ascending now to eternity to join the stars way above the ground

stand here now before the throne, stand now to be judged
as a wicked soul with eyes of fire rises to be heard
a circle of demons winged and grim stand to guard the hall
the lick of eternal fire seers your flesh to bones
a scream of anguish breaks the silence, the silence in the sky
as a black cloud brews a thunderstorm that tremors all around
one by one the demons fly, fly to seek their prey
the legions of pandemonium, the soldiers of the grey

5. Endless Conflict Theorem

born of high and might lands of lore
a legion of riders from an ancient time
the rage of batle in their darkened eyes
together they will into glory ride

high above among the restless clouds
a raven sings its song into the night
lightning shines a beacon far ahead
announcing now the coming of the end

valleys now tremble
to the war cries miles away
in the glens the water freezes
as a cold hand brings dismay
a dark stone rises far into
the clouds way up high
and greeted by a thunderstorm
we chant a battle cry
honor is enthroned
again as the one eternal heir
with fearless might our legions
rule our enemy ensnared

the sound of thunder rumbles
in the palace of the gods
the chariots of fire leave
a trail of death and blood
from ancient times they have returned
to judge the hearts of man
to slay the weak and praise
the strong to hold
up high their flame

6. An Oath In Silence

a symbol appears before
us...high above the clouds
to gaze upon it mortal one,
would mean the end of doubt
all the men out here today,
will fall at our hand
the chosen few,
defenders and protectores
of the land

a book of secrets lies within
for all of us to read
to swear the oath
and hail the sign never
break the creed
countless men have gathered here,
the keepers of the faith
immortal and untiring
with one voice they exclaim...
"hear us, praise us, take us,
to our land far away..."

7. The Dragon Of The Nightsky

dragons' fire burns the sky
as the heavens are ablaze
by a wizard's spell and sorcery
his eyes inflamed as he turns into a star
the prophets' wisdom told in tales
a legend comes to life
a gust of wind on the mountain blows
as the signs appear above

8. A Night Among The Ruins Of Basra

fading in moonlight
the darkness of night
across someone's dream
of cruelty and fright
the nomads of somberlain
stalking ignite
the fire that burns
in disdain and delight
a weary man's head
now lays down to rest
directly amidst
a serpent's cold nest

a dark robe of velvet
weaved of despair
the gown of the weak
for the weak ones to wear
the day to rest it
now finally goes
the enemies of order
the holy one's foes
aligning the planets,
constellations appear

to announce the arrival,
the chosen ones here...
basra, in darkness,
the jewel of the night
my somberlain beauty there's
no need to fight
the veil of deceit around
you if flows
my dagger is drawn
now pay what you owe

from far and wide disciples draw nigh
to praise the birth, the coming, the rise

now that the prophecy
has finally come true
the witches of earth
realm brew a strange brew
to poison the lands
and blacken the soil
for the growth
of disaster to bring
chaos and toil

9. Song To The Wayfarers

the rain is clearing
over my father's land
a cloud in the distance fades away
over hilltops a gust
of wind now sharply blows
bringing the mist down
low unto the sea

thousands of feet way up
above th land
an eagle dares
and spreads his wings
a kingdom of silence
where only you may go
across the wide open seas
and ports of call...

haste not now,
as the night will fall
bring us a tale from your
homeland far away...
gather here at the fire pit,
the share the glory of old
visit the places that dreams errect
the lands that are found
very far from here
see the ruins as they drape
the horizons
kissing the sky farewell

the robe of dusk now engulfs
the world again
a river mutters its lullaby
so silently
a gust of wind carries
the song away
to weary heroes who follow the
serenades...back home

10. Dawn Deliverance

at last we meet for the final stand
on the hillside of your father's land
the sound of steel, the call of doom
hail the rainstorm, hail the gloom

we march, we fight, we die, we rule!!!

now here we stand,
where the sky forever fades
praise our names,
cause our glory now lives on...
free now at last,
like a bird we rule the sky
wave to the stars as they greet
the newborn king

crossing swords for a final time
the rage of battles call
under raven skies at night
the chilling song of wolves
the tune of doom we know so well
the somber chant from the pits of hell...
marching forward, never retreat
we know the end is nigh...

now here we stand,
where the sky forever fades
praise our names,
cause our glory now lives on...
free now at last,
like a bird we rule the sky
wave to the stars
as they greet the newborn king
crowned by the night,
to rule the silent realm
high on his throne he bears
the jewels of man...lonely till the end

11. Outro : Serenades Of The Dead

serenades, composed by the dead to hail the end
from the graveyards comes an eerie sound
like an air from the shrouds below

fearful eyes, like the gaze of a child on a stormy night
the silence is broken now...


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