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Sounds for a Dying Age

"Sounds for a Dying Age" (2002)

1. Unborn Into This World
2. Hands Of Enslavement
3. Moonlight Muse
4. Am I Dead?
5. Condemned To The End
6. Confession Of Human Grave
7. It's Just A Joke
8. These Eyes Spoke
9. Black Hole Mirror
10. Souls Of Empty
11. And Everything's gone

1. Unborn Into This World

my dreams see a naked skull. that's our earth! woods became
wrinkles on her dry layer of dust. it remembers everything with pain to
survive, it means to suffer all of ignorance, hatred envy. every human is a flaw
of earth's next existence. biological death is long ago broken.
its cry are brooks of tears, dirty they roll in the slots
of the old face. every next attack destroys their band more and more. how long?
still alive? try to hold out! try to stand for a next age. don't be a naive, this
process can't be turned. my dreams can see a child, a new prospect of development.
but it knows, what his expectation. it will be all ready dead and cries
for a soon death. so be alive for a little moment or die unborn unseen the uncoming age.
i want to get drowned! drown in the drops, of my dirty tears. this is not normal process.
appaling spawn's be wonderfull, when falling from the sky.
stop tne next age, 'cause we'll pray for our children short lives
and their hear death. stop their unseen destiny. i want to be other to dissolve
my selve in them they will clear up my fate.

2. Hands Of Enslavement

neverending cries in the darkest depths of soul. in a dimension tortured hearts
traped i am just a shadow in the space black and empty on jurny to
eternal doom in the hands of grief i'll be enslave forever.
myself is changing to a diferent form the
thoughts are unveiled with an foreverburning aura.
my eyes are watching the spheres of abstract a collage without a meaning.
lying, crying deep in sorrow! searching dying without a sence of life!

3. Moonlight Muse

after the sunset comes to my room a black shadow, which gets to my dreams.
i'm dying only for you sacrifice my life, never leave me.
i'm dying only for you, for infinite truth.
save my life and restrain my damned depression.
whispering muse sing to me silently the meoldy of this symphony.
dear muse bewitch my sences 'cauce i long for your touch.
how many times will you come to me?
dear muse bewitch my sences send me an illusion.
how many times will you come to me?

4. Am I Dead?

not worthy for death to come, rather freezes in front of
hell gates, ice cold faces. darknes invisible still
getting close, still brighter to the doors of thoughts
waiting by her feet. and death hangs from the ground,
i'm falling into the clouds from the
depths of filth of human in justice. bend,
staring to the heights, erected hunchback
crawling ground-loul. long for the cooling's end,
in clouds to inhale the taste of dirt. listening
to the souls cracking in saints inferno, in the stones
of parsonalities unmoving. at last the light turns down,
deprived of the body we are... still not of the soul!!!
full of friends as we're not worthy for death to come...
maybe doch perhaps then we started to life the face
of new death. a new photograph by the pulse of tears
falling wear.

5. Condemned To The End

6. Confession Of Human Grave

Listen, I am your weakness,
I'll close your eyes,
look, I am the darkness,
I'll take your heart.

Listen, I am your sadness,
I'll take your soul.
Scream I am the silence
I'll take your brain.

After the midnight I'll tell you
"Come with me darling, I am calling you"
You'll embrace with a scream
the black whole behind your present.
my name's madness.

under the silver moon,
when the wild dogs are crying,
was born a child of lying,
which will never know the truth,
his name's human

you are going a long way,
when the bells are ringing
to tell you:"It's your end, if you hear and go,
your name will be dying."

7. It's Just A Joke

8. These Eyes Spoke

my eyes reflects my god
a corpse of visions and hopes
it jeers at every, disappointment of me,

her mouth, the embodiment of untruth, the church of lies, the taint
of naive, which speaks an empty deceit.
her eyes, who green shallow islands of word waste.
grab the truth of graft it into my mind, where I was taken in.
don't devote-never decline for sentiment.

"eye" hate the empty word hypocrisy.
my eyes a straight sense to shot my feelings out.
revote all statements and gaze into my eyes-nouth!!!
i saw, that you spoke untruth, but that's my percept!!!
love sucks

9. Black Hole Mirror

10. Souls Of Empty

look in our eyes and listen what they have to say 'cos in teh end you
will be the one who pays the end of time will soon be hier execution
guaranteed so drink your last cup of life. prisoners of
absurdity the helping hand of the apocalypse with pride they fight in the name of...
holy wars are they right for... taking lives taking hearts taking the last
pieces of dreams you have. empty eyes mepty souls empty visions
in a human lie. storms of rage will crush inside, inside ebery human
being so run quick for holy water god wil save you. ha! ha! ha!

11. And Everything's gone


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