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To Kill and Destroy

"To Kill and Destroy" (2001 Demo)

1. Die by the Chainsaw
2. Bloody Revenge
3. Morgue
4. Killing is my Ecstasy

1. Die by the Chainsaw

Die by the chainsaw
Amputation in gore
Dissection is war
Limbs cover the floor
You will die.....
Die by the chainsaw
Amputation in gore
Prepare for the saw
Your death is the law
Say goodbye.....

Detach your legs
Let's begin the desecration
Separate head
Lonely neck
Brutal gory saw attack
Then both arms
Ousted fast
Violent division blast
Open carcass
Rape your guts and fuck your soul!!

Listen to the sound of agony
To the chainsaw-autopsy
Take your life to endless dormancy
Sweet dissection-melody.....

Thirsting for blood
Is my daily routine
The ultimate carnage
My ravenous dream
Madness and terror
Beset my mind
So you must die...

I want you bleed
Want you die piece by piece
Dismember your corpse
Procure blissfulness for me
So I want you dead
Want you turn up your toes
There is no way out
Only my saw will set you free...

2. Bloody Revenge

Open the gates of death
Take the final breath
You were forced to leave the fuck you've done behind
Start to regret your past
Cause the dead marches fast
Until he takes you to the depths of hell

I glorify destruction
I am the bringer of hate
I cause devastation
I will be your fate

I want you face down on the ground
Suffer like a pig
You have no chance to escape
That's the way it is

I am glad to see you whine-
Bloody revenge
Think the red on you looks fine-
Bloody revenge...

Come follow me
To the underworld
Try to relax
When flames burn your skin...

Dream of god
Unfulfilled wish
You have to die in pain
Your heaven was an empty place
And emptiness remains

I take you down
To the underworld
And laugh on you
When flames burn your skin...
Bloody revenge...

3. Morgue

Suffocate in silent night,
Shooted down by 45,
Far away from life and light,
Butchered with a twelve inch knife,

Raped and killed in one sick hour,
Being strangled by a rope,
Jumping from a city tower
and the 'fireman' has to stoke.

Sitting in the hall
Surrounded by death
Smell of decay
I hardly take breath

Preseved corpses
In mortal delight
Persecuting me
With their pale eyes

Exposure in wintertime,
Being stabbed down from behind,
Even kids commit suicide
Death is wearing down my mind.

Body ripped up with a claw,
Drowning in a dirty pond,
Torso guts and limbs I saw,
In my head eternal war.

I face the death, look in his eyes, and take his hand, suicide
I want to die, erasing my life, leaving this world, suicide

In my dreams and in my thoughts,
Every second another corpse,
Can't forget the blood and pain,
Morgue is driving me insane,

Cause noone stops my agony,
I see nomore sense in me,
So I take a fucking gun
and reduce my life to none.....

4. Killing is my Ecstasy

All I want and all I need,
Is to see me on TV,
So my victims have to bleed,
And killing is my ecstasy.

Can you feel my deadly presence
and the smell of killing essence,
you were now condemned to die!
When I stick you in your back
and your blood runs from your neck,
you can fairly say goodbye!
Then I start to brake your bones,
cause I like this cracking sounds
and the expression in your face!
And at least I slit your belly,
a new murder for the telly,
another stroke for my death-toll!

Dying makes me confident,
Murder is my game,
I follow the voice of blood,
Killing is my name.
I want to be a famous guy
So die you bastards die!
...die you bastards...
...die you bastards....die!
Your death is my device
To increase my fame,
So I restart work
And all I need to ask is....

The end of your life is my glory
and my power is your flesh......

Dance with the dead,
In my dreams,
Immortal screams...


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