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Get Fucking Slaughtered

"Get Fucking Slaughtered" (2005)

1. Introduction
2. Get Fucking Slaughtered
3. Havoc Command
4. Nuclear Storm
5. Holycaust
6. Devilish Strike (Instr.)
7. Riddled
8. Vow Of Desecration
9. Into Your Demise
10. Blazing Chaos (Death Upon The Nazarene)
11. Bloody Revenge (re-recorded Version)

1. Introduction

2. Get Fucking Slaughtered

Attack !!!

From the depths of bloodred hell
We’ve come to conquer
Apocalyptic fury is unleashed
Ravaging metal marching on....

Soulbound- this hunt will never stop
Glorify - the tunes of fucking war

Riff by riff and neck by neck
We’ve come to conquer
Horde of Armageddon
Back to burn all cross to torture Jesus Cunt

Solo: Heuke

Fucking heavy metal
Bang your heads for hell

Soulbound - this hunt will never stop
Glorify - the tunes of fucking gore
Propagandize our destiny
Nothing but Death and blasphemy

Noone can lead us astray
Infernal devastation
Hellfire here to stay
Come on get fucking slaughtered, quartered
Carnage upon the holy Land
Blasting satanic mission
Demonic forces gathered
Through flames we are walking
United underground !!!

Solo: Pietzsch


Get fucking slaughtered!!!!

3. Havoc Command

The ground is quaking - harmony dying
You cannot hide the world is crying
This is the truth this is the end
Havoc Command…..

Suffering savage subversion
Depression – Darkness – Demise

Solo: Heuke

Reset creation – Obliteration
Abolition of mankind
Beyond the fires of damnation
Sounds of immense pain arise

Time to die
Goddamned planet
Piece of shit
Prepare for downfall
No regret….

Tranquillity - denied
Religious lunacy - denied
Law and order turn aside

Repeat 1st verse

Follow the Havoc command

4. Nuclear Storm

Clouds devour the sun
Sky shivers dead
Rolling Thunder
Flashing attack
Beyond the air
Radiation dwells
Piercing through flesh’n’bone
Pulverizing human DNA

From this day forth chaos remains

Invisible deadly game
Rays permeating
Life ravaging wind of pain
Rays permeating
Populance blown away
Rays permeating

Nuclear Storm….
Cannot withstand
Awaiting the end

Solo: Heuke

Shattering wings of havoc
Crushing storm of radiation unleashed
Annihilating freshness
Decompose you from inside

Cells in mutation
Humanity lost
Life tries to struggle
But death is too strong
Pulse going faster
While pus conquers blood
Skin cracking light fading
Begin to rot ……..


5. Holycaust

Blood on the altar
Satan take me
Unleash armaggeddon
Death shall be
Grant me with infernal powers
Open Hell upon your throne
Revolution – Retribution
Time has come to kill’em all

Let me smash them
Let me dash them
Let me be your entity
Let me mince them
Let me slice them
Let me rape & desecrate

Solo: Heuke

Crush the halls of god
Turn heaven to hell
Christ hammering spell
Supremacy deprived
Souls buried in lies
Apocalyptic chase
Rebellion Ablaze

Black fire Holycaust
‘Till the end of mental slavery
See their faithful bodies bursting
Fucking anarchy!!!

Vanquisher of light
Purgatory strike
Overwhelming sight
Religious decay
Narrow-minded fools
God’s passive agent
Narrow-minded fools
Facing the end…..

Solo: Pelser

6. Devilish Strike (Instr.)

7. Riddled

Straight through your flesh
Spinning steel deadly desire
Life bashing battle
Death fucking metal
Pull the trigger release continuous fire, fire
Lead is my key to annihilation
Fire, fire
Gatling gun attack

Sweet metal vortex
My darling keeps turning
Bullets hold you upright
Red juice is squirting
Fun’s never ending
You will dance until you’re pulverized


Kiss your ass goodbye

Straight through your flesh
Spinning steel deadly desire
Life bashing battle
Death fucking metal
Pull the trigger release continuous fire, fire fire!!!

You will dance until you’re pulverized


8. Vow Of Desecration

Open up the book and read how you shall live your life
But I do not read I fistfuck rules and whet my knife

Vow of desecration

I have no need to pray
But I have the urge to bang and slay
Instead of being submissive
I am domination – penetration – god

Entering a chapel
Without warning - knocking down the priest
The organ is playing crazy
While I grab his neck and choke him with his crucifix

Live your life the way you want
Fuck off heaven Fuck off rules
Fuck off God
When I’am dead I want to rot

Still inside the chapel
Sacred gay has died and now it’s quiet
I need to search new victims
Party is over here I leave this place defiled

Solo: Heuke/Pelser/Heuke

Vow of desecration
I promise to be forever against Christianity
I will never follow them
I’ll walk the path of blasphemy

Live your life the way you want
No more heaven no more rules
Fuck off god
When I’ am dead I want to rot…

9. Into Your Demise

I am the one endorsing death and pain
You are about to face the suffering
I have come to teach you how to bleed
Devil’s chocking down your worthless life….

There is no escape I am a psychopath
A homicidal beast addicted to your flesh
Dreams of holocaust -companions of my way
Only death is here to stay

The time has come for you to hit the ground
Before I slit your throat I want to see you crawl
Satisfy me - beg for mercy
No chance to avoid!
Devil’s choking down your worthless life…..

Deep down in hell your wretched soul condemned to burn
Forever torment - no release and no return
In the final analysis everybody once will die
Now it’s simply your turn
So close your eyes and cross the line


Into your Demise

2nd Solo:Heuke

Repeat 2nd verse


10. Blazing Chaos (Death Upon The Nazarene)

Twisting thoughts, mind termination
Brainwash - murder - co-operation
Compulsive sacrosanct urge
Perfidiousness - hypocrisy – control

Go down on to your knees
Be quiet join your hands
Prey to the lord – FUCK OFF!!
No need for heavens love

( Refrain )
Blazing Chaos
Christfucking insanity
Everybody dies
Turn the tables
Armageddon reigns supreme
Peace and hope denied

Let the killing begin
Invert the inquisition
The sound of crying angels
Shall fill the burning sky

( Refrain )

Holy blood is gushing
The blessed ones struggling in pain
Retaliation –
Death upon the Nazarene!!
Apocalyptic conquest
Storming through the heavens gate
Ravaging madness ‘til hell on earth has been achieved

1st Solo: Pietzsch
2nd Solo: Heuke

( Refrain )

The magnificence of pure rage and chaos
Guides our journey day by day
Sowing the seeds of rebellion
Celebrating decay
May your destiny be the one you’ve created.

Solo: Kaczmarczyk

11. Bloody Revenge (re-recorded Version)


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