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"Peace of Mind" (1998 Demo)

1. Precious Time
2. Peace of Mind
3. Saw a Light
4. Stream of Fire
5. Stairs of a Cathedral

1. Precious Time

away from pain, alone in the dungeons
just to erase you out of my mind
god, cool my head, I'm burning on the insides
used up all the patience I built up all the time
Oh, Lord
he's wasting my
precious time
every minute is a minute too much
precious time
what should I do without you
I think I would start to live again
feel the rain that keeps me cool
I know, I'm daring, but I know
I'm not a fool
I'm getting sick by thinking about you
you will never ever be someone that I prefer
you waste your time...
I can't stand to have you beside me
now, I need silence to calm down, you see
I'll live again; maybe in a dark cave
the main thing is I heal the wounds in myself
I waste my time...

2. Peace of Mind

You tell me something, tell me something , something new!
So you - have you ever have you ever told the truth
Lies - they are all around me.
The truth is not for free,
peace - peace of my mind
too expensive to get it for free
Hate - hate surrounds me
So you found me understanding
When it's time for changes
All I need is lost or strange
In my desire and fantasy there's hope, love, but nothing for free
In my desire and fantasy there's compassion and charity
You can sigh and you can cry
Tell me now where we can hide
We need a peace of mind
I tell you something, tell you something new for you
there must be a reason to break away for truth

3. Saw a Light

A sunshine in the dawn passion enflamed to a neverending storm
After my love has gone, night turns to day all visions away
Don't go away
I never promised you to come back and stay
Now I feel lost and 'lone
surrounded by spring
it cuts to the bone
where do I go
the moon meets the sun
tomorrow welcome
I`m still loving you
Please let me know what I can do
Saw a light in your eyes
there must be something you're hiding from me
Now I know our love's a lie
Now I see you again and I'm ready for a new beginning of the game
But this time you are the puppet of mine and I'm holding the twine
I remember me low
Didn't you promise that you never let me go

4. Stream of Fire

Hundred refugees have died
I've heard it on the morning news and I take a bite of my bread,
Sipping my coffee, eating my eggs
Like nothings important out in the world
Then I choke on the bite I've taken
When I'm reading the headline
" One man of a yelling crowd shot a movie of his suicide "
Noone tried to stop him ! No !
They just awaited his death
In a stream of fire
I know you
Don't need no explanation
Too easy to see you through
You take a delight of anothers misfortune
Hidden spite ain`t no way out
Think again !
What would you do when you're lying on the ground ?
Would you cry for help or would you force me to kick you again ?

5. Stairs of a Cathedral


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