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Impious Domination

"Impious Domination" (2002)

1. Back to Revenge
2. Impious Domination
3. Eternal Suffocation
4. Immortal Blood of Victory
5. Veni Et Vici
6. You'd Better Light a Candle
7. Blind Devounts
8. Heritage of War

1. Back to Revenge

Black spiritual dimension, the arrival
Prelude of trimphal attack
Imperial avenger infringing this passage
Viperiene highness will order rise

The gates open and black hug extends
Manufatcure with repugnance
Deformity, morbid terrifyng creature
Gutural emmanation, wise person infernal

Waring up all your fury
The hangers universe is sowed
Blasphemy who rise souls
Devots ought see that elevation

Serpents spout venom through your name
Fire burns and ashes fall
hallucination before those failed
Queiron, nightmare of another dimension

Annihilating falses this mortal plan
Crushing carnal slaves
Painful agression, back to revenge
Carried out interior hapiness (2x)

Conquering your glorious victory
Back to revenge
Imperial reign will rise, join us!!!
Back to revenge

2. Impious Domination

Impious domination over god´s servants
Manifestations who afront and repugnation
Is promise land what prevails are punishiments for whom
Defy laws
Desecration to all faithfull servants

Burning flames domination of skies
Lambs eyes hipnotized and blinds
Possession from souls and bones broken
I am burning flame will burn your skin

I make your flesh rotten and suck your veins
Fire storms tears skies
Blood will rise from earth
We´ll infest all the promise land

Revenge and hate dominate your anger
Graves waiting for desolate souls ande bodies
We´ll rise victory flags
Unholy kingdom that reflet god´s powers

Impious domination... Domanation (4x)

Impurities will calme down my own
Priests offer abominated pain
Bad end for profetic kingdom
We´ll triumph your sacrifice

3. Eternal Suffocation

Angushed by the opposite pain
Sad by suffering, disperate moment
Putren souls walking by the darkness
Benefit your body with the huan pain

Eternal souls, sad by cannot act
The darkness cold ace them suffocate
The power much fort is the hatred
Hatred that nobody believes
But by degree is being consumed

Death´s suffering, pain and loss
Opresed sentiments, prisioner in chest
Life goes on, but pain is eternal
Anger and pain joins, feed the wish of death

A black angel threads a sword in your
You shout to the skies
Suplicate for the liberty
But your blood drains by the foots

4. Immortal Blood of Victory

Immortal blood spills power and glory
Celebrating the victory´s pleasure
Blessing the enemy flesh
Thunderstorms bell the night

The day´s nevermore gonna come
Lunatic priests wait for divinity
Disciples are dead in cathedrals
Tomorrow will never exist

The saint wars dismembers bodies
Suffocation, blood spurting
Creation of a new human race
Souls are being hunted for angels in fury

The day´s nevermore gonna come
Lunatic priest
Disciples are dead in cathedralss wait for divinity
Tomorrow will never exist


Immortal blood of victory
Spill in my chest the pain, the fear
Immortal blood of victory
Religious accept my command

Life´s a sacred ritual of death
Incarnation of a sinister spirits
My sacred immortal blood of victory
Bathing the lambs until death

Repeat chorus:

5. Veni Et Vici

6. You'd Better Light a Candle

My life is black and obscure
My instinct follows ways of life
In the darkness i ride, feeling the cold of
The night
The frozen dew falls in my race

In the darkness i ride, feeling the cold of
The night
The frozen dew falls in my race
The trees becomes monstrous at nightfall

My spirit is fort and heavy as iron
I see so may candles around me

The darkness is good to my selfshness
It purifies sentiments prisioner in my mind
The candles needs to be lighted
A combination of the light a candle
Instead of cursing the darkness (2x)

My spirit is fort and heavy as iron
I see so may candles around me

Dogs of hell backing by all sides
The candles start to put out
The smell of burned candles in the air
Abominate all sentiments of guilt

In the reign of the darkness
The slaves obey our laws
Your body putrefy upon mud
Our swords crosses your ways

7. Blind Devounts

In the shadow
The shadow of a god
A god that appears in your eyes
Preaching words with taste of salvation
In cathedrals with malign wall

Searching to build your reign
Through blind devouts
You leave some verses take care of you
Where will be under arrest
Subordinate some dogma

Blind Devouts (4x)

In name of divinity
Become slaves of your world

Morbid wishes
University lifes in the four chant of earth
with the power of hipnotizing
And conquest miserables minds

In downfall days
Unknow truth
Waiting in front of portls
A blessing in front of illusions

Blind Devouts (4x)

8. Heritage of War

Various apocalyptic visions
Are passing throught my mind right now
Ride legions
Under soil washed blood
Uncontrollable lost lives
A mortal silence envolved all
Combat against unnocent victms
What prevails are walk by?
Transformed men in abutres food
A great cemetery to the open air
Fear and hatred what rested
Wonds that not sacres
FLags of orgulhous armys
Stained with blood of innocents
Humans marching to the death
Sons digger the hole of your parents
Heritage of war
There´s no honor neither glory
Only rememberances of bloods
Heritage of war


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