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Embrace The Mutation

"Embrace The Mutation" (2002)

1. Flesh Must Burn
2. Cathartic Degeneration
3. Shatterer Of Worlds
4. Taste The Dead
5. Systemic Confrontation
6. Insensate
7. Digital Black
8. Labyrinth Of Suffering

1. Flesh Must Burn

Shadows scream my name
Monstrosities of silence shattered
I heed the call of the Sirens
Luring me to my destiny
Sulfuric fumes arise
Epidermis blisters
Suppuration follows
Crisp flesh peels in layers
Exposed nerves cry out
White-hot pain so soothing
Blackened bones reach forth
Grasping for infinity

Layer upon layer of crust
Centuries of Christian filth
Burned away in ecstasy
The stigmata forever purged
(repeat chorus)
Myopic vision revealed
A baptism in gasoline
I strike the match
And await thy command

2. Cathartic Degeneration

Bathed in the blood of humanity
Piercing the veil of reality
My regressive descent begins
As i embrace the mutation
Envenomed with burning rage
Disfigured images coalesce
Genetic code deteriorates
Instinetual commands obeyed
Sensory awareness recedes
Protective walls collapse
Black sanctuary beckons
Enter the realm of oblivion
Ax blows strike the frozen void
Waves of oppression vanish
Artificial existence revealed

3. Shatterer Of Worlds

Staring into the eyes of death
I remember the pain of being born
Staring into the abyss...
The abyss devours me
Released from the chains of mortality
Puncturing the membrane of reality
And create my own resurrection
My throne built with the bones of dead prophets
Into humanity's collective unconscious
I inject the poisons of my soul
There shall be no rest, no peace
Only a shattered world
The earth lies in shadows
Beneath my blackened wings
Slaves fall to your kness
Witness the arrival your new messiah

I inject the poisons of my soul
There shall be no rest, no peace
Only a shattered world
The earth lies in shadows
Beneath my blackened wings
Slaves fall to your kness
Witness the arrival your new messiah

4. Taste The Dead

Hunger feeds my being
Thirst for putrid fluid
Pain excites my anger
Killing beyond my dream
Waiting in my wrath
Pouncing on my prey
Amplify my senses
Of my darkest need
Screaming in the void
Laughing as you suffer
Glutted beyond my dreams
Feel your carcass drain
I must go beyond the hunger
Torment obliterates my mind
Alone in silence
I lie in emptiness with hunger
Complete through my tunnel of pain
Everything in this realm I have tasted
Time has failed to appease
(solo: Oster)
(solo: Hurley)
Pretending to be alive
Upholding your time to die
Sanctified myself
Genocide in mourning
My heart has been touched
As I taste the dead

5. Systemic Confrontation

We wait in gathering shadows
Your world is coming to an end
We vow to take no prisoners
Our prize is your imminent demise
(dual solo)
Ancient visions of past
Unite against the light
Lies vomited forth
Blaspheme the trinity
Hypocritical dogma
Holy swine supplicating
Strangled by rosaries
Drowned in holy water
Hung on barbed wire
Displayed for all
Ocular extraction
Blinded, they now see
Enthroned in darkness
All enemies vanquished
Temples topple down
Holy relics crumble
Sacred statues crushed
Screams replace prayers
Former celestial hymns
Now choirs of the dead
Stained glass windows
Bloodied and shattered
Sacred scriptures burned
Blackened prophecies
Are now fulfilled
New order established
Enthroned in darkness
All enemies vanquished
(solo: Oster)
No longer blighted
Supremacy now restored
Silenced by slashing
Lay quivering corpses
Malignant hollow promises
Crushed under foot
Transcend time and history
Arrogance not tolerated
Immolation of new heretics
Mourned by the wind
Soon to be enslaved
Our world divine
Driven by fury
Filth is exterminated
Our victory is complete
Bow to your masters

6. Insensate

Pain I don't feel
Severed neural pathways
Memory erased
Exhausted lungs dissolve
Unscathed by searing knives
Eviscerating so deep
That I don't bleed
Defiled by venomous saliva
The gods who covet me have failed
I lie here immortal
Motionless forever
Frozen in time
Numb to my senses
Lust I no longer feel
As I gasp for my next breath
Blood ceases to drip
Heart drained of life
Isolated in this quescent state
Confined to the silence I adore
Soaking in my fluids the beast awaits
To explore recalcitrant pleasures
(solo: Hurley)
Soul suspended in a horrid form
(solo: Oster)
Grip of fear will be your last
Frozen in time did you ever exist?
Trapped in hell your blood runs dry

7. Digital Black

Steel-torn flesh
Glass-crushed skull
Flat-line brain wave
Respirated breathing
Comatose and abandoned
Reduced to patient X
No hope for life
No way to die
Modern medical miracles
Condemned to living death
Necrophilic experiment
Pitied and repulsive
Intravenous lifelines
Devoid of human touch
Flesh cannot atrophy
Rigor mortis forestalled
No sight No sound
No feeling
Confined to this hell
Artificial light my beacon
Engulfed in eternal night
Electoronic pulse rate
Force fed through a tube
Life replaced by circuitry
No need to think or breathe
Numeric status readouts
Monitoring vital signs
(solo: Oster)
Cybergod in command
In control of my fate
Not a shred of dignity
Always probed and measured
Wrapped in gauze and latex
Fluids flowing in and out
I must scream out loud
But I have no mouth

8. Labyrinth Of Suffering

Controlled by this eternal need
Obsessed by the urge to destroy
The visions form portraits of pain
Invocation of agony begins
Whip in my hand
Lacerating firm flesh
Creating new paths
Delight stimulated cells
Conjuration of sin
Isolated in perversion
Monument of destruction
Pain lust unstopped
Pounding, grinding, I seethe
Festering, rotting, I crave
Plunging, tearing, I breathe
Heading to the edge of death
Blood pools in gashes
Forms lasting imprints
Lost to the world
In my labyrinth of suffering
Tortured, hammered, I live
Inhale the stench of decay
Flesh flayed in ecstasy
Bones cracked and splintered
Cartilage torn and leaking
Ritual of agony complete
(solo: Oster)
Endless quest for pain,
Orgy of self-mutilation
Flesh etched in black
Limbless body grins


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