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Plague of Ages

"Plague of Ages" (2003)

1. Savior
2. Grand Awakening of a Prophetic Age
3. Empire Lost
4. She is My Sin
5. Unleashed Sorcery
6. Shattered Aeons
7. Retribution
8. Midwinter’s Cry
9. Sightless Path of Dark Embrace
10. Plague of Ages
11. Ballad to What Could Have Been (Instr.)

1. Savior

Eyes fixed in terror as they fall from the sky
One thousand angels' blood running dry
Demonic hordes leering with delight
Feather and bone burning in the night
Decadent villages plagued with fear and sorrow
Nightmare screams echo from below
Raping and maiming crass vulgar desire
Purity lost through thickened haze of fire
Where is your savior now? Your faith is running dry like the blood of your fallen warriors, engulfed in flames of eternal rise
None will heed your useless plea, Bloodstained tears mark the ground, Blackened souls continue to reap, Where is your savior now?
Deafening lust for essence of the pure
From each stolen soul dark spirits rise anew
Wind howls cold, feeding the black flame
Fallen innocents lie scattered through the plain
Rain cuts razors through the flesh of the damned
March forward unfazed over fields of the slain
Putrid smell of skin freshly flayed
No mercy shown to a god who has failed
Where is your savior now? Your faith is running dry like the blood of your fallen warriors engulfed in flames of eternal rise
None will heed your useless plea, Bloodstained tears mark the ground, Blackened souls continue to reap, Where is your savior now?
Whispers of Armageddon resound through the heavens
Path of darkness wrought under the sun
Your savior will not come

2. Grand Awakening of a Prophetic Age

(Spoken Word: Prasanth)
Chilling cries prophecize the coming
Of a terroristic force bent on our end
Unyielding weapons of flesh and of blood
Kamikaze bullets aimed straight for the head
Harken to battle raise up your swords
Find the courage to fight or be killed
Let our anthem be death and revenge and
Our thirst for the enemy blood spilled
This is the grand awakening of a prophetic age...
Masses rise as one of their voices cry
For annihilation of all in their path
Like rabid dogs with teeth bared for war
Ashes consume their hunger for flesh
Raise the chalice let it spill forth the blood
Of the numbers left dead in our wake
As a unit we'll march forth as one
We'll not rest til we're laid in our graves
And the end draws near, as the war marches on...
See the bodies burning feel the fires churning
The tides of war are rising Hear the battle cry I sing
Brother against brother pitted in arms
Slaughtering their own without a cause
Our Serrated steel drives forth a family's crimson tears
It makes no difference to us

3. Empire Lost

Dark shadows rage across the plain
The blood of Christ falls upon your hands
Flashes of a once proud race come to an end
Buildings lie in ruin, Monuments of death
A testament of long forgotten ravages swept
Deafening silence, The ingrate's song
Fate of arrogant mortals who wished to play God
Despotic desire, blasphemous lust
Awoke the heavens with indignation and disgust
Divine fury left a once blessed civilization crushed
Unheard echoes reverberate against the bones
of those once great
Piercing gales of lost whispers cry fearful of vengeance wrought from sky
Grandeur mad corruption set, their greed became their final breath
Guided solely by what was ornate and doctrines heretic that sealed their fate
Shadows grasping from the dust...
Shadows of an Empire Lost...

4. She is My Sin

Darkness engulfs the soul desired when final goodbyes are brought to a close
Paved from a past so distant, like ruins on ageless time and stone
A dirge to sins, enshrouded hymns, concealed by moralistic suffering
For all that we see, we will never know the thoughts of what could have been, The fears of what is to be
She...She is my addiction of carnal infinity, the scarlet seductive praise, the demon in my veins
Deeper skin shivers cold, Suspicions lurk, Serenity’s sold
Masks of mercy worn in false hope, reality’s frail bitter concept
Being Deceived by second voices, render sighs plaguing such actions
Gather the artifacts of suspicion, narrow scope of distant realms...
“How could I have been so blind?”
She...She is my addiction of carnal infinity, the scarlet seductive praise, the demon in my veins
Deeper skin shivers cold...
For the most part of two desired,
The order is not what we yearn for
Heaven’s walls, bitter within
Souls confide, passionate...sin...
Darker skies fall, seduction begins
You put your lips against his and now it’s the end
And though you yearn for things you shouldn’t do, the secret starts to fail so what will you do?
Buried under the weight of your own deception, exposed for what you held within Try to hide the truth behind false ties, the words of a whore are the words of a lie
Outsmarted by the ones who saw through the verbal overthrow, your finger points back at you
Defensive my games from a distorted view
From the one who falls back to the one who follows through, the remaining thoughts are left buried too deep, which emotions are sold to keep?
When your beauty is nothing more than empty words, the look in your eyes to me will only burn
The blessing in disguise lets us suffer that much longer
Severed hearts are given for the taking when so many questions are left unanswered.
Birds of prey, lunge for the unknowing.
Were these chains meant for me?
She is my sin...

5. Unleashed Sorcery

In an ancient time of majesty the autumn winds whisper through the leaves tracing a path to the hallowed ground
Let the ritual begin
Incantations heard through an unlit sky, archaic scriptures spoken in tongues through blackened night
A dark silhouette can barely be seen beneath his guise
He paces the circle invoking the name of the beast he wishes to rise
Ignoring the warnings of the elder ones, he failed to see the circle was broken
The sky opened to the chilling light begot the icy flame unknown to man
The ground pierced in decadent delight began to tremble, a voice from within
“Who hath summoned me from my rest? I beseech thee.”
“It was I your new master-” “You fool! It is you who are the slave.”
Fraught with fear and disbelief the sorcerer began to realize his fatal error
As the creature crossed the carelessly laid boundary the sorcerer fleed in terror.
“What have I done?...What have I unleashed?..Is there no escape?”
Sweat dripping from his brow, falling over branches, crawling through dirt and leaves, “Torment me no longer!”
Swift and silent his pursuer cannot be heard, toying with his horror, “You are bound to me...”
Trepidation fills his soul, the mortal irony takes it’s toll
Choking on his final words while the demon laughs with malicious glee, “You unleashed me unto your realm now face the fate that you decreed. You belong to me...”

6. Shattered Aeons

Illusive timeless energies congregate to stop the pain
Feeding on broken memories, my hollow shell remains
Existence, a halt in given time, a quest for knowledge tried
In an open field of nothingness, I reap the threads I tried to hide
Forever doomed to forfeit the questions never asked
Our spirits remained scarred from the ungiven truth
A monument of wretched travesty, I gave my life for a simple taste of purity
Mankind, deceitful mockery upon the the throne of self inflicted treachery
The unknown revealed...The truth unveiled
And the plans now falter, The memory of skies now darker, The shores of crimson tears now deeper, The shattered Aeons of time
The strands of hope are severed, The rise of vengeance remembered, The bleak demise of emotions tattered, The shattered Aeons of time
Forever doomed to forfeit, The questions never asked
Our spirits remained scarred, From the ungiven truth

7. Retribution

Twisting under rabid fears, Decaying hope, desiccated tears Emotions once so pure, tainted
By vile throes of sincere hatred
Fuming pools of putrid bile, Congregation of every rank desire, Decrepit taste of despotic lust, Fill your dreams with ashes and dust
Pits of blood and excrement
Further disgust, sickening torment
Tyrannical spires of ripe decay
Blossom the sweet pangs of pain's array
Shadows binding forevermore, Vengeance whips with no remorse, Torment undefined by an ungodly hand, Avenge the cries of the youth of man
Foul dreams of torrential fright, Silent screams stifled in the night, Repulsive crimes against the pure, Horrific memories they must endure
Robbing them of serenity, Distorting grasp on sanity, Merely vessels for your malicious sin
Mutilating all they hold within
Perforate your dejected mind
Retribution will come, it's now your time
Felled by your own deceitful tricks
Suffer from the pain you once inflict
Serrated chains constrain and your blood expels, Residing in the sulfur depths of hell
Abode to all those of the path reviled, Those who would steal the innocence of a child

8. Midwinter’s Cry

Ferocity decays this cavern of the mind
Purity once untouched by the ravages of time
Nobility locked in death, mesmerize the soul
Decrepit monuments of a lonely child's toll
Try but can't redeem these emotions locked inside
Enmeshed within that slain, the fearful child hides
Open the doors to release the gates,
Whispers free the astral light
Sepiternal anarchy frayed
By the laments of specters wise
Falsities that plague the day,
washed away by the essence of night
A single thought lost in this place,
Attributing to it's demise
Ignoble acts betrayed the sanctity of the mind
Lies that shattered worlds can be never left behind
Wisdom lies within the lesson to be learned
To never be enslaved to pain so undeserved
Flee through paths unknown nor true
Waste away in mockery
Of that once so readily conceded
A soul released begins to fly
One was begot by demise
To whom the Gods had shown travesty
A truth once beckoned yet never heard
Invoking the rise of midwinter's cry
Never did deserve to feel this anyway
A lonely cry brought hope to free a soul enslaved

9. Sightless Path of Dark Embrace

As my body rests alone through serenity and grief
A mind can wander beyond the gates to a place where no life dwells
The scarlet stars obscure the sky, shed a dim light barely seen
The path is broken, forevermore, I sever the ventures untold
A night to dream in the forest whispers of the dark
Agony drenches the throne of fire, ablaze, the path unseen
Dissolution, withered away, the blood for me denied
I feel the blinding light burning away all that I hold dear
All that I know all that I feel, locked away (remain unclear)
Virgin suicidal thoughts the memories that time forgot, a tainted soul that can no longer breathe
Detachment from the spiritual essences that guided my shell to this absence that I embrace
As my own
Alone I stand once again, blindly lead by fate
to my true self
Awakening to the dark embrace
My blind journey's end, the sightless path

10. Plague of Ages

I take you to a land once untouched by the winter's soul - Ageless recession
Raped by the curse and promise of a steel so cold - Endless aggression
A broken prophet's lies sought to swallow the world whole - Stifling oppression
Severed from their folk left humanity to pay the toll - Reviled obsession
Our laws defied
Crimson rivers mark where our people cried
Out in pain for the past behind
Nobility....cast aside
On through the night, Taunted by the light
Of flames that in spite, Decayed away might
Words deluding, Death eluding
The price for intruding, Lives concluding
Inane atrocities chained us in slavery to the gallow's pole - Uncanny revision
Amidst this charnel house where the human spirit, bought and sold - Fulfill the mission
Can we break away to embrace what we must behold? - Freedom envisioned
Decimate the herd and call upon lost wisdom bold - Death's coalition
Sorcery implies
That the law of 9 would desecrate their blight
And usher in an age of ungodly might
March upon the graves of a tattered age...
Cast down by the plague...
Cast down by the plague of
Cast down by the plague of...

11. Ballad to What Could Have Been (Instr.)


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