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First Daze Here

"First Daze Here" (2002 Best of/Compilation)

1. Forever My Queen
2. When the Screams Come
3. Walk in the Blue Light
4. Starlady
5. Lazy Lady
6. Review Your Choices
7. Hurricane
8. Livin' in a Ram's Head
9. Earth Flight
10. 20 Buck Spin
11. Be Forewarned
12. Last Days Here

1. Forever My Queen

I'm running away with myself
I think I ran a little too far
Your love is more than a tease
And I'm gonna give it all of my heart
The situation is all wrapped up
No more need to be said, oh no
You live in my world gotta heed me
And I know that you can 'cause you need me
There ain't nothin' gonna stop us now
We're willing and we both know how
And baby, you're gonna be my queen
The king always knows what he means
Alright - Look out

2. When the Screams Come

The time that you take to find out life
Is not usually worth itself
Developin' a real "Know how to get by"
And polishing all it's weatlh
Have you ever felt pain?
When the sceams come you know
That you're dying in vain
Don't say I didn't warn ya
You had it coming anyway
Now it's just a revelation
You pushed me too far
And now you have got to pay
Why don't we look at all the fools
Witness their greedy drools
You've entered hell I guess and weren't so cool
Now Satan makes your rules

3. Walk in the Blue Light

My peace of mind depends on you
My space in time is here with you too
Drop all your dreams in the palm of my hand
Step in the blue light, fulfill my plans
Come with me now the midnight calls
All are asleep as the kingdom falls
Seeking our goals as a life had planned
Walk in the blue light you'll understand
Your sweet caress in the morning sun
Gives me the strength for what needs to be done
Soon we will hear the shades of the night
Walk in the blue light all will be right
Now you're confused so I'll set you straight
Many men died 'cause they left it too late
If you don't know what I talk about
Walk in the blue light you can find out
You'll find out

4. Starlady

I got a light building up inside of my head
But I'm going nowhere down these streets instead
It's a rain swept night and I've been traveling far
I think I've gone this road before Yes, I have
I got the hungry eyes and they're searching
for someone like you But I only see the graveyard
dancer Who lead me down down into the abyss
Lady of the dark star won't you give me your
sweet kiss Far away in the night I can sense your
smile I'm hearing you laugh as I'm crying all of the
while I don't know why I need to touch you
Again and again and again All my darkest dreams
I think you can mend
Lady of the dark star I'll love you again
And we'll go on together in our caravan of sin
Why don't you let the wheel turn
It can take us far Please won't you let me live Lady
Lady of the dark star

5. Lazy Lady

Lazy Lady's fortune's up
Ah, she's gettin' out of hand
Took three years to find her out
That I couldn't ever be her man
Yea, she spit in my face
And I threw her out
She didn't even give a damn
And not too long when she starts to play
I think she'll start to understand
She's such a lovely lady
Yea, don't look lady, I won't be around
I ain't the kind for a second chance
Well, I could wander down the alley for a two-bit tramp
But I can't dig a hooker's romance
I thought it was fine 'bout the very first time
You're quite a mystical chick
But the most of our luck
Ran the ace of spades
Lady now you turn me sick
Get home!
Lazy Lady's growing old
She's twenty but she acts like ten
And when I look back on all the good times we had
I hope I never see her again
But now lady was coy
She came running back
She had a new trick up her sleeve
She bought the whole block that I'ma livin' on
Now she says she wants me to leave
She's such a lovely lady!

6. Review Your Choices

Man and woman try to keep a tie
While looking at what passes by
Village thieves and all the tramps
Somewhere someone left some gaps
Look before you leap my friend
Should God take you in his hand
It's a very small price for your sins you spend
And there's a man with a pitchfork around the bend
The evil churns, you'll start to burn
But will you crack, You can't turn back, oh no
Review all of your choices now
There's no one 'round to show you how
But the hand comin' down has-a reached it's end
You know who's still around the bend

7. Hurricane

You know the crack of a whip
Is like the pain that you bring
You break the whip
And the pain gonna still remain
You're nature's human hurricane
Temperate high
Violent rain on me
Oh, yea
Let me tell you this...
Y'know you got big talk
But you're still sitting down
And you says life's a drag
Better take a look at me babe
And then look around
And gone from my life is a nag
Gonna ride away, ride away
Gonna ride away
Ah, now watch this

8. Livin' in a Ram's Head

You hurt me with your mind games
You're so frigid, 'bout to drive me insane
Still I have no fear, he always sets my course
Take a step out of your shadow
Take a peek in at your game
You're sweet and good lookin'
But you're wicked just the same
I have no fear; The devil sets my course
Livin' in a ram
Said I'm livin' in a ram, yeah, alright

9. Earth Flight

Sometimes the way you neglect things
Brings me to the finish of the rope
I let some of them slide
But there's some I just can't hide
And maybe soon you'll see
That my words ain't no joke
You know I'll drive you if you make me
After all's been said
You'll never dump my thunder cloud
Hanging on your head
Look out when my caution light
Flickers up to red
You think it's bad just out of work
Well, it's probably worse dead
Now everything's fine if it revolves around you
And although times have to change
In you there's nothing new
While some get high, pursue their joys
Fly into the night
It's time to see your plane will crash
You're on the earth flight

10. 20 Buck Spin

You think that I'm the devil
But I know I'm just a clown
I couldn't help you if I was Christ himself
You've got your head buried right under the ground
And you'd like me to get you out
Of the jam that you got in

I'll tell you right flat: Don't look at me
'Cause I don't go floatin' for a 20 buck spin
Now think about it, honey
And you run to me in the nighttime
The look of fear is in your eyes
My one life's goal is survival
And I ain't got time for no rival oh no!

11. Be Forewarned

As I wake
In the darkness
And I look around
There is no sound
It's so tranquil
It's so calm like you
But now I hear a noise
Is there any way to out of this nightmare
I'm alone now
And you're laughing at me
But I take life
In a way that you could never see
So if you're leaving
You better let me know
'Cause I've already started my plan
And I'm never gonna let you go no no
Lord, I've lived on the dark side of the moon
And I've been to the heart of the sun
I've gone to bed with many ladies
Killed many a man
Before my 16th year was done
So you be forewarned
I'm coming after you
I'll never let you go- no

So you be forewarned, I'm comin' after you
When I catch you, Lord, I'm never gonna let you go

Some people think I'm an advocate of Lucifer
And some say I'm a child of god -yes, they do
Some people think I've got the nine lives of a cat
And others say I'm filthy as a dog, a wretched dog
So you be forewarned
I'm coming prowling after you
About the time I catch up to you
I'll never, no I'll never

I'll never let you go -alright
So you be forewarned, I'll come prowling after you
When I catch you, Lord, I'm never gonna let you go

So you be forewarned, I'm comin' right up on your trail
When I catch you, Lord, I'm never gonna let you go

12. Last Days Here

These are gonna be
Some of my last days here
I'm wasting away
And times too dear
Somebody hold me
I'm afraid
Buy me a ticket
For a place to be saved
It's been too long
Since I've seen your face
It's been too long
Since I had a place
You never seemed to see
Until you had my heart
Ruined my life
I'm torn apart
Somebody stay near
This time it's for real
I'm just what you made me, baby
I never heal
And it's been too long
Since I've seen your pretty face
It's been too long
Since I had a place
It's been too long
Since I've seen your face
It's been too long since I had a break
It's been too long
Since I've seen your pretty face
Hold me in your arms baby
Baby I feel so cold
I said I feel a little cold
In the nighttime baby
It's been too long
Since I've seen your face
Your pretty face
Last days here

Been a little too long
These are my last days here
It's been a little too long
I feel so cold baby


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