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Atrocity Divine

"Atrocity Divine" (2006)

1. Infernal
2. Solve The Enigma
3. Carved in Stone
4. Transgression
5. Silent Massacre
6. A Mare Void
7. Beyond
8. Solace In Solitude
9. Now I See
10. Key To Damnation
11. Atrocity Divine

1. Infernal

Spawned in fire
Yet cold at heart.
Raised by demons
to paint the sky with blood

Abnormal anger
Towards the surroundings
No moral guidance
To suppress the beast within

A primal rage
Compelling aeon
Unleashing fury
Quenching the hunger

No conflicting thoughts
An ancestral legacy
No aeons of ritualised existence
Can truly tame

This path of Psyche
Cyclic nature of it all
Little did he know
of the horrors ahead

2. Solve The Enigma

The memories that haunt these rooms.
Made by selfinflicted agony

Why am i here?
In this cold asylum
A lifeless body appears from thin air
Chanting words from those I knew
Before my eyes, images from my dreams emerge

I fall in grief and wither inside

These infernal visions
Never ending torment
My former life, my mistakes
Reflected, echoing, in the vault of my mind

3. Carved in Stone

I despise myself
I slash my wrist
Yet your name is carved in stone

I open my wounds
I feel pain
Yet your heart is carved in stone

I'm inside this house
This angel and I
Is this the pantheon which I shall eternal lie?

I fade away
Into your dreams
My carved in stone

I bleed inside
And die within
My carved in stone

My eyes have never seen such wrath
You emerge from my heart

4. Transgression

In my veins
In my blood

Flows the sin, the anger, the oath

I saw you in my dreams
You died by my hands
He'll tear your life apart
He'll crush your soul

Conqueror of Flesh
A master of deceit

I stand aside while he desecrates
Bloodshed is his way
A view of chaotic massacre
Bloodshed is he's way
Through death and decay

5. Silent Massacre

These walls remind me of the first one.
I could hear her scream, I saw her cry.
I'm not to blame, it's my angel inside.
Your last words, sounds like echoes in my mind

....You are....
bound by fear
haunted by emptiness
forced to (an) eternity

cold, is the heart of stone
I can hear the whispers of death
The fall of your existance
Your journey in life ends here.

A passage to the land of the dead opens.
My life, a silent massacre
Guided by the angel inside
Shown the path of darkness

6. A Mare Void

The void consumes my life
I am nothing
trapped in oblivious emptiness
I am hollow

From desperate prayers I got nothing
This endless darkness
I am alone

My internal pandemonium
I am legion
These infernal orchestrations
Of my past

This mare void
A hell of my own
Memories of my life
I am scarred inside

This mare void
My purgatory
Leaving behind
My flesh

7. Beyond

I look outside through the broken window
A forest of souls, condemned to oblivion
The whispers calls for me

Come, the answer you seek
The enigma to solve lies beyond these woods

A corpse wrapped in sheet and chains
Materialized before my eyes
It shows a story of unspoken words

Stained with filth
Summoned through hate
Born in despair
Death is my fate

8. Solace In Solitude

9. Now I See

A life of indulgence
A life in denial
Yet my urges prevail
And I move on

The world remains unchanged
Nothing I do matters
I cannot interact
On a fundamental level

The self, the conscious thought
A slave to the passion
My visions and dreams
Turn to dust

Lord of despair
Lord of dust
I've gone nowhere
Oblivious existence

Through closed eyes
I saw the world
As I open them
Nothing has changed
Now I see

10. Key To Damnation

I hold in my hand the key to damnation
To unlock the gates to the underworld

Is this the path to walk?
Does my fate lie behind these gates?

I move on
Towards the underworld
Towards the abyss in me
My empire inside, I rise

11. Atrocity Divine

I close my eyes and open my mind
A horizon drenched in blood
Fields of decay, fear and betrayal
All those silent screams

No words to break the silence
No horrid noise
My angel speaks within

Atrocity divine
My vision fades still I see it clear
Atrocity divine
Is this the end? No pain? No fear?

I stood by my angel

Atrocity divine
The end is near, we fall as one
Atrocity divine
Bound in this realm with no light, no sun

Atrocity divine
My fate is sealed, I lost in my own creation
Atrocity divine
I'm dead, but still I burn


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