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"Óäåëû áûëîé âåð" (2004)

1. Ïåðâûå Ñòðåëû Íà Ïîëå Áèòâû
2. Ðàäåãàñò
3. Ïðàâåäíûé Áîé
4. Óäåëû Áûëîé Âåðû
5. Ãíåâ Ñëàâÿíñêèõ Áîãîâ
6. Â Îáúÿòèÿõ Çèìû
7. Ìåòåëü
8. Áûëèíà Î Ñâÿòîñëàâå
9. Ðàçãóëÿëîñü Êðàñíî Ñîëíûøêî
10. Ñëàâÿíñêîå Áðàòñòâî

1. Ïåðâûå Ñòðåëû Íà Ïîëå Áèòâû

Over the snowbound forest
You can see smokes of a camp
The proud sons of Perun
Gathered to guard this land

The raven forebodes bloody battles
The wind sings the song of war cries
And all that would survive the steel blows
Would be sent by the flames to the skies

No repent, no mercy for aliens!
They'll drown in the darkness of night
The warriors are holding their weapons
Expecting the soon-coming fight

Foes gaze at the sun, full of worry
No prayers save them from defeat
All Russians will fight for their glory
First arrows fell on battlefield

2. Ðàäåãàñò

The sky burns with fire of thousand flames
Hot winds bring the stench of death and decay
The hostile fleet is approaching our lands
They overwhelm us. Horrid signs of doomsday

The wind sings a song of the ancient war
Of Veneds, who fought with uncanny valor
For Russian land for honor and pride
They never gave up till they died

He was the one, one of us
He persuaded us to believe, that we're free
And he told us his name: Radegast
Leading our warriors to the victory

The will of the gods was his spirit and soul
His body was the might of earth
For Russian land for honor and pride
For victory warrior has died

3. Ïðàâåäíûé Áîé

Slavic lands seem to lose any hope
The peace will not come here soon
Suppressed by the roar of the mob
The truth fled away to the moon

What's left of the glory of past days
Mere words and the shadows of wood
Delight left this green sunny valleys
And darkness fell down like a hood

But those ones, who hear the voices
That whisper old rhymes in the night
Didn't die despite of heavy losses
For land of ancestors they'll fight

Clear waters fast streaming and raging
Shall rise high and with cold winds merge
The powers of great Mother-Nature
Shall light fires of the holy purge

Some fir trees will grow on the barrens
Born of holy life-giving rain
The immortal nation of Sloven
Will populate this lands again

And thunderstorm over the meadows
Will deliver message of gods
The downpour of so needed freedom
Will stream like a river downwards

4. Óäåëû Áûëîé Âåðû

Through the ages, day and night
Mighty warriors slowly stride
Keeping Slavic people safe
Guarding our pagan faith

Aeons are quickly passing by
Over the Slavic lands of mine
It could still keep so much power
So much life in every flower

We were those, who's breathing free
Walking on the grassland's sea
Under golden shining sun
Watching skies and clouds run

We forged honor with our swords
Were invincible to odds
No one could defeat our force
We intimidated foes

Then they came, the days of blight
Our tribe has lost its might
We forgot the words of mentors
How to fight for independence

Grandsons of Perun, you all
Must look deeper in your soul
Find the strength to set us free
Break the chains of slavery

There is hope, it never dies
We'll gain power from the skies
To return us our pride
Stolen by the foes and blight

From the abyss Russia'll rise
Crushing fetters of demise
Spreading mighty shoulders wide
Gazing at the sun with pride

5. Ãíåâ Ñëàâÿíñêèõ Áîãîâ

Oh, powerful gods of the Silvanic keep
Your sorrowful slumber is so long and deep
Beneath gloomy marshes in darkness of earth
You were betrayed by those, who swore to serve

Awake children of the forest
Go to war, unleash your fire
Ancient gods of raging horrors
Will avenge crucified liar

And their fiery glance so bright
Shall disperse the veil of night
Ancient faith with pagan sermon
Shall destroy the Christian vermin

They'll rise from the slumber of thousand years
Great Gods of old forests will gladly reveal
The legacy of immemorial past
To him, in whose veins the blood of Ross runs

All trees sing us songs with their old wooden lips
About Slavic warriors and the antique keeps
Defending the homeland every should raise sword
To destroy forever damned hostile horde

How beautiful are Russian forests and woods
How clear is water in lakes
And no one can break Slavic iron will
It's not so easy to break

6. Â Îáúÿòèÿõ Çèìû

Golden wheat of fields don't even
Wave and rustle on the wind
Over dark gigantic forest
Deadly snowstorm quickly spins

Frozen air covers the rivers
With its chilling breath of cold
Icebound water stops its running
Lurking beyond white stronghold

Blizzard steps away at midnight
Leaves behind its snow-white trace
Light is shining from firmament
Silver moon shows its pale face

Grey fir-trees stand on a hill-top
Old oaks show their leafless boughs
Glacial rocks cover white slopes
Between frozen brooks and ponds

Sunrays shine but warm no more
Shapely birch looks like a ghost
And the northern wind starts blowing
It shall bring the arctic frost

Now it comes, embrace of winter
We see its congealing pace
Dark wood falls asleep in snow-bed
To awake in first warm days

7. Ìåòåëü

8. Áûëèíà Î Ñâÿòîñëàâå

Heir is born in sunny morning
Perun's warrior, child of fame
Igor, prince decides to call him
Svyatoslav shall be his name

Thunder of triumph is roaring
It foretells the clash of steel
New age comes, the age of glory
Tidings spread from hill to hill

Southern foes becoming cautious
Sharpen their bloodstained swords
Svyatoslav grows up so fast and
He intends to fight their hordes

He swears to the border settlers
To thwart every nomads' raid
Every year he gathers warriors
Since these words of hope were said

Raven hovers in the blue skies
Prince leads armies to the south
Through the steppes, through woods and plains
To the core of hostile wrath

Fear burns in the hearts of Khazars
Horror rules in eastern land
Itil taken with attack and
Kaganat has lost its head

In the front line striding forward
Svyatoslav leads every fight
When he gives the battle orders
Trusted men are by his side

For the victory they march on
Everyone gives all he has
Army reached the gates of Tsargrad
On warships in year or less

Ancient city of Bysantium
Sieged by warriors proud and brave
Swords were clashing so loud over
Crosses of the alien faith

Svyatoslav fulfilled his oath
He defeated all the foes
Dusk was red as spattered blood
Troops were marching to their homes

But the nomad's sneak attack
Mean and sudden stab from back
Killing dozens prince fought well
Deadly wounded stumbled and fell

But despite of this sad death
Russia kept the might, he left
He brought glory to the land
Where he was born, where he reigned

9. Ðàçãóëÿëîñü Êðàñíî Ñîëíûøêî

10. Ñëàâÿíñêîå Áðàòñòâî

I see a bright glow in distance
There it burns, the fire of earth
It had born its children and since
Cares them, keeps them and preserves

Our brotherhood is various:
Belorus, Sloven and Ros
We had lived together in peace
Guarding our paternal homes

But the bone of contention
Fell among us. Love is gone
We forgot eternal friendship
Ancient rules... away they've flown

We have cut our land in pieces
Like a tailor with his scissors
Living in hate and discord
Revering our brethren not

But the same sun lights our way
That lit, when we were together
The Slavs shall live once again
All in peace and love... forever


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