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Is it Death?

"Is it Death?" (2003 Demo)

1. Dies Irae
2. Underworld
3. Cold
4. Is it Death?
5. Strange Feelings
6. 5 Bullets

1. Dies Irae

2. Underworld

3. Cold

In the begining was nothing

Then the skies were red

Human started existing

World was creating itís view

Years were going away

Mankind was growing in power

Civilisation extremity is near

From begining

Till the end

Worldís rage

Embraces us

Black clouds are now covering the sky

Creed was worthless,

Nothing can help us

The freezing breeze

Blowing on our faces

Still is colder,

colder till death...

4. Is it Death?

Iím bleeding

My blood is everywhere,

The bullet in my body hurts,

Pain is unbeliveable,

Cold floor under me,

And all life before my eyes.

I feel freezing wind penetrating me,

Is it Death?

I see somone is coming ,

Phantom in black,

Itís carring scythe,

I must be dreaming,

Oh no itís true!

Left alone with escaping life,

Who am I?

Or who I was?

Still is darker,

Everything is less clear,

Way between black spaces,

But I canít see the light.

My breath is slower,

Iím suffocating,

Whatís happening?

Veins are nearly empty,

I think Iím flying ,

Yes ,Iím flying,

Flying away...

5. Strange Feelings

My tomb is just not warm,

I see all from within,

Death came for me

Iím lying dead here

But something is going wrong,

Someone forget about me

I shouldnít stay in this cold grave

Heaven or Hell!

Not here ,

Not here!

Iím suffocating ,

This is to narrow

My coffin!

I donít remember my funeral,

Maybe I just fell down six feet under?

Maybe itís accident?

Oh let it be!

But why they wonít let me out!?

Is it mistake?

Iím scared ,

Is it a dream?

I donít understand...

6. 5 Bullets


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