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"Conscience" (1987)

1. God Save The Metal
2. Messengers Of Death
3. Children Of The War
4. Save Our Hearts
5. Peace
6. Última Estrela
7. Kharma
8. The Day After
9. Rebellion
10. Prison Of The Conscience

1. God Save The Metal

God Save the Metal
Music: Cláudio David

2. Messengers Of Death

Messengers of Death
Lyrics: Fernando Pazzini / Music: Cláudio David

In some country
Another war begin
Invaders stealing peace
With their dirty feet
Sitting on resting chairs
They don't worry they don't care
Presidents always smiling
While soldiers are dying

Messengers of Death
Bringing war in their hands
They don't wanna see the truth
They're leading us to the end

Too much talking much discussing
Foolish diplomacy
They keep telling eachother
The same ideology
Are they blind? They can't discover
What we have seen
They're playing a real game
That no one will gonna win

Repeat chorus

3. Children Of The War

Children of the War
Lyrics: Fernando Pazzini / Music: Cláudio David

Children of the War
They Live to Fight
Patrolling the Streets
Ready to Strike
Defending their countries
With blood and Pride
Attacking the troops
Learning to survive

They're Children they're warriors
Dreaming with peace, no fear of death
A painful deep mark lives in their hearts
Made by this war they'll never forget
They're victims of men that for a long time
Just want to kill
If men love war fuck all of them
But don't let kid's peace be stolen

As they're children
Love is in their minds
But they'll never know
The reason why
Living at the war
Air is full of death
Shooting and killing
till the last breath

Repeat chorus

Oh lord of this world
Show them just one place
A place to really live
With peace and no more hate
And all this foolish war
Won't be finished evermore
And so many kids
To fight will be born

We're killing eachother
Time is passing by
(Who knows) Peace can rule one day
And take all the pain away

There is still just one hope
The future in your hands
Bless all the children

4. Save Our Hearts

Save Our Hearts
Lyrics: Hélio Eduardo / Music: Cláudio David

Living without harmony
Running with no directions
War, death and anarchy
To man are a tradition

And so the progress grows
Men create many new inventions
What become evidence
It's the heart's retrocession

The Earth has changed its shape
All I see is darkness
Kill is the law of this race
A race full of sadness

When it will be a new day
In those endless nights
Where is the joy of my face
Lost in this poor life

Living without harmony
Running with no directions
Destroy the hypocrisy
And save our hearts

5. Peace

Music: Cláudio David

6. Última Estrela

Última Estrela
Music and Lyrics: Cláudio David

Estava no meu quarto
Sem nada pra fazer
Abro a janela
E vejo o sol nascer

Dentro dos meus olhos
Vejo o azul do céu
E nele uma estrela
Que nunca vai descer

Visto qualquer roupa
Saio pela rua
Quem sabe a procura de uma aventura
Sigo aquela estrela
A última do céu
Guiando a um lugar não sei onde vai dar

Olho aquela estrela
No alto a brilhar
Ouço no infinito
O Heavy a rolar

Refrão: Enquanto aquela estrela brilhar no azul do céu
O Heavy nunca vai parar de rolar

7. Kharma

Music: Cláudio David

8. The Day After

The Day After
Lyrics: Hélio Eduardo, Fernando Pazzini / Music: Cláudio David

The news is coming with no changing
But with one we can't stay apart
At the other worldside
Tragedy will be start

In a stupid conflict
Two nations facing eachother
Winners won't remain
And the world shall not be the same

Then arise a roaring monster
Killing as an evil poisoner
Our disgrace is coming right now
Begun by fews but suffered by all

The monsters were sent to every place
We have to hide, there's no escape
There's no time to think about
There's no way to get out

Oh what bright, what heat
Oh how much pain
My body is blazing in flame
My breath is so tame

Now I'm trapped in my own fate
Cause death refused me
Blinded by this nuclear war
Destruction is all I can see

I'm nothing and I'm burning
And all those living creatures
Lying rotten near me
There's no past and no more future
Only present so sad to see

And after comes the dawn
The day after to be lived

9. Rebellion

Music and Lyrics: Cláudio David

To talk 'bout the pleasures of life
It's easier than to face reality
While thousands are dying of hunger
A few people eat until they get sick

The church teachs me how to love
One love they can't give us
The nation teachs me how to wait
For a future that always seems to fade
At school they force me to learn
Silly things that don't matter to me

The system has to go on
The truth may not appear
The poor will remain poor
In a society reigned by fools

Open your eyes to the world
Life is more than we can see
We can change the future
'cause it is in our hands
You only have to want
There is much more to see
You only have to think
And together rise again
Start again
The power of life
To win
Changing everything
You only have to believe
That we have the power

10. Prison Of The Conscience

Prison of the Conscience
Music and Lyrics: Cláudio David

I see, I think, I feel and I hear
These are some of man's senses

Weak by nature and forbidden to use
Wisdom is condemned 'cause it means the truth
And it can destroy a strength system controlled by

Fews but they're smarts
Deceiving a million mass
No need to change the situation
They're raising their extermination

I've found out that I've been isolated
Because I can think they're sure I'm crazy

I've seen wars
Men fighting with their own hands
Why we kill? Why we die?
I can't understand
I've seen people
Blinded by some blind dictator
Oppressing crowds
Spreading death with a sickly determination

I've seen many abusing of man's faith
With laws and lies for some God's sake
And I can't believe in their kind of God
But for something we have to say our prayers

And I saw, I thought, I felt, I heard
Hard things for me to understand
But life's still going on
And I'm the only one insane
Maybe I'm really crazy
'Cause with love I dream
We're the prison of our consciousness
Someday it gotta be free


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