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At The Edge Of Hangover

"At The Edge Of Hangover" (1990 Demo)

1. Like Father Like Scum
2. Deflowered Soul
3. Drift Away
4. Malicious Behaviour
5. Shattered
6. S.T.O.P.

1. Like Father Like Scum

Sweet morning,the birds nicely sing outside
under the table,weak signs of life
trembling,shaking,recollection minimal
move to the living room,your wife´s lying in a pool of blood

Suddenly it´s clear what you have done
in a drunken madness you went a bit too far
because of your drinking she dared to complain
you threw out the kids then you gave her some pain
cruel tragedy,mental legacy-like father like son

Suffer my children,daddy´s on the move
daddy will provide that he´s the one that rules in here

Your fathers ghost and your grandads
his fathers and so on
they all standby the corner
so proud of what you´ve done
meritoriously you´ve continued
the traditions of your ancestors
but by taking the life of your own wife
you have exceeded them all

As the years go by and your little son has grown to man
Beware-he will show the old man who´s the boss
his childhood bitterness,his fear of drunken dad
will all be unleashed,make sure you can run fast enough

2. Deflowered Soul

How I got in here, I don´t fucking know
I must get out,but which way to go
this place is evil,the silence is too deep
there´s something in here,this cave is ALIVE

Struck by fear,too scared to move
what is this,I´ve never felt before
possess my thoughts,paralyse my limbs
trapped in these corridors,a doorway to Hell

There´s no going back,I´ve gone too far
there must be a way to get out of here
there must be a way to escape
I hear the footsteps following me
I sense the sound of its breath
it´s coming closer,I must start to run
help me,do I really have to die??

Oh no what is it,rotten fangs and claws
hypnotise with deadly gaze,my back´s against the wall
staring with disbelief,this just can´t be real
it laughs with horrific voice,my fate is sealed

My blood turned to black,I´m one of them now
lurking in the darkness,hungry for flesh
come to our cave I´ll rip your mind
your corpse I will take,to make it like mine

3. Drift Away

I always used to think my life as a string of straws
and when one of them fails to last,then I´ve lost them all

So-one of my straws
So- drift away

Was it always worth the mourning,was it even fun
to think and plan it everyday,and never get it done

So-another false move
So-drift away

What´s the use trying to get back what is gone
open your eyes and be proud of what you´ve done
wounds are always bleeding,but they will turn to scars
never hide your scars,never see the end in where
it really starts

4. Malicious Behaviour

Hate me my friend,deep from your heart
You trusted me,I let you down
you were not first one to be betrayed
Down on your knees,degraded you please
I laugh in your face-DELICIOUS BEHAVIOUR
You trusted me,I let you down
you were not last one to be betrayed

I stab your back with a knife in my hand
I spit my venom on your face
You´ll never know that it was ME who let you down
you´re never going to realise

My reasons hidden from you,go down in suspence
you´ll never figure out the chaos in my head
eyes don´t reveal too mutch,it´s still enough for you
I´ve used you to the very end,go down and die

5. Shattered

Shattered-reality is lost
somewhere down the line I left my sanity behind
Insane-anguished memories
mental eradication,demented remains of innocent mind

Do you remember me?Can you believe it´s real??
Do you recall my name???

Solitude-growing enmity
depression slowly turned to hate of everything I see
Lost-forever dead and gone
I´m sick inside,diseased and blind for things that they call real

Yearn for death

Emotions gone astray,humanity is dead
feelings that I had have started to defrost
bitterness,delusion storming in my head
reasons that I found and reasons that I lost

6. S.T.O.P.

Good evening my friends,I love you- remember?
I´ve come here to tell you of solutions I have
there´ll be no more hunger in this land that I rule
and poverty is struck out when the poor have been killed

You feel so safe-among your crowd of brainwashed scum
you feel so fucking brave-when you got them under your thumb
Money-is your motivation
Steal-steal from the poor

All that you promise is all that you forget
only motive you have is the money that you get
you´re talking crap every night on TV
a mighty politician is what you love to be

Insane solutions to our problems
this land is in the hands of fools
building castles of sand with plastic tools
sucking thumb,creating new laws
just for fun,starting another war
devastation is what we´re living for


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