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Point Of Perception

"Point Of Perception" (2001 EP)

1. No Tomorow
2. Taken By Force
3. Faster Than Light
4. My Element

1. No Tomorow

I've been awaken by a dream and i can't remember my name
Where did I end up am I going insane?
I wonder what's behind this mirror - what will I find?
I'm surrounded by a lucid field of force
It attracts me and leads me to the gate at its pathway
Now I'm standing in front of this glass - no reflection there's nothing I can see
I wonder what's behind this mirror (Awake)

Oh left behind the passage and my blood
starts to congeal
Delusions of my deepest fear have
become so real
Emptiness encircles me - I'm paralysed
and i can't ignore
That the broken mirror has revealed the
meaning that my life stands for

It's been so useless (useless, useless) - without fulfilment

Oh no there's no tomorrow - a timeless sphere's surrounding me
A universe of strange tranqulitiy
unreal or my reality

The things I've done - the words said -
my job - I ask for what?
The price for life already paid -
for myself or just for god?
Phenomenon for hope and faith or even sad brainchild
The question is: does it pay off to wake up or
just taking flight?

I must be dreaming (dreaming, dreaming)
- a neverending state

2. Taken By Force

Rain forest - watching it burn
Isn't there something that we can leran
One for all, but all for one?
This is the question: how will it be done

All words are deniable
You shouldn't accept what they told you
It's overdose, so now oppose
To destroy filth of lies

Hold the fire on my neck
I should read between your lies
Reflections of my deepest cries
Hold the fire in me back
Dance with the devil on my neck

Since those days I say: I'm taken by force

Iron walls close my soul in
To keep me eternal, to hold me within
No bright light shines through the window
(I ask) Am I too far below?

You must fight what I've fought
You shouldn't accept what they've told you
If you think you're a human being
Revolt against the crime in mind!

Taken by force
Don't have the fear to be - taken by force

3. Faster Than Light

When you're thinking about your last breath
What comes in your mind
What is behind the border of death
Anything for mankind?
Inhale deep, exhale at last

And close your eyes
Is your puzzled soul ready to flee
Into a world where your redemption
could be

Faster than light - the time we had is passing by
Faster than light - and there is nothing to deny

As you reach
Are your expectations high?
It is a never answered question!
The time has come to say goodbye!
Inhale deep, exhale at last
And close your eyes
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
So you will fade infinite deep

4. My Element


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