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Epicurean Mass

"Epicurean Mass" (2003)

1. The Welcoming...
2. Peasants Lament
3. Melancholia
4. Pierced By Cruel Winds
5. Unspeakable Truth
6. Burn The Witch
7. War Cry
8. Epicurean Mass
9. Untitled

1. The Welcoming...

2. Peasants Lament

Through this unstable mind returning
My beliefs become frail.
A mirage clouds my eyes,
As day turns to night.

Wings of power and fate are taken
Out of envy and hate.
And though the sun will shine
Why can't I see the light

I can't escape this vision
Of what the world may become
Life without true meaning
No where to run.

Sinking deeper into a frozen wasteland of pain
Past the point of sorrow and desire to be slain
Try to salvage what is left of nothing... oh my brain
Blackened settling of death and departure... please pray

3. Melancholia

Everything turns black before my eyes
A desolate atmosphere surrounds me
All of my will, is slowly diminishing
Left alone in this world, only to die

Watching the sunlight fade,
away from out blackened lives
Falling deeper into, Melancholia

4. Pierced By Cruel Winds

Coming forth from the horizon, an army of the dead
On top of woolly mammoths they ride, galloping ahead
Across the mountains pillaging all that is in sight
Satisfying the ancient ones, death it's appetite.

As the stars align
Signaling our demise
We take arms and fight
To save our lives

They are closing in
We will never win
Against forces undead, we shall bow our heads

Everyone is dying, those who fear it's might
Of the few, of the unbroken, who will stand and fight.

Against forces undead, we shall bow our heads
what can we do, we've succumbed to you.

5. Unspeakable Truth

When the light in your life has been extinguished
When your left in the cold

No one can understand you
Not even those who foretold.

Searching aimlessly for answers to the unspeakable truth
Pain is inevitable hidden in all of you.

You wanted to die, end your miserable life
Don't look to my eyes, dig your own grave and die.

6. Burn The Witch

Burn the witch
Destroy her soul
Good tidings of blood
And misery foretold
Her carcass it lay, limb by limb
A troll appears and eats her skin

7. War Cry

Born into a world of hate and conflict
Greed and envy consume all
Allied with the dark, possessed by the cold
Waiting, watching for the end

A battle must ensue, from this calling
I'll give myself to heal you all
Amongst these killing fields, frigid winds blow
Listen to the cries of sorrow and pain

I close my eyes and take a breath
To prepare for death
The warrior cries, tears of sorrow
My life has passed

8. Epicurean Mass

Sending out invitations
Hello my friends, come inside
A mounting feast stands before you
Gluttony is your last sin

Consuming all that is evil
Engorging beyond recourse.
Pouring the Nectar of Bacchus
Drink deep and take your last breath.

9. Untitled


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