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The Conjuration by the Fire

"The Conjuration by the Fire" (2006)

1. In The Vault
2. A Beginning
3. Anton
4. Island of Joy
5. Frontline Dreams
6. Opening by Watchtower
7. Lighthouse

1. In The Vault

2. A Beginning

Come and follow me, let the river guide us to the shore
Laying on the field, watch the clouds roll by in silent peace
Shadows of the trees form pretty little spirals with the wind
And very far from here tall man rises laughing on the hill
Now remember: it’s you and me still laughing, we are free
And after all your life the music will open your eyes

When everything is open and without barriers,
One Bone twists inside you and turns into an eye

Visions getting sharper now, the past seems rather dull,
it is time to make love with angels living fire

The dream is here now, you have no fear
Have no fear!

And when the music’s over, you sleep on shining grass
Free from all frustration, free from the normal fear

Your friends will gather ‘round you, wherever you may go
Listen to your music and dive into your show

3. Anton

Welcome to my world, welcome to my dream
Tonight you shall see me in my cold and pale show

Now it’s the time to be aware:
I’ll heal you all with my eyes

Well this is how I am, once a living man
Passing through this flesh, I am here once more

Soon it’s the time to sleep again
I’ll heal you all with my eyes

You know the rules, you know the way
You’ll never see your life same again

4. Island of Joy

I come from the island of mountains and the sun
White village and the dark green trees all around
I sleep in the peaceful shade, like a child
In dreams I don’t mind being young, I look up and say
”Mother, I have sun in my eye”

These stones in my hand were once washed by the sea
And once there rose Silent Towers on the hill
Sweet prince in the slow dying dance through the years
He moves to the stage with his flowers,
memorising his ways, and bows straight at you

5. Frontline Dreams

Forward we march in the piercing rain,
together we move as one.
No matter how hard to deliver the pain,
we claim the land with Blood and Iron

Row after row we rise and travel through the Fire,
row after row we will fall...

Lives been taken by the mortar flames,
the odour of slow decay.
Skulls and mud, people have no names,
Satanic mills claw white bones.

I watch in awe as the frontline dies,
uplifted by this fiery blow.
Late at nigh the lone-one cries,
regains her strength through twisted sorrow

Running through the fields forever,
that's all I can do.
Remembering the happy days,
just sitting singing songs.

Laying in my bed I wonder,
who am I anyway?
Going back in dreams will help me
to see the light of day... again.

6. Opening by Watchtower

Beings of Light will protect my way
In every four corners of the World
Guardian Angels sit in towers watching everything…

Now I stand in the centre of a Temple,
Hold a Dagger in my hand
And every step I take is part of an ancient path…

My hand shall rise
In every tower
Draw in the air
Open by Fire… Fire…

Trying to break my way through the night we all live in
Got to keep my mind on the symbols around

Essence of the Will is in my true concentration
As I wait the order to put the knife in

7. Lighthouse

We were waiting for the night
to search the hidden gate to lighthouse
Wise men travelled many days to see this nightfall,
we were searching astral way

Dreams of memories
Past lives
Sorrow sweet

Silent waters turn around,
tides are tearing the ancient walls
Once the pride and once the war,
only ruins now – only figures on their fall


Strange to see it will never mend,
as all those years go by
Feel the wounds that will never heal
Hear the angels lifting people from their graves

As I turn the pages of this dusty Tome,
once held with great respect and dedication by my true ancestors,
I realise the sinister nature of my bloodline

With one single gesture I reveal my grade,
form a Circle within a Circle,
feel the presence slowly building…
I am who I am, no denial anymore…
I’ve written the Names on a piece of paper, to finally have my Will obeyed.

“I conjure thee, O Creature of Fire, by Him who removeth the earth,
and maketh it tremble, that thou burn and torment these spirits,
so that they may feel it intensely, and that they may be burned eternally by thee”

The Curse!
By the Fire!

Smoke is rising through the trees,
sunrise greets the bright air
Looking through my eyes you’ll see
all those dreams now –
all those little memories

Silent waters turn around,
tides are tearing the ancient walls
Once the pride and once the war,
only ruins now – only figures on their fall



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