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A Beginning

"A Beginning" (2000 Demo)

1. A Beginning
2. Anton
3. Island of Joy

1. A Beginning

Come and follow me, let the river guide us to the shore
Laying on the field, watch the clouds roll by in silent peace
Shadows of the trees form pretty little spirals with the wind
And very far from here tall man rises laughing on the hill
Now remember: itís you and me still laughing, we are free
And after all your life the music will open your eyes

When everything is open and without barriers,
One Bone twists inside you and turns into an eye

Visions getting sharper now, the past seems rather dull,
it is time to make love with angels living fire

The dream is here now, you have no fear
Have no fear!

And when the musicís over, you sleep on shining grass
Free from all frustration, free from the normal fear

Your friends will gather Ďround you, wherever you may go
Listen to your music and dive into your show

2. Anton

Welcome to my world, welcome to my dream
Tonight you shall see me in my cold and pale show

Now itís the time to be aware:
Iíll heal you all with my eyes

Well this is how I am, once a living man
Passing through this flesh, I am here once more

Soon itís the time to sleep again
Iíll heal you all with my eyes

You know the rules, you know the way
Youíll never see your life same again

3. Island of Joy

I come from the island of mountains and the sun
White village and the dark green trees all around
I sleep in the peaceful shade, like a child
In dreams I donít mind being young, I look up and say
ĒMother, I have sun in my eyeĒ

These stones in my hand were once washed by the sea
And once there rose Silent Towers on the hill
Sweet prince in the slow dying dance through the years
He moves to the stage with his flowers,
memorising his ways, and bows straight at you


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