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Power Of Imagination

"Power Of Imagination" (2002 Demo)

1. Imagination
2. For the glory of the empire
3. Flowers
4. One by one
5. Cemetery of souls
6. Glory - Sun of the dead
7. Labyrinth
8. The land under white wings
9. 1917
10. Hell exists

1. Imagination

Itís bitterly cold
Black trees hold me
And something ugly
Tries to overtake me
Wake up! The mist has gone
But dream is going on
The bites of a gloomy film
Still live in him

Chorus: I close my eyes
To see a new reality
To see fallen angelís cry
Revive my fantasy
Walking in the passages of the night
I hear the voice of silence
Darkness is full of light
Its characters arise

Welcome to my nightmare
I want you to be there
Where you will suffer
And hear my laughter
This world has made the beast
Its eyes shine through the mist
Imagination is
A key to fantasies

My imagination
Always invent something unreal
The beast lives inside my head
I feel that madness is near

2. For the glory of the empire

Chorus: For the glory of the empire
Reign in blood and fire
To enslave the whole world
To turn blood to gold

Fight for great and holy Rome
Live and die for Emperor
Feel like king wherever you will roam
Fast like an arrow Ė you are the terror

Bridge: The soldiers of the legion
Grind their blades again
The worldís in chains of prison
Bloodshed is your own way
You kill in the name of glory
You want to be the best
Youíve got the title of colonel
Thereís no heart inside your breast

Chorus: For the glory of the empire
Reign in blood and fire
To enslave the whole world
To turn blood to gold

Living in wealth and luxury
Will you expiate your sins?
You can die in misery
Forgotten by your kings
You are a hero of slavery
Killing machine of the empire
Poisoned by wealth and cruelty
All your desires will burn in fire

3. Flowers

To you my only one I rushed along
Iíve been waiting for this moment so long
My sleeping beauty itís not too late
You are my princess of love and hate

You are my prison
You are my freedom

Chorus: I have brought these flowers to you
Wrapped in human skin
I shall give everything to you
To awake you from this eternal dream

Behind my back I heard the howl of wolves
Iíve been to lands where fear rules
Iíve brought this pure blood to revive your heart
Tonight is full moon, itís time to start

Bury me alive close by her side
If I loose this fight

4. One by one

One by one we go around this world
Where everywhere is human blood
Step by step we will come to the end
Where everyone can stand no one

Take me away to your world
Iím so tired of this one
I know there thereís no lord
I just want to obey no one
Take me to your ray of light
I want to put off my mask
I will free my mind
Before youíll put the world
into the dusk.

One by one leaves fall down in autumn
Life is like on an old photo
Step by step I have crossed the line
That separated me from real life.

Iím so tired of this world
I canít stand being slave
I notice every false word
But I prefer life to grave.

One by one years will burn me up
And struggle within will never stop
Step by step, I run to the mysterious land
Where mountain of desires stands.

5. Cemetery of souls

Mankind is blind
And we are stunned
By our victories in
Science and cyber dreams
And seven mortal sins
Have become our everyday activity
Every night I see the dream
I find myself at the cemetery

Welcome to the kingdom of dead silence
Somewhere at the desert island
You can hear the whisper of eternity
No escape out of this infinity
Cemetery of souls
We follow the blind
Cemetery of hopes
Thereís nothing behind

Instead of heart thereís a stone
Then he creates his own throne
Believes that heís a real man
Behaving like a fucking ram

Slowly we die
Physically and spiritually
You wonít hear even cry
Between the crosses of the cemetery
No one will cryÖ

6. Glory - Sun of the dead

Anger, shine of steel
Around you crowds that want to kill
No fear, justice is your shield
Gloryís waiting for you at this battle-field
Agony, fire in your eyes
Burn your enemies under your skies
You were born to be a hero
Can you feel that fame is near?

Glory is the sun of the dead
It belongs to the brave
Glory is a sign of death
It will bring you to the grave

Now glory is you shield
You stand again on the battle-field
I know youíll manage
To protect your land by war language
But fortune turned its back to you
Pain Ė an arrow wounded you
Before you die just say: ďGoodbye,
My free land and my boundless skyÖĒ

7. Labyrinth

When I was young I could blow up the world
Come down to hell and say hello to Dark Lord
I lived in my own dreams and fantasies
In which I did not obey but did resist

Iím in the labyrinth
Iím in the labyrinth of life
Thereís nothing I can see
Except grey walls and blinding light.

But years pass and we get older
And still donít listen to the orders
The labyrinth drags me in deeper
Its power makes me weaker and weaker

But I wonít sacrifice myself
In the name of heaven or hell
Oh, have I chosen the right way?
I am an actor in this cruel play

Who will show me the right direction
Out of this world of perfection?
All my life Iíve been searching myself
And finally Iíve found myself in hellÖ

8. The land under white wings

Ñòàðîíêà ïàä áåëûìi êðûëàìi
Ïàëiòàÿ ø÷îäðà êðûâ¸é
Òû ¢ ñýðöà ïàðàíåíà ñòðýëàìi
Íÿïðà¢äû i çäðàäû ÷óæîé
Ãëÿäæó ¢ àçåðû ÿê ó âî÷û
Ó iõ òàÿìíiö ãëûáiíþ
I áà÷ó òîé øëÿõ, ÿêiì êðî÷ó
Íà âàéíó çà àé÷ûíó ñâàþ

The land under white wings
Youíre the one I see in dreams
I wanna be with you till death
And look into the eyes of lakes

My land I want you
To be alive forever
Let sun shine for you
Your sons will get together
To save divine beauty
Blue lakes and flowering meadows
Itís our holy duty
We are your guarding shadows.

9. 1917

1917 has come at last
The age of fear and mistrust
Instead of promised paradise
Thousands of people are sacrificed

Betray your father
And any other
If you are not with us
You will be turned to dust
Betray your father
And any other
You can be turned to dust
You are in our grasp

Do you feel the loop around your neck
You are a dinner of the red snake
Lay all your love on the leader
Forget about the truth and private freedom

10. Hell exists


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