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"Oremuz" (2007 EP)

1. Babylon
2. Hades
3. Melody & Sanctimony
4. Cold and Dark

1. Babylon

I look at the mirror
See myself within me
Watch myself in misery
Confusion finds my identity
And in thy name, I thought you came
But all I’ve done was full of shame
And in thy name, I thought you’re the same
But all are lies who else they can blame?
Death devours my existence
crept inside me for a sanctuary
left to tear my soul apart
it tormented me beyond
Devote myself to someone
Is mere illusion
I engulf my body with suffering
Confusion finds my identity
Close myself to the world
Where everything causes pain and heartache...
Crucify myself?!...
I am the cause of my misery
We are the cause of our own misery
Confusion founds my identity
Confusion founds your identity...
Crucify myself...

2. Hades

Oh what a pity
Little soul of nothing
Torments and woes are here
Ready to devour you
Oh what a pity
Puny thing of emptiness
When the darkness arrives filled with hate and demise
You’ll be bound by your lies and your fate will be sliced
And the echo of fear will be heard from the place of the dead…
That deafens your ears...
The mouth of abyss is open
(Eternal damnation arrives)
Swarthiness is here
(The fiend of the fire elates)
This is your eternal domicile
You shall dwell chaperoned by grief
Oh what a pity
Creature of affliction
Emerge now your paroxysm
Coming here to chastise you
Oh what a pity
Mortal being on trial...
All the ache and the pain had already been written
On tablets of stone though the meaning was hidden
And so it will pass that you’ll suffer the guilt of your crimes
All mercy fades away...

3. Melody & Sanctimony

When the light starts fading
Dark comes smiling
On your heart that’s drowned in pain
Impaled our shadows
Tones so mellow
Beast will sing the sound of your demise
Notes are killing me
Seven trumpets of the angels bring the melody
Stabbing me
Blending are the sounds of death
Foul creatures are attracted by the tones that bled
Here comes the dead.
Sins the breaks all ties
Scaled on blood and lies
An orchestra built on sand
All within the wave of his hand
As the music takes you
Far away to a land so sullen
Yet seems bright.

4. Cold and Dark

Her eyes was scarlet
So bloody and red
All my time were wasted
She forgot what I’ve said
From the moment that she wakes up
Until now I hear her laugh
She bit me and I bled
Why am I the one indeed?
She scratched and tore my face
She buried me in this place
She felt that there’s no grace
She just wants to save her race
Before I die I look at her
Asking “why did you do this to me?”
I’m dying and she answered
She’s alone and she needs me
Then I was surprised/ I woke up/
I thought I was dead and I’m scared/
Because she’s with me in a coffin and not in bed/
She stared at me laughing/
And I asked her why/ and she said/
“Together we’re living cold and dark my friend.”
Out of the ruins beneath the ashes
Where I lay between the torments of treachery
The winds of deception to my pale skin softly kisses
And the black water provides my feet with mockery
And all people will hear whispers from that place
The same place where deep wounds do not mend
Ears will bleed water from different races
“Together we’re living cold and dark my friend.”


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