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"Cinder" (2004 Demo)

1. Choke
2. Deathroll
3. All Alone
4. Sever The End

1. Choke

Burn you will burn, as the sun rises high
Walking in the dark, in the shadows youíve wept and cried
Walking in the dark, assume disgrace
I will not return to hate
Beneath the surface lies the untruth
I will never become you

Choke bring me to life
Spit it out lose yourself to find
Yourself search within yourself
Seize the day this life is yours

Rise inside yourself

Bring me to life
Youíll weep and cry no more
Seize the day, turn away from the darkness

Open your heart and you will live this perfect dream
This perfect dream will prevail
Rise inside yourself

Here lies the answer

2. Deathroll

Dead inside
Escape this Deathroll
Afraid self depression, I'm dead inside
Memories, complications, I've left behind

I will escape this Deathroll
Rising above your deceitful ties

I will not lose myself
God as a witness

They will turn against us
They will tear you down
Nothing lasts forever
Your bridges burn to the ground

Someday, somehow
Escape this life that pulled me under
Finally my broken heart is free now and forever

Iím not going under
My broken heart will mend
Life will find the answer
I will never rest

Rising above your deceitful ties
Iím dead inside pull me under

3. All Alone

Youíre worthless, youíre all alone, my jaded heart
Life passes by, time is running out

Broken I'm worthless, my jaded heart
I canít live like this, two worlds apart

But I will rise above this sheltered life
Watching, waiting, time passes by
For the first time I can see
And I realize

Iím all alone, someone save me
Open up your arms and take me
Away from here, escape this prison
Open up your arms and save me now

We all have have lost, we all have cried
With determination, we will shine

Your worthless, time is running out
Youíre worthless, your all alone
Plague yourself, reduced to skin and bone
Your existence falls under

Iím broken
Forward its time to wake and open my eyes
Cleanse my self of hate and demise

4. Sever The End


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