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"Wisdom" (2005)

1. The begining
2. Oraculo
3. Lord of the seas
4. Mercurius
5. Pandora
6. Centaurus war
7. And the gods left

1. The begining

2. Oraculo

Música: Oraculo
Álbum: Wisdom

Distant skies and distant new lands
There’s a place that you wish all the things
Alone in dark you are stay all the time
You are strong and you must to try
The way is danger there are many traps
Follow the sings of gods and you will find
You are so close at place right now
That you can hear something inside

Morbid shadows will wall you
And you start to think in your doubts
There’s no agony and pain in this cave
Only wisdom will reign all time

Now you are a free man so go away
Take with you memories
And holpes inside your head
If you lost you faith along the hard way
Come back to cave and save your soul

3. Lord of the seas

Música: Lord of the seas
Álbum: Wisdom

Only memories
Left your fear behind
Felling deep inside
Something you can’t deny

Look above the sea
Try to see away
Looking for your fate
Never give up your fight

Now I know things will be give to you
You are so lost and blind
Pray to father of the seas
Find your own way

Now I know
Dreams of life
Around never will be the same
We must go
The unknow
And we come back to see

If you see the waves breaking
On the stones if your touch the tides
Amazing for you eyes watching
Monsters rise and dive in your mind

Thanks lord of the seas
For all this show

4. Mercurius

Música: Mercurius
Álbum: Wisdom

Crossing the distant lands
Nobody can see over there
Feeling the touch of the hands
Hearing sounds into your head

To win the god’s battles
Like a thunder in a storm
A thousand warriors between us
We’ll fight forever and never lose

Running out with the wind
Running out above the sea
Running out with the wind
Cross the soul of who to be live

Walking side by side with lord
Keeping the evil out of us
Heading the power of gods
Call him by name mercurius

Cutting skies with a golden sword
Making twister just running
Killing the enemies is and felling pride
Thinking in this eternal glory

Want him by their side
Throug the wind and sunlight we’ride

5. Pandora

Música: Pandora
Álbum: Wisdom

Run,ride it’s not fiar
How to escape of what’s in everywhere
World was free of all evil
It was forever jailed

I’ve seen the evil with my eyes
So tell me where and how to hide
Water became gushing blood
The bright sun to black it turned

And the box
Don’t open it
Or the evil will be release

I’ve seen the evil with my eyes
So tell me where and how to hide
So felt ten evils on my own
So tell me how can I go on

6. Centaurus war

Música: Centaurus
Álbum: Wisdom

Wars no end clouds in the sky
We can see afraid deep inside
Place so far dragons in the night
There’s no way it’s better your cry

Start to shiver you are so blind
You fell the blood in to your eyes
Lost you hope and you’ll never lie
Fight for dream you’ll never die

Visions of life taking something inside
Breaking the wall of a heart of steel

A new creation of the mind and your soul
A man a horse together ride and fly
With your arch destroy all the evil with power
Sadness and sorrow in your life will never flows

There’s no end
Fight against all odds
Felling in your heart
The blood of our hero burning

7. And the gods left


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