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Via Dolorosa

"Via Dolorosa" (1995)

1. Intro / Under Ophthalamian Skies / To the Benighted
2. Black as Sin, Pale as Death / Autumn Whispers
3. After a Releasing Death / Castle of No Repair (Part II)
4. Slowly Passing the Frostlands / A Winterland's Tear
5. Via Dolorosa / My Springnight's Sacrifice
6. Ophthalamia / The Eternal Walk (Part III)
7. Nightfall of Mother Earth / Summer Distress
8. Outro / Message to Those After Me / Death Embrace Me (Part II)
9. A Lonely Ceremony / The Eternal Walk
10. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)

1. Intro / Under Ophthalamian Skies / To the Benighted

Overwhelming are the trees so great and tall
Everlasting is the rain that from the sky falls
Grey and cold is the gloomy Ophthalamian sky
It's under that majestic sky I'm ready to die

Overwhelming are the mountains so great and tall
Hear the wind's burning desire and its sad call
Black domains are ruled by black minds in the night
Behold Ophthalamian so fearsome in its might

(whisper) To live and to die under Ophthalamian sky

2. Black as Sin, Pale as Death / Autumn Whispers

Forest of evergreen stories,
where the trees hide a dying sky
The cemetaries within our hearts
that grow as they're fed
Welcome to the dying one of mine, soon it'll burst
The humger of my eyes will fill my thirsty blade
Now that I speak of lust hear my voice as a scream of doom
Watch the funerals of all mortals that died by my hand

A voice filled with silence raises
from the black of the rotting trees
Dawn bind hear with your beauty
and let me feel her moisture
The solitary wind that whispers
gently awakes the frosty fields
Fading morning sun enslaves her nakedness into oblivion

Feel my greedy hands,
holding their grasp around your breasts
You are raped by loneliness,
betrayed by the cause of itself
Do not cry my child, for the tears will burn your soul

Your sorrowfilled grave I will close
fill your heart with dust and age

(whisper) The automn will and for ages follow thy whisper of mine

(whisper) At the bed of leaves where your life lies upon

Pre-Chorus :
The pounding heart of my automn will rejoice to your cries
Now countess pure, goodness and virginity,
hear us forge our lies

Chorus :
Dead leaves falling in your eyes
Witnessing your choking last breath
Together with the tune of your dying cries
'Cause I'm black as sin and pale as death

Oh Yeah !
The distant mountain range
with its wisdom of an age from beyond
Make her obey and yes, let her fill she's filled with me
Rain stare at a coming sleep
and let our lips feel your blood
Weaker are our eyes
or is it just your memory coming to life ?

The grass is not blind, so feel its every twitch
you're raped by my evil, betrayed by your fucking God
The grave is filled, Sic transit gloria mundi !

Disperse your weak ones for here I'm coming forth... Ha Ha !

(whisper) Walk with me automn for you and I are made to hate

(whisper) Do let the leaves fill your skin
(whisper) they do want your exitment

(repeat Pre-Chorus)
(repeat Chorus)
As Death !

3. After a Releasing Death / Castle of No Repair (Part II)

The old walls shook of thunder seems ages ago
There's only victory in the wardrums triumphant speech

(whisper) At last

Legion my name is together under mighty conspiracy advance
Sharpen thy sword, the throne of ruins is mine

(whisper) Over it is

I've strangled the truth and hidden the lie
Towers of wisdom have been beyond and
are possessed by true hate

My breath has left and my face won't reveal
I won't listen nor react, no need to try

After a releasing death

(whisper) Pain for us

Hey !

4. Slowly Passing the Frostlands / A Winterland's Tear

(whisper) I hereby raise a monument over my brothers' death
(whisper) And I'll carry his burdens mystery


A snow of ancient art lies heavy on this barren land
Falling down in a wide whirling inferno of celestial orgasm
Don't they see the embryos quiet swile or my nails in the behind of her ?

Groan at the blizzard
Drink a cup of midnight kiss
Abandonned and pregnant she is

Daughters and Sons
don't you see your mother is lying forgotten in the snow ?
Buried in its long pale wedding dress of winter
Drenched in the secret of jesus christ's pitiful god

HA ! Lady born of good
She's tight as a nun
Oh spirit of naked fun

Pre-Chorus :
The winter night smiles at your beauty
(whisper) There is no white birth only black death
Watch a bloody grin cut you in two
(whisper) In the snowdrift crucified by a weak humanity

Chorus :
All of you innocent will be punished
Let me feed your cunt at the ocean of rapes
Behold my wrath as I gently crack your hips
Hear my starved sigh slowly passing the frostlands

Creeps lie still in your cradle
and I'll make you sleep at fullmoon
Sodomy, depressions, war and hate follow me to conquer
I will hold you in my cloak
and feed you with my dagger of lies

Little one nothing is fair
She's at her very last
In these lands so vast

Swollow my spirit !
For do they know who I am
or whom I've been somewhere in a distant past ?
The froth freezes on my lips as I see the red room
Lie wide, open up, let me touch and let me kill

At this attic of the lost
My stare of empty and ice
And those crystal tears from your eyes

(repeat Pre-Chorus)
(repeat Chorus)

Watch the snow turn red
And my brother is my daughter
the mother's worthless body lies cold
Lift your cups for Satan smiles

5. Via Dolorosa / My Springnight's Sacrifice

Spring colour my world
and its soulless body with this hate for life of death
From the dying snow
I feel the dripping water reborn my breath
The first flight of the butterfly
reminds me about my hate for life
Stronger death is than love
for that your destiny is my knife

Oak, popular, pine and birch,
alder hear my immortality demand
leafy white bearded woods
Hungry I am for his majestic king of the hillsides has
Grown green again

Under this rock, under that cliff
The sparkling frozen burnt
Mandrake rise now 'cause the beheaded sing

The heartbeat of the fungus and the anemony
Will be liquitated
Earthworms chill in the lichen foggy ground and the
Insects breathe, evil sprout

This is the nightfall of the wolf
Howling blasphemes in the
Night just like in the past

Pre-Chorus :
I am Megalomania the Diabolic,
a stormruler of the southern borns
And I command generation of legions
in my ultimate magnificence
I do have no tears, I do have no funcken fear
On this battle my princess I will be your berseck

Chorus :
Undress my bride and let us feed upon lust
(whisper) My precious whore I'm delighted by your pain
Oh beloved, trust you must never do
(whisper) Your scream is heard but nothing they can do

Lie upon this mossgrown altar
and the dewdrops wet will feel your heat
Be my Bathori, my Nosferatu, my black evil witch
My delighted disciple

In your arms I will love
In your arms I will hate
Daughter, this sacrifice is for you

A black shape of Satan
watches our darkened desires, join him
As a bat on the black sky
the shadow of Evil spreads over this world

Sun won't set you free
Heading for the dark
Detta er upprum vonsku

(repeat Pre-Chorus)
(repeat Chorus)

"På ängar så gröna, under himlen så mörk
Ute i det sköna, vid nyvakinad björk
Vårnattens sista timma, för med sig ditt namn
På detta fält av dimma, förenas vi i grönskans famn
Endast måne och stjärnor, mitt onda begär vet
Såsom eldens vilda tärnor, kärleken falsk gör dig het
Mitt våroffer du är, blodet från ditt våta sköte
Din själ slits isär, döden dig har kommit til mötes"

(repeat verse I)

6. Ophthalamia / The Eternal Walk (Part III)

Kapitel I : Grå döden gör sig sedd

Långt, långt nere i bergets svarta djupa salar
Där de mörka skuggorna tysta smyger och väsande talar
Där trollmor slickar sina blodiga händer
Där i vattnet han väntar som en tuva med ögon som bränder
Du hans krafter ej begär känner; synd or skam
För nu kryper den grå döden ur sitt gömställe fram

I vattnet så svart han som ett dött träd flyter
Han fram ur sin håla endast kommer när dagen tryter
Var försiktig du vandrare
för långa knotiga fingrar dig annars tar
I den porlande bäcken han som nattens kung far
Ett litet steg fel och du hos Grå döden hammar
Med dödens grepp han dig mer än gärna omfammar

Oändliga skogar i mörkret sig sprida
I Ophthalamias Satans natt du skall lida
Dunkla skuggor träden över dig kastar
Bli ej förförd av nattens onda gastar

Refräng :
Efter denna natt solen för digej lysa mer
Han skall dra dig i det bottenlösa djupet ner
Natten blöder svart måne dess öga är
Långt bort i fjärran och här dig alldeles när
Viskande, väsande, manande han dig befalla
Längre och längre ut i natten den kalla

Viskning :
Nöglur bitir rifa dig sundur, poka grar pig vil faxma
Augu leita, nefi vixra,
bixdu fyrir lifnu xinu, xig hlifa hann ekki

Kapitel II : Blott ett byte för grå döden du är

Gå vidare och lyssna icke till de dödas dränkta gråt
Ingen klara sig ur Grå döden grepp så våt
Svarta djävlarde skratta i natten
De leva som han i detta onda döda vatten
Med sitt långa toviga hår han dig kommer att strypa
Inför denna urminnes skepnad in skall komma att krypa

Akta sig noga för denna grå satan, för dig han vill ha
Om onda ögon du i mörkret ser,
vänd annars dig han skall ta
Tre månar roat hans dystra dödslek nakttar
Han mången gång värre är,
än dolken som i dit hjärta skar
Om din vandring du vill fortsätta lysna då till mitt ord
Förtsiktig genom skogen dig ta, leta sedan efter din hjord

(upprepa vers III)
(upprepa refräng x II)

Hey !

Viskning :
Fjallin há ber vix himmin svartur dalur djupir augna yndi
er xax sem fagur er enir gildra er, svo varaxu xig einir
dökkur myrkrix skuggi reisa sig yfir heiminn

7. Nightfall of Mother Earth / Summer Distress

Länge jag i sommarhettans dagar sökt men dig ej funnit
Kämpat, trälat och i solens bländande sken jag brunnit
Vi må ödslat våra liv men vi även en död var vunnit
Dig, Elishia skall jag finna vart du än har försvunnit

Årstider de alla igenom jag vaktar med
Leende så stort, jag härskar över allt
Moder jord nu dömer vi dig döden
Så som vi alla andra kommer att dö

Tillsammans skall vi härska
Moder jord...
Skall i våra händer dö

Elishia, dotter av de tre månarna
Skall jaga i natten tillsammans med mig
Och när vi gjort vårt kall så sänk oss i vår grav
Djupt, djupt i döden ned

Refräng :
Himmel blå och ljuv sommaräng
Låt er vaggas i ondskans säng
Svarta slöjor, svarta lövverk
Undergången nalkas så låt oss gå
Det stilla regnet faller i natten
Så är rymden i sin saknad
Svarta tårar, svart tomhet
En sista kyss så smeksam och mjuk

Viskning :
Den eviga vandringen i den utvaldes mörkaste tankar
På Kaa-Ta-Nuus stränder,
där slott som evigt trasiga står
Du ljuset son så liten,
dig jag åsamka denna smärta
kallad sorg...
... En resa i mörkret...

Moder jord, Elishia och jag dig skall sätta i brand
Vi skall sedan förnedra och våldföra oss på land efter land
Elishia vi skall vandra i detta krigets härjartåg hand i hand
Vi som Satan tjänar är förenade med de starkaste band

(upprepa vers II)

Vacker... Sommaren för andra må vara
Jag... Endast vill döda och dö

(upprepa vers IV)
(upprepa Refräng)

Vi vandrat den ensamma vägen så mörk
Så okäng och farlig för er andra
Ni oss aldrig kommer att forstå
Vi dyrkar döden och ondskans makt
De falsa skall falla för våra fötter
Små människor, vi era härsare är

The shadow went longer until darkness became complete
The superior humans so proud came forward

(upprepa Refräng)

8. Outro / Message to Those After Me / Death Embrace Me (Part II)

Sanningen med livet är döden
Ljuga allt annat för dig kan
Och i den djupaste nöden
Du livsgnistan aldrig mer fann

Ensam jag slutet kommer att möta
Såsom jag ensam hittills varit
Livet på mitt hjärta skall nöta
Tills jag på livets hav tillräckligt farit

9. A Lonely Ceremony / The Eternal Walk

My dark eyes watch the landscapes frozen stillness
The beautiful silent domains which he rules
The cold wind grabs my long hair
Like it wants to carry me with it to the darker marks

Chorus :
I walk through deep snow
(whisper) I'll wander endlessly
Searching for my master
I must march until death
(whisper) I'll wander endlessly
'til my soul takes over

Will I ever reach my wonders end ?
Penetrate the darkness
So much land that I've put behind my back
When will I sit at his throne ?

I watch the darkened domains and pass
By making the ceremony of the true
My feet are swollen blue
Of the wolf biting icy cold

I stab my dagger through my unpure heart
The sky has turned backwards - the moon is my eye
I'm neverending floating away like a dim sculpture
In the lands where I once was born

(repeat Chorus)

(whisper) I'm fading but never...
(whisper) I'm fading but never...

10. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)

Demonic laughter your cremation
Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood
A sudden crack as I crushed your skull

The remind of your life flashes by
A life that soon won't be
Smiling with axe in my hand
Evil's rotten hand you'll see

I come forward

I'll send you to your maker
I'll send you to your death
Death nicely crucified
Death, heads on stakes

The barbeque has just begun
Deathcrush - Deathcrush - Deathcrush

Crush - Crush


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