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The Awakening

"The Awakening" (2004)

1. Breathe
2. New Shores
3. Weak
4. Wrong Time, Wrong Place
5. Failed
6. A Change Of Direction
7. Freedom Denied
8. Agony
9. ...?
10. Who Am I
11. Not Yet Found

1. Breathe

2. New Shores

Dark clouds rising, and banished will be the light
The air is thick and warm, every breath filled with fear
The threat is here
Feels built of fear
Pulse is racing
Heart is pounding
The light turns into the memory
The void crawls to destiny
Now I reached the cross, the ways are different
How can I know which direction is mine
Don't be afraid of what you may lose
So look forward to targets following them
The point is attained where the courage must grow in you
There's no turning back so you'll continue
This moment will change all you've foreseen for you
So please let them loose and follow the dream
Carry your fate, you will always be blessed
There's a sun that will rise each day a new try
Nowhere to hide, showing face will be the task
Only consequence will bring back the light

3. Weak

Can't leave the skin I'm hiding in
Can't hide the skin so weak and thin
The weakness is always glistering
Through every masquerade
Feeling great in the minutes of encirclement
Feeling down in the hours of leaving behind
The golden armour needs nothing but
A conscious whisper of hesitation to be destroyed
Won't go
The shadow always will follow
I'll find no escape
How long do I have still to fake?
Can't refuge here it's still to near
Can't make my stand until the end
The weakness is always glistering
Through every uncertainty
Feeling big in the process of appreciation
Feeling small in the art of hesitation
The wall is breaking down in the perception
Of the own contemplation

4. Wrong Time, Wrong Place

There are nights where I couldn't bear the silence
There are days I yearn for the darkness
Turn back to my dreams, turn back to my home
And think about a moment which is different to the one I have
There are so many moments which seem disposable
So many places appearing in indifference
Wrong time, wrong place
Time to turn 'round to see what happened
The road goes on but I'm reaching its end
Not anxious to change direction, try to listen
My safe tranquillity will guide me
I hope you're sharing this course with me
I'll reach for the hills, a place where I can feel
I need the sea, where I really can breathe
There are so many moments which seem disposable
So many playces appearing in indifference
Wrong time, wrong place
The sun hides the scars, it's time for the rain now

5. Failed

What have we failed?
What have we missed?
Our lives passing by like a river
That flows into the unknown black sea
You're not able to decide
Only try to be prepared for changes
You're not allowed to hide
So face the turning
It doesn't make a sense
Believing shaping destiny
Some people may pretend
That destiny is shaping you
What have we reached?
What have we lost?
Our trail's been chosen
With intention to fail

6. A Change Of Direction

Deep in his thoughts
He recognizes the truth
A soul once such precious
Remaining just deceiving feelings
This can't go on
What's there left to expect
So he set course to leave his world
He leaves the walls and the builds
Away from the towers
Hide away under the shadows of the trees
And find your own face
My soul will rise
And fear will fall
There will be peace
If I follow the calls
The path is so clear
Had been only too blind
Now I'm able to see
Cause I know what to find

7. Freedom Denied

They're all building walls around you
Behind the mask that's for your wealth
They're trying to imprison you
Cause if they have you they can control you
Set you free
You have to leave
Don't give a thought on it
Or there will be no way out
They're gathering like rats around you
Hungry to steal your mind and detain its growing
They put your soul in a tight corsage
It rests you drown in lethargy
Freedom is a word that I sadly deny
An illusion for the greedy and credulous

8. Agony

Don't even try to understand me
Cause I don't try to understand you
Your mind's still to primitive
To enjoy me, to enjoy life
I caught you here, you scream at me
Only one life is for sure
Try to keep it safe
Behave before it's overwhelming you

9. ...?

Are only insignificant
If we don't find what some call God

10. Who Am I

My guide has left me
He gave me no advice
As I stood there in my ignorance
Planted seeds of depression
Conquered those emotions
I could feel the spreading fields of indifference
From white to black my world turned into grey
Every former perception took refuge in the deepest void
Where is the way
I will find a solution
Not yet ready to choose the exit the search goes on
Tell me who am I
Just unable to see
The meanness and the beauty
Creating destiny
Tell me who am I
Just unable to be
This conscious person
Apart from insanity
I've arrived at a point where it seems to be
Impossible to escape from reality
Deep inside I know that I have to face it
To understand it would be able to escape

11. Not Yet Found

I'm wandering through life
Searching for answers I even don't know the questions
Something deep is still missing
I feel there's a hole deep down
And I know that I cannot hide
Already seen what's able to heal this soul
Guess this world don't contain
I've seen several places
They all have left their traces
Travels brought me to nowhere
I have not yet found my home
I don't know where I belong
Every moment my search is going on


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