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"Maleventum" (2002)

1. Maleventum
2. Princess of the Ancient
3. In The Dark I Found the Reflection of the Hidden Mirrors
4. Unearthed Arcana
5. Muscaria
6. Forgotten Gods
7. In The Raven's Eyes

1. Maleventum

It's the night of shabat The plenilune feast
Rise from your mortal sleep and let your astral body glide away
With the sacred ointment Plunge into the new dream
Follow the way of the secret life
Silently graze archaic dimensions
On water and over wind
The god of woods call his sons,
Enraptured by his power,
Follow the divine melody
The magic key.
Penetrate the forest's heart and be led to the sabbath,
Till the flight's end.
Vivid flares flashing in darkness are reflected
In the owl's fixed eyes.
Walk along the hidden paths
Nine kinds of wood nourish fire and fire marks your destination
It reveals the glade
And the walnut you knew through the deer's eyes
A long black robe appears among the trees
His gaze lighted upon the moon
His barbarian hymn hails to the moon
Nine words of nine letters thunder in silence
And the night's star reveals its secret nature.
(hi)s shout opens the black diamond doors
the circle holds on tight to him
the old chant sing out..
Palas Aron Ozimonas
Baske Bano Tudan Donas
Geheamel Cla Orlay
Berec he pantaras tay.

2. Princess of the Ancient

I'm the encounter dance I'm the chain dance
I'm the blending of darkness and light
I lead the snake's circle in the thirteen moon's night
I give my blood to mother earth
Burn fire, burn bright Burn fire, burn bright
Fire.bright Fire.bright
Come to me, pure vision
Lead my steps in this night with the power of your light
Come to me, pure vision
Lead my steps in this night with the power of your light
Oh, master of winds and magic dances, take my
most solemn prayer with you in the star's circle
Listen to the invocation words Listen and reveal yourself, ISIS
Celestial arc, earth, Life's and death's donor,
Perhephone, astarte, astoreth, inanna
We are born from you. Lead us in the earth deep in ourself
Let us drink the hidden spring's water and we will see what we will not reveal.
I'm the end of the shady path,
Me, Diana of cross_roads, Hecate, Selene of the moon
Sink Into the eternal and primordial sleep
Sink Into the inner earth's secret heart.
Forget and keep silent, Drink persephone's water,
At the secret source, beside the sacred tree
Now I'm the secret queen
Of air and earth, of fire and water,
Of human souls and destiny's dream
The chant is dying out In a vibrating echo,
Dusk melting Into the silvery night of plenilune
Hoor Apep The depth's dragon will rise, now
Hoor Apep The depth's dragon will rise, now

3. In The Dark I Found the Reflection of the Hidden Mirrors

Consecrate the altar with your symbols
This is the night when the breeze will
rekindles the sacred fire and when the
Sacred stones will sing your new name
It's the night of the breeze rekindling
the sacred fire, (it's the night) of the
sacred stones singing your new name.
Draw the circle with the athame and
undress your candid body
To let the eye of the Gods see your essence.
Guardians of the north, sacred spirits of
the earth In the dark of your warm womb
accept my death I offer you my greetings
and) I welcome you
Guardians of the east, sacred spirits of
the Air As the sun rises from the east
after the night, Guide my soul to a new
birth. (Lead my soul to a new dawn)
Guardians of the South, sacred spirits of
the Fire. Protect me and lighten my
journey on the new path Watch over me
and make my journey on the new path bright
and clear I offer you my greetings and
I welcome you Guardians of the west,
sacred spirit of the water Purify me and
make me clear as new spring I offer you
my greetings and) I welcome you Death is waiting and widening its
voracious mouth. I am entering the dark before the creation I am
entering the womb of the Goddess May my body born again May
my soul stay in peace May my heart be ready Sink yourself in the
warm Earth Sink your mind in the ancient litany Dark mother take me in Let me be
born again We all come from the same
womb This is the song of the goddess,
the key to the great union.
Anoint your breast and your womb
Widen the door of the new fate
And introduce yourself with your new
name Ensemble of flesh enlived by new
power Take the cup and the athame
raising your arms to the sempitern eye
As the cup is female so the knife is
male Now joined They bring blessing
Consecrate your sacrifice and
enjoy the gifts of the great mother
Close your circle and step over,
in the truth that all (the ) circles hold
Go now you, new creature
Now the master of the Only art
That all the arts contains
And where all the arts come from.
Live with honour
And with honour die.
You the master of the
Only arcane craft
That all the arts gathers..

4. Unearthed Arcana

The breeze, with its tossing about, speaks of the movements on the water
Surface and sends out the shivers.

From those waves I will read the future fate.

Oh silphs, inhabitants of the Air,
Be the mediators between me and the immaterial beings
By Paralda dominated

So that I may decipher to roar of the wind
Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas

The ethereal foundation, void of every substance.
Ouroboros you are the void that everything is,
You are the primordial substance that is Chaos
Now no more shapeless and empty as the central fire
Vibrates and floods it with light
The real secret is still unspeakable
Only through the mediation of symbols it can be pronounced,
Its thought has been awaken by the changed vision of all things.
Oh silence, teach the disciple of the ancient wise men,
So that every shape may become expressive and every sign may suggest deep

The snake, son of Apsu generates the Chaos,
Its motto is one for everything

5. Muscaria

Circle within circle
Towards the warm heart of the earth
Circle within circle
Falling Falling inside my wideness
I opened wide the doors of the underworld
Fragment making up
a part of the eternity
In the eternal forest shelter I found
Guest of its big trees
Fed on its abundance
Through unknown land I travelled
In the fatherland, over there
Where the giants dwell
I followed gods' footsteps
Towards an high mountain
Set in its stone a great throne I saw
And on it a small and wrinkled man
Looking at me frowning
under its big red hat I am the great deer
Who runs between dimensions
I am the mother
Who gave birth to all religions
I am the stairway linking the opposites
I am the door leading to the sidh
Great is my spirit Matchless my power
Fear of me, (mortal) men
If afraid of me you are
Then your trembling soul I will eat up
Great will be your medicine
If my words you are able to listen
Great will be your strength
If from the deer's flesh you feed
Great will be your wisdom
If you know how to ride on me.
So then at the house of the gods
I will lead you Going up the great
river Going up the great river
Towards the starry sky
And of a different destiny
I will clad you You will meet all
the spirits and with them you will
compete your strength To be a real men
your humanity you must shed
And when the right time comes
I will kill you So that you might
be born again to life
The only master of your
destiny becoming. Circle within circle
The tired reality is closing
Like a flower at dusk
Waiting for the cold dew
Circle within circle
Following the path of the dawn
Through the night crowded
with its dreams In a sacred glade
I woke up Three moons in the
sky I saw On my knees at the foot of
the king's rock I greeted them
Circle within circle
Then into a wolf I turned myself
And in the night I ran away.
Circle within circle.

6. Forgotten Gods

Through the eyes of the raven
I saw the rain falling on the world
The entire nature bending
Under the vehemence of the furious wind
That was the time,
The favour of the Stone, I asked
And they, water in ice,
Turned in response
Widening their warm mouths
Down they pushed me
Into the great Bear's den
Rich and prosperous land,
Of noble blood, of ancient
and fighting race made.
Through a veil Of dreams never born
Drawing the sword
Their King I challenged
Smiling over there I was taken
Where the mystery of the Springs lies
I drank and (under the spell) dreaming I fell
It was the wind Primary engine
To give me the knowledge of
the eternal movement Then the earth
A body gave me and the space was limited
The water
Blood became and my dry flesh refreshed
And above all the fire
Of inspiration the main source
Along the black spiral
Where the eternal tree walk on
Up to the roots of the true power,
I danced
At the base of the spine
The pillar that sustains the worlds,
The great stone have
tuned up a new song
Unlucky you who don't recognize
who gave you life
Small your flame and
Recid your light shall be
If from your land power don't draw
As a new new baby suckling
a right nipple to suck
you should to find
when the thirst for knowledge
your throat will dry
Then you'll become
the voice and the action
Of the earth that made you
And shaping it in return
Under our verb it will be
We the forgotten gods,
Stronger than ever we will be back
When the track is beaten
And the great stones
once again will be honoured.

7. In The Raven's Eyes

So the vision began
And a mighty wind shook the roots of the nine worlds.
The great wolf of the night roused
And a deep slash cracked open the primordial ice.
I saw him coming from the north
The father of all gods Two crows next to him
Two wolves at his sides
In the grey cape wrapped I saw him coming,
With the name of all things in his hand.
He widened the big eye, this he said: WAR!!
I know, for nine whole nights you hung down from the tree
By the mercy of the wind shaken By the spear injured
To Odin sacrificed, Myself to myself
On that tree, of unknown roots, grown
Nor bread nor drinking horn was given
Towards the ground my look I cast
The runes I picked up Shouting I took them
And from up there I fell.
The eye shut itself And from his hand I fell
The human error I understood.
Almost no soul to sustain me
As if an infernal wind wanted
To tear it away from me.
Through the pain I saw and through it I understood
As too great was the Chaos (at the beginning)
Now too great was the order.
The great millstone of the sky
A new circle was about to be prepared.
It was time for war
Next to our fathers we would have fought once again


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